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Alagappa University Syllabus 2017 Check Out! New Exam Details Online Here

Alagappa University Syllabus

Want To Prepare With New Alagappa University Syllabus, Check Out Here!!! Candidates, who’re going to appear in Alagappa University Exam and start their preparation with updated syllabus, are advised to go through this page and acquire entire details. Students may also download syllabus in pdf format from below segment of this page using online mode. We’re also trying to collect detailed information about Alagappa University Syllabus 2017 so stay tuned with us on our web portal.

Alagappa University may also conduct the entrance test for those talented candidates who want to take admission in Graduate or Post graduate degree programs. Candidates who wish to score good marks in MBA / MCA / BCA / B.Sc etc courses, may begin their preparation with updated study material. Aspirants who want to get admission they must check the syllabus to prepare accordingly which is given on this page by the team of recruitmentresult.com.

This Page Includes-

  • BCA Semester I Syllabus
  • B.Sc Semester I Syllabus
  • Links of More Syllabus

Alagappa University Syllabus

Syllabi for MBA (General) Syllabi for MCA & MBA(5 yr.Int) Program
Syllabus for UG programmes Syllabus for PG Programmes

BCA Semester I Syllabus

Unit I

Introduction to computers:

1 types of programming languages
2 Introduction to C
3 Structure of a C programs
4 Constants, Variables
5 data types
6 operators and expressions
7 Input and Output operations
8 Decision making
9 branching
10 looping

Unit II


1 one and two dimensional arrays
2 character strings: Declaring and initializing string variables
3 reading strings from terminal
4 writing strings to screen
5 arithmetic operations on characters
6 string handling functions

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Unit III

User defined functions:

1 Introduction
2 need for user defined functions
3 the form of C functions
4 return values and their types
5 calling a function
6 categories of functions
7 nesting of functions
8 recursion
9 functions with arrays
10 the scope and lifetime of variables

Structures and Unions:

1 Structure definition
2 giving values to members
3 structure initialization
4 arrays of structures
5 arrays within structures
6 structures within structures
7 structures and functions – unions

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Unit IV


1 Introduction
2 understanding pointers
3 accessing the address of a variable
4 declaring and initializing pointers
5 accessing a variable through it’s pointer
6 pointer expressions
7 pointer increments
8 pointers and arrays
9 pointers and functions
10 Pointers and structures.

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Unit V

File Handling:

1 defining and opening a file
2 closing a file
3 I/O operations on files
4 error handling during I/O operations
5 random access to files
6 command line arguments


1 Introduction
2 Macro substitution
3 file inclusion and compiler control directives.

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B.Sc Semester I Syllabus

Chemical bonding:

Valence Bond Theory(VBT)
Overlapping of atomic orbitals s–s, s–p and p–p overlapping– sigma- and pi- bonds
Hybridization sp, sp2, sp3, sp3d and sp3d2 with suitable examples –Shapes of molecules – VSEPR theory.
Molecular orbital theory (MOT) Bonding and Antibonding molecular orbitals – Bond Order
MO diagrams Homonuclear diatomic molecules (N2, O2 and F2) and Heteronuclear diatomic molecules (HF, CO and NO)
Differences between VBT and MOT

Unit II

Hydrogen ortho and para hydrogen – Position of Hydrogen in the Periodic Table.
Hydrides Types of Hydrides – preparation, properties and uses of LiAlH4 and NaBH4.
Oxygen Oxides and their classification – simple explanation with examples.
Ozone Manufacture, oxidizing and reducing properties and uses.
Hydrogen peroxide preparation, oxidizing and reducing properties and uses

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Unit III                                                        

IUPAC Nomenclature of organic compounds
Molecular weight determination of organic acids and bases Silver salt and platinicchloride methods. Problems arriving empirical and molecular formula using percentage composition of elements and molecular weight.
Fundamental concepts Homolytic fission and Heterolytic fission of carbon-carbon bonds.
Reaction intermediates Formation and stability of Free radicals, carbonium ions and carbanions – nucleophilic and electrophilic reagents.
Types of reactions Substitution, addition, elimination, rearrangement and polymerization with suitable examples.
Inductive effect and electromeric effect Explanation with suitable examples.

Unit IV

Aliphatic hydrocarbons
Alkenes Ozonolysis, Hydroboration and polymerization with suitable examples.
Dienes Classification – preparation, properties and uses of Butadiene.
Alkynes Acidity of alkynes
Alkyl halides SN1 and SN2 Mechanism – E1 and E2 Mechanism – Hofmann and Saytzeff’s rule.
Poly halogen derivatives Preparation and applications of Westron and Freon.
Halogen derivatives of unsaturated hydrocarbons Preparation and uses of vinyl chloride, allyl chloride and allyl iodide.

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Unit V

Nuclear chemistry Constitution of nuclei – stability of nuclei and (n-p) ratio – magic number– mass defect and binding energy – mass – energy relationship.
Radioactivity Natural radioactivity –– Soddy’s group displacement law – Radioactivity equilibrium – Rate of radioactive disintegration – half life period and average life period– radioactive disintegration series.
Nuclear fission Theory – applications – principle of atom bomb.
Nuclear fusion Theory – Solar and Stellar energy – principle of hydrogen bomb
Applications of radioactivity Medicine – agriculture – industry – structural elucidations– carbon dating.
Particle accelerators Linear accelerator – cyclotron.

How To Download Alagappa University Syllabus:

  • Students will have to open Official Website of University that is www.alagappauniversity.ac.in
  • From home page hit on “DDE>>Syllabus” tab from top menu bar.
  • Now you may hit on relevant Alagappa University Syllabus for different courses.
  • Then select any one of links of syllabus you are looking for.
  • At last, download it and get printout of it or save it to your computer for a better preparation.

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