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10 Success Mantras By New PM Mr Narendra Modi – Development Strategy

10 Success Mantras By New PM Mr Narendra Modi

The new Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has issues some guidelines as 10 Success Mantras for the development strategy at the second cabinet meeting.

In a meeting, Mr Modi told his ministerial colleagues to set a 100-day agenda for the better and efficient government policies, schemes and strategies with timely accomplishment of programs.

Mr Narendra Modi is now all set to bring the good days by taking charge as Prime Minister of India and innovates the policies related to education, poverty, employment, industrial development and more and will implement them as soon as possible.

With the 12 year experience as Chief Minister of Gujarat, Prime Minister is now focusing to needs, priorities and issues brought up by state governments as well as MPs. He ensures the real development of country through state wise.

Mr Narendra Modi has issues some guidelines in the Union Cabinet meeting of do’s and don’t’s for his ministers which will result in increasing investment, timely accomplishment of infrastructure projects and saving of natural resources for the sake of country

Here are the 10 Success Mantras given By New PM Mr. Narendra Modi for the development of country-

  1. Build up confidence in bureaucracy
  2. Innovative ideas welcome and giving freedom to work
  3. Priority to education, roads, health, water, energy
  4. E-auctions will be promoted in lendering and other government work
  5. System to be put in place for inter ministerial issue
  6. People oriented systems will be Governments priority
  7. Addressing concerns relating to economy
  8. Focus on infrastructure and Investment reforms
  9. Time-bound implementation of policies

10. Stability and sustainability in government policy

After taking Oath for PM, Mr. Modi has started working to fulfill the expectations of youth and general public by providing these success mantras and giving hope to public that good days are about to come with the new policies and time bound accomplishment of current and due projects.

He is likely to take to social media in a big way for easy accessible with audience to know about their problems and desires. He is also using his personal website to interact with public and youth.

With these guidelines he has given an initiative as PM in the development of country and will do internal and external growth of country.

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