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Barclays Salaries In India | Average Salary, In Hand Package For Freshers

Barclays Salaries In India

Dear Applicants, in the below section you can see the Barclays Salaries In India and experienced candidates. You may also check the, Barclays Average Salary In Hand Package for Freshers or Bonus details of each department which are well mentioned below by the team of recruitmentresult.com have a Look…..!!!!

Barclays is a British multinational banking and financial services company. It has its head office situated in London. It is a worldwide bank with functions in retail, wholesale and investment banking, as well as wealth management, mortgage lending and credit cards. It has its branches in over 50 countries and territories and has around 48 million customers.

Barclays Salaries in India

Job Title / Role / Designation Salary at Barclays India in Rs.
Analyst 1,006,667
Business Analyst 1,268,750
Assistant Manager 1,251,800
Assistant Vice President 2,266,667
Product Manager 1,461,667
Test Analyst 774,667
Manager 887,336
Process Advisor 284,195

Average Bonus for Barclays Technology Center India Employees

Job National Bonus Data
Test Analyst Rs. 66,943/-
Infrastructure Analyst Rs. 49,593/-
Application Support Analyst Rs. 125,000/-
Senior Programmer Analyst Rs. 80,000/-
Business Analyst, IT Rs. 125,000/-
Support Analyst, Information Technology (IT) Rs. 130,000/-
Vice President (VP), Information Technology (IT) Rs. 250,000/-

Barclays Recruitment

Average Salary for Freshers by Barclays

Application Support Analysis
Salary Rs. 282692/- to Rs. 1007776
Bonus Rs. 25702/- to Rs. 168509/-
Total Pay Rs. 332824/- to Rs. 1126944/-
Application Support Lead
Salary Rs. 615150/- to Rs. 1573844/-
Bonus Rs. 27393/- to Rs. 179093/-
Total Pay Rs. 697255/- to Rs. 1748167/-
Assistant to the Vice President  
Salary Rs. 773162/- to Rs. 2192062/-
Total Pay Rs. 878248/- to Rs. 2196372/-
Associate Vice President for Development
Salary Rs. 764746/- to Rs. 4100789/-
Total Pay Rs. 805004/- to Rs. 4416538/-
Business Analyst, IT
Salary Rs. 365554/- to Rs. 1708372/-
Bonus Rs. 27598/- to Rs. 205276/-
Total Pay Rs. 408712/- to Rs. 1866087/-
Database Administrator (DBA)
Salary Rs. 423095/- to Rs. 1214157/-
Total Pay Rs. 426274/- to Rs. 1240811/-
Executive Assistant
Salary Rs. 180087/- to Rs. 763369/-
Total Pay Rs. 204862/- to Rs. 798021/-
Infrastructure Analyst
Salary Rs. 268102/- to Rs. 10003939/-
Bonus Rs.13640/- to Rs. 119547/-
Total Pay Rs. 293379/- to Rs. 1070843/-
Programmer Analyst
Salary Rs. 475233/- to Rs. 1531921/-
Bonus Rs. 12365/- to Rs. 149028/-
Total Pay Rs. 464613/- to Rs. 1678513/-
Project Analyst Information Technology (IT)
Salary Rs. 457513/- to Rs. 1299716/-
Bonus Rs. 15184/- to Rs. 208107/-
Total Pay Rs. 519384/- to Rs. 1507897/-
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)
Salary Rs. 890504/- to Rs. 2546279/-
Bonus Rs. 89041/- to Rs. 673547/-
Total Pay Rs. 1174454/- to Rs. 3358611/-
Quality Assurance Analyst
Salary Rs. 444408/- to Rs. 1369785/-
Bonus Rs. 16915/- to Rs. 163702/-
Total Pay Rs. 485456/- to Rs. 1505082/-
Senior Java Developer
Salary Rs. 617738/- to Rs. 1684306/-
Bonus Rs. 29032/- to Rs. 225564/-
Total Pay Rs. 656182/- to Rs. 1792438/-
Senior Programmer Analyst
Salary Rs. 733730/- to Rs. 1656038/-
Bonus Rs. 19663/- to Rs. 193435/-
Total Pay Rs. 786186/- to Rs. 1767,111/-
Senior Quality Assurance (QA)/ Test Automation Engineer
Salary Rs. 549769/- to Rs. 1499889/-
Total Pay Rs. 559230/- to Rs. 1515019/-
Senior Software Engineer
Salary Rs. 525589/- to Rs. 1331405/-
Total Pay Rs. 565021/- to Rs. 1434845/-
Senior System Analyst
Salary Rs. 478389/- to Rs. 1294399/-
Total Pay Rs. 474240/- to Rs. 1358973/-
Senior Technical Consultant
Salary Rs. 539455/- to Rs. 1467338/-
Total Pay Rs. 616458/- to Rs. 1649446/-
Software Developer
Salary Rs. 269694/- to Rs. 1170310/-
Bonus Rs. 20202/- to Rs. 161347/-
Total Pay Rs. 278432/- to Rs. 1258420/-
Software Engineer
Salary Rs. 149440/- to Rs. 483685/-
Total Pay Rs. 151035/- to Rs. 498512/-
Support Analyst, Information Technology (IT)
Salary Rs. 415291/- to Rs. 1724698/-
Bonus Rs. 27109/- to Rs. 232905/-
Total Pay Rs, 448253/- to Rs. 1760551/-
Team Leader
Salary Rs. 628834/- to Rs. 1647190/-
Bonus Rs. 28783/- to Rs. 282280/-
Total Pay Rs. 676104/- to Rs. 1770338/-
Test Analyst  
Salary Rs. 376532/- to Rs. 1423517/-
Bonus Rs. 14940/- to Rs. 131745/-
Total Pay Rs. 402043/- to Rs. 1514653/-
Test Manager
Salary Rs. 1043559/- to Rs. 2545170/-
Bonus Rs. 28607/- to Rs. 187117/-
Total Pay Rs. 1082317/- to Rs. 2597993/-
Vice President (VP), Information Technology (IT)
Salary Rs. 1339618/- to Rs. 4165890/-
Bonus Rs. 96231/- to Rs. 844411/-
Total Pay Rs. 1549499/- to Rs. 4571387/-

Barclays is organized into four core business: Personal & Corporate (Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth & Investment Management), Barclaycard, Investment Banking and Africa. Barclays traces its origins to a goldsmith banking business established in the City of London in 1690. James Barclay became a partner in the business in 1736.

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