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10 Success Mantras by PM| Mr Narendra Modi – Mann Ki Baat Highlights

10 Success Mantras by PM

Mr. Narendra Modi is a 16th and current Prime Minister of India. He is the first prime minister who is born after the independence of India. He is one of the most successful men of India. He has struggled a lot to achieve this success. Here through this page we are taking you through 10 Success Mantras issued by PM and also to a small summary of Mr. Narendra Modi – Mann Ki Baat Highlights.

Today more than half of the population of whole world is discussing about the person Mr. Narendra Modi. He is really a great leader and he has an ability to solve any problem easily. Only due to his personality the whole world has kept their eye on him. Mr. Narendra Modi had become an ideal of many people in India. By adapting his qualities we can also achieve success. He says, “It is our personality and character only which can take us to success”.

10 Success Mantras by PM

Now let’s go ahead and study the 10 Success Mantras by PM and try to adapt them in ourselves:

  1. PHYSICAL ABILITY A person must be perfectly physically fit if he want to achieve success. Even after continuously doing work we should never feel tired and always do our work with full dedication, motivation and self-confidence.
  2. DISCIPLINE Wherever we are working we should always be in discipline. We must follow all the rules and regulations and also must motivate others also to do the same.
  3. WALK ALONG WITH EVERYONE Always try to take everyone along with you. Never make any differences between anybody. This will help you to coordinate with more and more people.

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  1. ACCEPT THE CHANGES Rather than getting nervous hyper of changes try to cope up with it and accept whatever the changes have been occurred. Even you should try to make some changes in old strategies; this will bring progress in work.
  2. CREATIVE THINKING Try to think in a creative way and always promote creativity. Try to solve the problems with some creative solutions. These days internet is providing many ideas and things you can use some of those things to bring up some new and creative work.
  3. POSITIVE THINKING You should always think positive and be optimistic. You should boost up your motivational power and also motivate others. Don’t get scare of judgments, if judgments on you are not that much strong than it will be beneficial for you as you will be able to answer those judgments easily.
  4. BEHAVIOUR AND ATTIRE The way of speaking must be very soft, kind, understandable and appreciable. If you are speaking in front of someone, never speak only about yourself; try to include that person also in your words. And your attire is the main thing which highlights your personality. So, you should choose your dress according to the occasion and place you are going.

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  1. RIGHT DECISION AT RIGHT TIME Your presence of mind must be strong so that you can take right decision at right time. Your mind won’t be able to take the right decisions at some important places or time if your presence of mind is not good. So be good listener and keep your mind active.
  2. SELF CONFIDENCE Keep your self confidence level high but not at the peak, otherwise it will be called as over confidence. Do not get afraid of problems, go ahead and face it and try to come up with solution and also try to learn a new thing with every problem you face.
  3. HARD WORK It is always said that “Hard Work Is A Key To Success”. We should not only say we must also implement it. If you will work hard you will not only achieve success but also your confidence level will be boost up.

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Mann Ki Baat Highlights

Mr. Narendra Modi, hosted a programme on All India Radio in 2014 and that programme was named as Mann Ki Baat which means “Voice Of Mind”. In this programme he addressed the people of nation on All India Radio, DD National, and DD News.

This series about Mr. Narendra Modi got unexpected responses from all over the world and many of those responses also got chance to be a part of Mann Ki Baat.The first series of this programme was officially released on 3rd October 2014.

This was started on the occasion of Dusshehra which is also known as Vijaydashmi on 3rd October. He had hosted 37 episodes and these series were ended on 29 October 2017.  He uses to address every month on All India Radio.

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Every month he comes with some or the other motive and motivate people to do so. Some of the highlights of the programme are given below:

  • As Science and technology is developing day by day at a very high speed, we need to know the value of Science and technology and also need to make up our mind to use these tools only for the welfare of our country.
  • Many accidents are taking place in our daily lives. Keeping natural disasters aside, accidents are occurring only because of our negligence. There is a need of getting aware of all the traffic rules and regulations. So that such accidents may not occur.
  • Nowadays, with techniques, artificial intelligence is also in use. Technology and artificial intelligence must use to ensure the welfare of poor and underprivileged.
  • Scientists were requested to introduce some ways to cure the disabilities through artificial intelligence. Mr. Narendra Modi said that instead of using ‘viklang’ word for disables we should use ‘divyang’, because the person who is disable, has some other abilities which we normal humans does not have.
  • The special attention was taken on ‘waste to wealth’ and ‘waste to energy’ because of budget. This was done under the ‘Swachh Bharat’ initiative and ‘Gobar-Dhan’ was rolled out.
  • To increase employment in rural areas, he took initiative of ‘Gobar-Dhan’ to collect waste from villages and said ‘Gobar-Dhan’ will light up the houses in rural areas.
  • Narendra Modi also talked about the new festival celebrated by Chhattisgarh. As we all celebrate many festivals like Food festivals, film festivals and music festivals, they have celebrated ‘Trash Mahotsav’ with the aim of utilizing waste in new and creative way and also to make people aware of all the techniques and ways they use to recycle wastes.

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As television is not available in some parts of India even now, especially in some rural areas, so Mr. Narendra Modi had choosen radio as the main medium of this programme, because the main objective of Mr. Narendra Modi to start this programme was to deliver his voice to the common people of the nation.

In his fist series he persistently tried to convince the listeners to wear khadi, he also discussed about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, skill development and disabled children of our country.

In second series also he discussed about disabled children and this time he announces a scholarship for such kind of children and also initiate such institutes to develop the some facilities for these children. Also he visits some Indian soldiers on Diwali and paid them some tributes.

असली जॉब ऑफर या नकली, कैसे करें पहचान

In his next series he announces to set a toll free number for the help of those youth and their families who are addicted to drugs. He asks the youth to say no to drugs and said that the money which is wasted on drugs can be used in funding.

The next series was hosted by The US President Barack Obama along with Mr. Narendra Modi. They both accepted the lots of queries of Indians and answered them calmly; Barack Obama also discussed about some the policies that he had started in US and asks Mr. Modi to implement them here in India also.

Like above some examples of the motivational series of Mr. Narendra Modi, every month till 29 October 2017 he had taken some initiatives to make people aware of their surroundings. He motivate each and every person to help him in the progress of our country, and now, lots of people are standing with him with lots of ideas and initiatives to let our country grow.

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