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How To Find Area Of Right Angled Triangle? Formula with Examples

Area Of Right Angled Triangle

To determine the Area Of Right Angled Triangle, you can use different formulas. In all the ways, the easiest and most often used is height from the base’s length, and then divide the result from two.

Candidates who were searching for How To Find Area Of Right Angled Triangle? They are on right page as we our team members has gathered Right Angled Triangle Formula with Examples.

Area Of Right Angled Triangle

Area Of Right Angled Triangle

Candidates should know that the longest side of the right angled triangle is called as the hypotenuse, which is opposite to the right angle. The sum of the internal angles of a right angled triangle is 180 degrees.

There is a brief explanation with each formula, which will help you to understand its essence as how you can get the triangle area using different sources. So go and read this article till end.

Formula for Area Of Right Angled Triangle

A = 1/2 × BC × AB

= 1/2 × b × h

Formula for Area Of Isosceles Right Angled Triangle

Area Of Isosceles Right Triangle (A) = (Base) 2/2= a2/2

A = (Hypotenuse)2/4= (2√a)2/4= a2/2

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How To Find Area Of Right Angled Triangle?

Candidates who have learned the above given formulas are now informed to use that in the below given questions. Practice is all what you need in subject math, so do it from below given examples.

Example: Find the area of right angled triangle whose hypotenuse is 15 cm and one of the sides is 12 cm.


AB² = AC² – BC²

       = 15² – 12²

       = 225 – 144

        = 81

Therefore, AB = 9

Therefore, area of the triangle = ¹/₂ × base × height

                                                 = ¹/₂ × 12 × 9

                                                 = 54 cm²

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Example: A right angled triangle has length 5 cm and height 13 cm. Find the area of the triangle.


Length (l) = 5 cm

Height (h) = 13 cm

Formula: Area of triangle = 1212 (l x h) square unit.

= 1212 (5 x 13)

= 1212 (65)

= 652652

= 32.5

Area of the triangle = 32.5 cm2

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Universal Ways to Find the Area of ​​a Triangle

The following formulas use special formulas. We will understand each of them:

  • A, B, C – the length of the three sides of that data which we are considering;
  • R is the radius of the circle, which can be inscribed in our triangle;
  • R is the radius of the cycle that can be described around it;
  • α is the magnitude of angle formed by sides and c;
  • β is an angle between A and C;
  • The magnitude of angle formed by the sides of γ, A and B is;
  • h is the height of our triangle, the angle has been removed from α;
  • P – half of the sum of the sides A, B and C

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We hope the above provided stuff in concern of Surface Area of Sphere will be beneficial for your, candidates having any query must comment in the below tuned comment box, our experts of will surely solve it as soon as possible.

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