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ASP.Net Interview Questions And Answers – Freshers, Experience Professionals

ASP.Net Interview Questions And Answers

Candidates who are going to participate in the technical or IT interview and preparing with ASP.Net they can check the ASP.Net Interview Questions and Answers for better preparation through this page. Freshers as well as experienced candidates can go through the below given question and answers asked by professionals in various interviews.

ASP.Net Interview Questions And Answers

Ques:1 What is ASP.NET?

Ans: ASP.NET is a specification advanced by Microsoft to generate dynamic Web applications, Web sites, and Web services. It is a component of .NET Framework. You can make ASP.NET applications in most of the .NET compatible languages, such as Visual Basic, C#, and J#. The ASP.NET compiles the Web pages and gives much better presentation than scripting languages, such as VBScript. The Web Forms support to produce powerful forms-based Web pages. You can utilize ASP.NET Web server controls to create interactive Web applications. With the help of Web server controls, you can simply generate a Web application.

.NET Interview Questions And Answers

Ques:2 What is the basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET?

Ans: The basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET is that ASP is interpreted; whereas, ASP.NET is compiled. This implies that because ASP uses VBScript; consequently, when an ASP page is executed, it is interpreted. On the other hand, ASP.NET uses .NET languages, such as C# and VB.NET, which are compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).

Ques:3 What is an ASP.NET Web Form?

Ans: ASP.NET Web forms are intended to use controls and features that are approximately as powerful as the ones used with Windows forms, and so they are called as Web forms. The Web form uses a server-side object model that lets you to generate functional controls, which are implemented on the server and are rendered as HTML on the client. The characteristic, runat=”server”, associated with a server control indicates that the Web form must be processed on the server.

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Ques:4 In which event are the controls fully loaded?

Ans: Page load event promises that all controls are fully loaded. Controls are also executed in Page_Init events but you will see that view status is not fully loaded throughout this event.

Ques:5 What is the lifespan for items stored in ViewState?

Ans: The entries stored in ViewState live in anticipation of the lifetime of the present page expire including the postbacks to the similar page.

Ques:6 How can we identify that the Page is Post Back?

Ans: Page object has an “IsPostBack” property, which can be ensured to identify that is the page posted back.

Ques:7 Can you set which type of comparison you want to perform by the CompareValidator control?

Ans: Yes, by setting the Operator property of the CompareValidator control.

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Ques:8 How information about the user’s locale can be accessed?

Ans: The information concerning to a user’s locale can be accessed by using the System.Web.UI.Page.Culture property.

Ques:9 Which is the parent class of the Web server control?

Ans: The System.Web.UI.Control class is the parent class for all Web server controls.

Ques:10 What is the difference between SQL notification and SQL invalidation?

Ans: The SQL cache notification creates notifications when the data of a database modifies, on which your cache item depends. The SQL cache termination makes a cached item illogical when the data stored in a SQL server database changes.

Ques:11 How do you sign out from forms authentication?

Ans: The FormsAuthentication.Signout() technique is used to sign out from the forms authentication.

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Ques:12 Define a multilingual Web site.

Ans: A multilingual Web site serves content in a number of languages. It consist several copies for its content and other resources, such as date and time, in different languages.

Ques:13 What is AutoPostBack?

Ans: If you wish for a control to postback automatically when an event is elevated, you require placing the AutoPostBack property of the control to True.

Ques:14 How can you display all validation messages in one control?

Ans: The ValidationSummary control displays all validation messages in one control.

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Ques:15 Which two new properties are added in ASP.NET 4.0 Page class?

Ans: The two new properties added in the Page class are MetaKeyword and MetaDescription.

Ques:16 What is actually returned from server to the browser when a browser requests an .aspx file and the file is displayed?

Ans: When a browser demands an .aspx file then the server returns a reply, which is rendered into a HTML string.

Ques:17 How can you register a custom server control to a Web page?

Ans: You can register a custom server control to a Web page using the @Register directive.

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Ques:18 Which ASP.NET objects encapsulate the state of the client and the browser?

Ans: The Session object encapsulates the state of the client and browser.

Ques:19 Which method is used to force all the validation controls to run?

Ans: The Page.Validate() method is used to force all the validation controls to run and to perform validation.

Ques:20 What is the default timeout for a Cookie?

Ans: The default time duration for a Cookie is 30 minutes.

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