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Top 50 Ado.Net Interview Questions & Answers, Freshers/Exp Free Download

Top 50 Ado.Net Interview Questions & Answers

Ado.Net is Microsoft’s latest technology, so Freshers/Exp candidates looking to pursue a career in Microsoft’s application development technologies, mainly in .NET, must have some experience and knowledge in ADO.NET. Here we’re going to provide you latest Top 50 Ado.Net Interview Questions & Answers that are mostly asked in interview rounds. So job seekers, you may go through this and started their preparation and may also download the PDF file through online mode only.     

Basically the word ADO is acronym to ActiveX Data Objects and it is a Microsoft Active-X part that is automatically installed with Microsoft IIS. ADO is a programming interface to access data in a database and also for manipulating and access data objects either in the form of a databases such SQL Server, Oracle or Access, or general data sources such as text files, XML files and other file streams.

Ado.Net is a component of the base class library that is incorporated with the Microsoft .NET Framework and offers constant access to data resource showing through OLE DB and ODBC, Data-sharing customer applications can use ADO.NET to join to these data sources and retrieve, handle, and update the data that they hold.

So dear job finders, you may collect the information regarding Top 50 Ado.Net Interview Questions & Answers from this page which is created by the expertise of for your convenience, please have look!!!

Top 50 Ado.Net Interview Questions & Answers

Q1. Explain ADO.NET in brief.

Answer: ADO.NET could be an important feature of .NET Framework that is employed to figure with knowledge that’s hold on in structured knowledge sources, like databases and XML files. The subsequent square measure a number of the vital options of ADO.NET it enables you to access completely different information sources, like Microsoft SQL Server, and XML, as per your needs.

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Q2. What is the full form of ADO?

Answer: The full form of ADO is ActiveX Data Object.

Q3. What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET?

Answer: DataReader and DataSet are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET.

Q4. What is DataReader Object?

Answer: Datareader is an object of ADO.Net which gives access to data from a specified data source and it consists of classes which successively read data from a data source like Oracle, SQL or Access.

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Q5. What is Dataset Object?

Answer: A Dataset is set to be collection of data with a tabular column demonstration and each column in the table shows a variable and the row identify to value of a variable, this Dataset object can be obtained from the database values.

Q6. What are the namespaces used in ADO.Net to connect to a database?

Answer: the below stated namespaces are used to connect to Database.

  • The System.Data namespace.
  • The System.Data.OleDb namespace – A data provider used to access database such as Access, Oracle, or SQL.
  • The System.Data.SQLClient namespace – Used to access SQL as the data provider.

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Q7. What are the benefits of using of ADO.NET in .NET 4.0.

Answer: The following are the benefits of using ADO.NET in .NET 4.0 are as follows:

  • Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • LINQ to DataSet
  • SqlClient Support for SQL Server 2008
  • ADO.NET Data Platform

Q8. What are the data providers in ADO.NET framework?

Answer:  The following Data Providers are used in ADO.NET framework.

  • .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server – A Data provider that provides access to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or later version and it uses the System.Data.SqlClient namespace.
  • .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB – A Data Provider that provides access to any database exposed by using OLE DB and it uses the System.Data.OleDb namespace.
  • .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC – A Data Provider that provides access to any databases exposed by using ODBC and It uses the System.Data.Odbc namespace.
  • .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle – A Data Provider that provides access to Oracle database 8.1.7 or later versions and it uses the System.Data.OracleClient namespace.

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Q9: What is the difference between ADO and ADO.Net?


  • ADO performs task with the joined data while ADO.Net works in a disjointed way.
  • ADO has major object called Recordset which is used to position data except ADO.Net has a variety of objects to access the database.
  • ADO permits making client side cursors while ADO.Net deals with both server side and server side cursors.
  • ADO allocates persisting records in XML format and ADO.Net allows manipulating data using XML.

Q10. Which properties are used to bind a DataGridView control?

Answer: The DataSource property and the DataMember property are used to bind a DataGridView control.

Q11. Mention the namespace that is used to include .NET Data Provider for SQL server in .NET code.

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Answer: The System.Data.SqlClient namespace.

Q12. What is the role of the DataSet object in ADO.NET?

Answer: One of the most important elements of ADO.NET is that the DataSet object, that perpetually remains disconnected from the info and reduces the load on the info.

Q13. Which architecture does Datasets follow?

Answer: Datasets follow the disconnected data architecture.

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Q14. Which property is used to check whether a DataReader is closed or opened?

Answer: The IsClosed property is used to ascertain whether or not a DataReader is closed or opened. This property returns a real price if a Data Reader is closed, otherwise a false price is came.

Q15. How would you connect to a database by using .NET?

Answer: The connection class is used to connect a .NET application with a database.

Q16. Which adapter should you use, if you want to get the data from an Access database?

Answer: OleDbDataAdapter is used to get the data from an Access database.

Q17. Which object is used to add a relationship between two DataTable objects?

Answer: The DataRelation object is used to add relationship between two DataTable objects.

Q18. What are different types of authentication techniques that are used in connection strings to connect .NET applications with Microsoft SQL Server?

Answer: NET applications can use two different techniques to authenticate and connect with SQL Server. These techniques are as follows:

  • The Windows Authentication option
  • The SQL Server Authentication option

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Q19. Explain the new features in ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0.

Answer: ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0 is introduced in .NET Framework 4.0 and includes the following new features:

  • Persistence Ignorance
  • Deferred or Lazy Loading –
  • Self-Tracking Entities
  • Model-First Development
  • Built-in Functions –
  • Model-Defined Functions –

Q20. What are the parameters that control most of connection pooling behaviors?

Answer: The parameters that control most of connection pooling behaviors are as follows:

  • Connect Timeout
  • Max Pool Size
  • Min Pool Size
  • Pooling

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Q21. What are different layers of ADO.Net?

Answer: The main three different layers of ADO.NET are Database Access Layer, Business Logic Layer, Presentation Layer.

Q22. What’s is the use of “DataView”?

Answer: Dataview is used for filtering and sorting data in a datatable.

Q23. How to enable and disable connection pooling?

Answer: Use Pooling = true in connection string, if we want to enable connection pooling. To disable connection pooling set Pooling = false.

Q24. What is LINQ?

Answer: Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is one of the advanced featured provided by .Net. LINQ provides native query language for C# and VB.Net to update and retrieve data from different data sources like SQL Server Database,XML etc.

Q25. What is a Dataset object?

Answer: The DataSet is used to store data from a data source. It consists of a set of data tables. We can also specify the relation between the tables inside a dataset.

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Q26. What is object pooling?

Answer: Object pooling is nothing however a warehouse of the objects in memory which can be used shortly and this object pooling decreases the load of object creation when it is needed and when there is a need of object, object pool manager will take the request and serve accordingly.

Q27. What is connection pooling?

Answer: Connection pooling consists of database connection in order that the connection can be used or reused when there is ask for the database and this pooling technique improves the presentation of executing the database commands; this pooling positively reduces our time and effort.

Q28. What is Data view?

Answer: Data view is the demonstration of data in a variety of formats and it can be requested by the users. Data can be showing in dissimilar sort orders or sift on the user condition with the help of Data view and Data Customization is also probable through Data View.

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Q29. What is Data Adapter?

Answer: Data Adapter is a component of Ado.Net data provider which works as a communicator among Dataset and the Data source and it can perform the Data Manipulation Command.

Q30. What is the use of SqlCommand object?

Answer: SqlCommand object that permits user to interrelate with the database and this object mostly used to query the database with various commands namely Select, Insert, Modify and Delete.

Q31. What is the use of connection object?

Answer: ADO.Net Connection object is used to set up a link between application and the data source. SQL Commands can be accomplished once this connection has been recognized and it is compulsory to close the connection object once data base activities are completed.

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Q32. What is boxing and unboxing?

Answer: Conversion of value type to reference type is called Boxing and Conversion of reference to value type is called Unboxing and Boxing and Unboxing are used for type casting from value to reference type and vice versa.

Q33. What is the difference between Response.Expires and Reponse.ExpiresAbsolute?

Answer: Response.expires property specifies the minutes of page in cache from the time, the request has been served from server but Response.ExpiresAbsolute property provides exact time at which the page in cache expires.

Q34. Is it possible to edit data in Repeater control?

Answer: No, it is not possible to edit data in the Repeater control.

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Q35. What is the difference between Datareader and Dataset?

Answer: You may go through below stated table which gives difference between Datareader and Dataset:

Forward onlyLoop through Dataset
Connected RecordsetDisconnected Recordset
Single table involvedMultiple tables involved
No relationship requiredRelationship between tables maintained
No XML storageCan be stored as XML
Occupies Less MemoryOccupies More memory
Read onlyCan do addition / Updation and Deletion

Q36. What are all components of ADO.Net data provider?

Answer: The following are the components of ADO.Net Data provider:

  • Connection object – Represents connection to the Database
  • Command object – Used to execute stored procedure and command on Database
  • ExecuteNonQuery – Executes command but doesn’t return any value
  • ExecuteScalar – Executes and returns single value
  • ExecuteReader – Executes and returns result set
  • DataReader – Forward and read only recordset
  • DataAdapter – This acts as a bridge between database and a dataset.

Q37. What are the different execute methods of Ado.Net?

Answer: the below stated methods are different execute methods of ADO.Net command object:

  • ExecuteScalar – Returns single value from the dataset
  • ExecutenonQuery – Returns resultset from dataset and it has multiple values
  • ExecuteReader – Forwardonly resultset
  • ExecuteXMLReader – Build XMLReader object from a SQL Query\

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Q38. What are the differences between OLEDB and SQLClient Providers?

Answer: OLEDB provider is used to access any database and offers flexibility of varying the database at any time and SQLClient provider is used to access only SQL Server database but it offers outstanding performance than OLEDB provider while linking with SQL Server database.

Q39. What are all the commands used with Data Adapter?

Answer: DataAdapter is used to recover data from a data source and Insert-command, Update-Command and Delete-Command are the commands object used in DataAdapter to manage update on the database.

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Q40. What are all the different methods under sqlcommand?

Answer: There are different methods under SqlCommand and they are:

  • Cancel – Cancel the query
  • CreateParameter – returns SQL Parameter
  • ExecuteNonQuery – Executes and does not return result set
  • ExecuteReader – executes and returns data in DataReader
  • ExecuteScalar – Executes and returns single value
  • ExecuteXmlReader – Executes and return data in XMLDataReader object
  • ResetCommandTimeout – Reset Timeout property

Q41. What is the difference between Command and CommandBuilder object?

Answer: Command is used to perform all kind of queries like DML and DDL, DML is nothing but Insert, Update and Delete, DDL are like Create and drop tables and Command Builder object is used to build and execute DML queries like Create and Drop Tables.

Q42. What is the difference between Dataset.clone and Dataset.copy?

Answer: Dataset.clone object copies structure of the dataset including schemas, relations and constraints. This will not copy data in the table and Dataset.copy – Copies both structure and data from the table.

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Q43. Is it possible to load multiple tables in a Dataset?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to load multiple tables in a single dataset.

Q44. Which provider is used to connect MS Access, Oracle, etc…?

Answer: OLEDB Provider and ODBC Provider are used to join to MS Access and Oracle and Oracle Data Provider is also used to connect exclusively for oracle database.

Q45. What are the methods of XML dataset object?

Answer: There are various methods of XML dataset object:

  • GetXml() – Get XML data in a Dataset as a single string.
  • GetXmlSchema() – Get XSD Schema in a Dataset as a single string.
  • ReadXml() – Reads XML data from a file.
  • ReadXmlSchema() – Reads XML schema from a file.
  • WriteXml() – Writes the contents of Dataset to a file.
  • WriteXmlSchema() – Writes XSD Schema into a file.

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Q46. Do we use stored procedure in ADO.Net?

Answer: Yes, stored procedures are used in ADO.Net and it can be used for common repetitive functions.

Q47. What is the use of Dataview?

Answer: the basis use of Dataview is to show a entire table or a part of table and it is best view for sorting and searching data in the data table.

Q48. What are all the different authentication techniques used to connect to MS SQL Server?

Answer: SQL Server should authenticate before performing any action in the database and there are two types of authentication:

  • Windows Authentication – Use authentication using Windows domain accounts only.
  • SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode – Authentication provided with the combination of both Windows and SQL Server Authentication.

Q49. What are typed and untyped dataset?

Answer: Typed datasets use precise names and data types for their members but untyped dataset utilize table and columns for their members.

Q50. What are the uses of Stored Procedure?

Answer: The following are uses of Stored Procedure:

  • Improved Performance.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Security.
  • Less time and effort taken to execute.
  • Less Network traffic.

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