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Area of Hexagon Formula | Calculate Area of Regular Hexagon with Examples

Area of Hexagon

A 6 sided polygon is known as a Hexagon. To find out the Area of Hexagon there is a particular formula that is used in Mathematics. Here we are going to discuss that how to Calculate Area of Regular Hexagon with Examples.

With the help of details given here on this page of it will become easier for you all to get details about Area of a Hexagon and solving questions related to it.

Area of Hexagon

There are two types of hexagons. They are,

  • Regular hexagon
  • Irregular hexagon

Regular Hexagon

In a regular hexagon, the sides and angles are equal in measurement. So, we can easily find out the area of the hexagon with the help of the formula.

regular hexagon

The formula for the area of a regular hexagon is as follows,

Area of a Regular Hexagon = (3√3) / 2 * x2

Where, x is the side of the hexagon.


Question: What Is the Area of Regular Hexagon whose side is 7 cm.

To calculate the Calculate Area Of Hexagon you need to follow the steps illustrated:

Area of a hexagon equation is A = (3√3) / 2 * x2

Here, side x = 7 cm

Substitute the value of side in area formula,

Area of Hexagon = (3√3) / 2 * 72

Area of Hexagon  with 6 sides = 127. 31 cm2 .

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Surface Area

Surface area can be found only for 3D figures not for 2D figures. But, the length of the boundary can be found by adding all the three sides.

Area And Perimeter Of Hexagon = Sum of all the sides.

Area Of Hexagon With Side Length 6:

For regular hexagon, Perimeter = 6s, s is the length of each side.

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Irregular Hexagon

In the case of irregular hexagon, the sides and angles are not equal. And so, we cant easily find the area of a irregular hexagon.

Irregular Hexagon

Formula Area of Irregular Hexagon

To find the area of an irregular hexagon, we need to divide the hexagon into triangles and then find the sum of areas of all the triangles.

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Let us see with the help of an example how to find the area of an irregular hexagon:

Step 1: Divide above diagram into triangles (regular polygons).

Step 2: Find the area of the triangles A, B, C, D, E and F. Finally add the area of all triangles to get the result.

Step 3: From the triangle A, It has equal sides 5

Area of the equal triangle (√3 /2 )* a2

Where, a is the side of the tr iangle

Area of triangle A =(√3 /2 )* 52

= 0.866 × 25

= 21.65

Step 4: Area of triangle B = 1/ 2*base × height [Right triangle]

Base = 3, Hypotenuse = 5.

To find the height, we use Pythagorean Theorem c2 = a2 + b2

5= 3+ b

b = 4

So, height = 4.

=> Area = 1/2 × 3 × 4

Area of triangle B = 6

Step 5: Area of  triangle C = ½ * base * height [Right triangle]

Base = 3 Height = 4.

Area = ½*3*4

Area of triangle C = 6

Step 6: Area of triangle D = 1/2× base × height [Right triangle]

Base = 3 and Hypotenuse = 5.

To find height we use Pythagorean Theorem c= a+ b2

5= 3+ b2

B = 4

So the height = 4.

> Area = 1/2 * 3 * 4

Area of triangle D = 6

Step 7: Similarly, area of  triangles E and F are 6 [From the above method]

Area of the hexagon = Area of all triangles

Area of Hexagon (Irregular)= 21.65 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6

Final Area of Hexagon = 51.65  square unit

To find out the Area of Hexagon, first of all one should know that which type of Hexagon it is. Is it a Regular Hexagon or an Irregular Hexagon? If it is a Regular Hexagon then you need to find the Area Of Regular Hexagon or in case if it is an Irregular Hexagon then you need to use the formula of Area Of Irregular Hexagon as stated above.

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Final Note:

We hope with the help of information given here on this page it will become easier for contenders to understand the concept of Hexagon and also the Formulas to find the area of Hexagon the regular and the irregular one.

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