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Assam TET Syllabus 2016 Assam Teacher Eligibility Test Sample Paper PDF

Assam TET Syllabus

Applicants who are going to appear for Assam Teacher Eligibility Test and looking for Assam TET Syllabus than you are at right place. From here, candidates can check and download Assam Teacher Eligibility Test Sample Paper and syllabus so that they may prepare well accordingly to score good marks.

Assam Teacher Eligibility Test is a method to test the quality of the teachers who will shape the future of India. It is a way to teach the brilliant Indian brains and help them shine in future and more to impart education to the illiterate sector of the country. Here we are providing details about Assam TET Syllabus 2016.

This Page Includes:

  • Assam TET Syllabus
  • Assam TET Exam Pattern
  • Assam TET Sample Paper

Assam TET Syllabus

Part 1 General Studies & Current Affairs (100 Marks)

General Studies- General Studies cover following sections:

IHistory and Culture of India with Special Emphasis on Assam History
IIIndian Political System and Constitution of India
IIIGeneral Science and Technology
IVGeography of India with Special emphasis on Assam
VEconomy of India with Special emphasis on Assam
IVMental Ability and Reasoning
VIIISecondary Education in India and Management of Schools.

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Current Affairs-Current Affairs covers following sections:

  • Matters of State
  • National and International importance
  • Political and Economic Developments
  • Culture, Art & Literature
  • Games & Sports
  • Scientific and Technological Advancements etc

Part 2 -Pedagogy & General English (100 Marks)

Pedagogy (75 Marks) – Covers following section:

ITeaching –Learning Process and Pedagogy
IIEducational Psychology
IIIPsychology of Adolescence

General English-(25 Marks) – Covers following sections:

I Remedial Grammar

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Assam TET Exam Pattern

Assam Teacher eligibility Test consists of two objective type papers.  This exam shall be 200 marks.

SubjectNo. Of QuestionsMarks
General Studies & Current Affairs100100
Pedagogy & General English100100
Total Marks                                                                200

Assam Teacher Eligibility Test Sample Paper

Candidates check the sample question paper here we are providing you some questions. That type of questions will come in this Assam Teacher Eligibility Test

Part 1 Pedagogy and English

1. Which of the following period is generally termed as “the period of conflicts” in one’s developmental stage?

a)    Infancy

b)    Childhood

c)    Adolescence

d)    Adulthood

Ans-) b

2. A child in your class always tries to attribute his failure to other children or materials. What kind of defence mechanism does he use?

a)      Rationalization

b)      Projection

c)       Repression

d)      Compensation

Ans-) d

Written Exam Techniques

3. Which statement is a correct one?

a)      Myxomatosis affects all animals.

b)      Myxomatosis is transmitted by mosquitoes.

c)       Myxomatosis kills mosquitoes.

d)      Myxomatosis is found only in mosquitoes

Ans-) d

Part 2 General Studies & Current Affair

4. Unbreakable” is the autobiography of

a)          Mary Kom

b)          Sachin Tendulkar

c)          Kapil Dev

d)          Mahinder Amarnath

Ans-) a

5. INDRA 2013 is a joint military exercise between

a)          India and China

b)          India and Singapore

c)          India and USA

d)          India and Russia

Ans-) c

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6. Who was declared the best actress at the 60th National Film Award function held on March 18, 2013 ?

a)          Dolly Ahluwalia

b)          Rani Mukherjee

c)          Sridevi

d)          Usha Jadhav

Ans-) d

7. Who is the 159th member of WTO?

a)          Kazakhstan

b)          Laos

c)          Tajikistan

d)          Uzbekistan

Ans-) c

8. Fill in an appropriate determiner: _____ first item in today’s programme is a song.

a)      The

b)      A

c)       Any

d)      Some


9. Complete the sentence by putting an appropriate determiner: You should always carry _______ umbrella with you.

a)      A

b)      An

c)       Any

d)      A few


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10. Fill in the appropriate determiner:

I have not got _____ money in my bank account.

a)          Any

b)          A

c)          A few

d)          Few

Ans-) a

Each question has an underlined word followed by four answer choices. You will choose the word that is a necessary part of the underlined word.

11. harvest

a)    autumn

b)    stockpile

c)     tractor

d)    crop

Ans-) d

12. desert

a)    cactus

b)    arid

c)    oasis

d)    flat

Ans-) b

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13. book

a)    fiction

b)    pages

c)    pictures

d)    learning

Ans-) b

14. language

a)    tongue

b)    slang

c)    writing

d)    words

Ans-) d

15. school

a)    student

b)    report card

c)    test

d)    learning

Ans-) a

Negative Marking in Entrance Exam

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

16. The passengers were afraid, but the captain …… them that there was no danger.

a)    promised

b)    assured

c)    advised

d)    counselled

Ans-) b

17. The family gave father a gold watch on the …… of his fiftieth birthday.

a)    time

b)    event

c)    occasion

d)    celebration

Ans-) c

18. The park …… as far as the river.

a)    extends

b)    advances

c)    enlarges

d)    emerges


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19. Many of the advances of civilisation have been conceived by young people just on the …… of adulthood

a)    boundary

b)    threshold

c)    peak

d)    horizon


20. Arti pulled a long …… when she was told that she could not go to Agra.

a)    mouth

b)    skirt

c)    face

d)    hand

Ans-) c

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