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APPSC Preparation Material Group 1, 2, 4 Online Practice/ Mock Exam Test

APPSC Preparation Material

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) conducts Group 1, 2, 4 exams for various Departments of Andhra Pradesh. We are introducing an Exam Preparation Material and online mock test for practice for Group 1, 2 and 4. This material specially makes better preparation for exam. You can take the help of this material and reach to their goal.

This Page Includes:

  • APPSC Preparation Material – Books for Group 1, 2, 4
  • Online Practice Test
  • Other APPSC Updates

APPSC Preparation Material for Group 1, 2 and 4:

For better preparation of this exam you will prefer the previous question paper, books of famous writer. Here we provide the collection of books for preparation of APPSC exam so candidates refer this book and do preparation through this best material for crack the examination easily and make your career bright because these books can change your way of thinking.

How to find online Study Material

Name Of The BookName of the writer
TarachandA History of the Freedom Movement in India Vol. I & II.
D.D. KosambiAn Historical Outline of Indian Culture and History.
Gopala CharyEarly History of the Andhra Country
C. Our ConstitutionKashyap Subhash
J.C. DhingraEnvironment & Policy
Science & Technology of Nano materialsN. Balakrishna Rao
Introduction to Environmental Engineering and ScienceGilbert M. Masters
Text book of Animal HusbandryE.C. Banerjee
Industrial MicrobiologyPresscott & Donn
Fundamentals of Mathematical StatisticsS.C. Gupta and V.K. Kapoor
Quantitative AptitudeR.S. Aggarwal
Analytical ReasoningM.K. Panden
Programmed StatisticsB.L. Aggarwal
Lecture note on ImmunologyGordon Reeves, Ian Todd
High Lights of Freedom Movement in Andhra Pradesh Sarojini Regani
Social Reforms in AndhraV. Ramakrishna
Advanced History of IndiaR.C. Majumdar
Essays in Contemporary IndiaBipin Chandra
Social Cultural and Economic History of IndiaS.C. RayaChoudhary

Written examination consist objective type question, each question have four suggested answer. You can select only one appropriate answer. This test paper gives you more benefit for exam preparation.

APPSC Group (1, 2, 4) Online Mock Test

Keep the practice through this online mock test and check your level of preparation for exam.

APPSC Preparation Material

1. In the Union List, how many subjects are incorporated?

a)    95

b)    92

c)    97

d)    99397

Ans C

2. In the event of dissolution of Lok Sabha, who need not resign or get dismissed immediately—

a)    Prime Minister

b)    Union Council of Ministers

c)    Home Minister

d)    None of the above

Ans B

Online Quiz  for Sarkari Naukri

3. In the context of alternative sources of energy, Ethanol as a viable bio-fuel can be obtained from

a)    Sugarcane

b)    Rice

c)    Potato

d)    Wheat

Ans A

4. In the third battle of Panipat, the Marathas were defeated by?

a)    Rajputs

b)    Afghans

c)    Mughals

d)    Sikhs

Ans B

Important Dates To Remember

5. The Childhood of Jesus” is written by?

a)    Peter Carey

b)    Paul Scott

c)    VS. Naipaul

d)    J.M Coetzee

Ans D

Famous Books And Authors

6. In the Parliament, what is the meaning of the Government Bill?

a)    Bill presented by Ruling Party member

b)    Bill approved by the Government

c)    A Bill introduced by any Minister in either of the Houses of the Parliament

d)    Only the Prime Minister presents the Bill

Ans C

How to Solve a Problem in Exam Correctly

7. In the context of Indian wildlife, the flying fox is a

a)    Bat

b)    Kite

c)    Stork

d)    Vulture

Ans A

8. In the following matching which one of them does not match?

a)    Baki Etihas—Badal Sarkar

b)    Sita Swayamber—Vishnu Das Bhave

c)    Yayati—Girish Karnad

d)    Gidha—Jabar Patel

Ans D

9. In the National Flag, what shall be the Ratio of the width to the length?

a)    2: 3

b)    2: 4

c)    2: 5

d)    2: 6

Ans A

Memory Improvement Techniques

10. In the Parliament of India Upper House in known as

a)    Lok Sabha

b)    Rajya Sabha

c)    Council of States

d)    None of the above

Ans B

11. KushokBakula Rimpochhe Airport is in?

a)    Leh

b)    Srinagar

c)    Guwahati

d)    Itanagar

Ans A

12. Sanchi, famous for its Buddhist monuments is in?

a)    Karnataka

b)    Madhya Pradesh

c)    Gujarat

d)    Andhra Pradesh

Ans B

13. Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand is built on which of the following rivers?

a)    Sutlej

b)    Narmada

c)    Bhagirathi

d)    Chambal

Ans C

14. The currency of South Africa is?

a)    Dollar

b)    Shilling

c)    Pound

d)    Rand

Ans D

Indian Economy Quiz

15. The headquarters of which of the following organizations is in Geneva, Switzerland?

a)    World Meteorological Organization

b)    Food and Agricultui Organization

c)    World Trade Organization

d)    International Labor Organization

Ans B

16. Think Different was an advertising slogan for?

a)    Apple

b)    Microsoft

c)    Google

d)    Wipro

Ans A

17. Which musical instrument did the Indian musician Ustad Bismillah Khan Play?

a)    Sarod

b)    Sitar

c)    Tabla

d)    Shehnai

Ans D

18. Which of the following is the capital city of Denmark?

a)    Helsinki

b)    Prague

c)    Copenhagen

d)    Oslo

Ans C

19. Which of the following statements is not correct?

a)    Bangalore is known as the Garden City of India

b)    Karanam Malleswari is the first Indian woman to have won a medal at the Olympic Games

c)    There are 28 States and 7 Union Territories in India

d)    Periyar sanctuary is famous for one-horned Rhinoceros

Ans D

Time Management in Exam

20. Who among the following is not associated with Shooting?

a)    Abhinav Bindra

b)    Vijay Kumar

c)    Abhijeet Gupta

d)    Gagan Narang

Ans C

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