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How to be Fearless during Board Exam! Students Strategy To Avoid It

How to be Fearless during Board Exam

How to be Fearless during Board Exam is the biggest question for students. Result of Board Examination completely changes the life career trail; the futures are based and make upon the exam results. You know that large no. of students are feared and have been affected from Exam fear. Everyone knows that “confidence is the key/companion of the successes” and to be Fearless with Board Exam you should have confidence but not over confidence.

So the students should use their time productively to get flying result in the exams. So every student will have a fear about their exam. At this time we are try to away the fear from you not only in Board Exams but after that too so that your further life span pass as good as possible. Here you may get the tips or strategy How to be Fearless during Board Exam. Please have a look!!!

How to be Fearless during Board Exam

How to be Fearless during Board Exam

Try to take the things light and be brave:

If thought of failure is worrying too much, don’t drop anger and think “Nobody is going to shoot if you fail in exam. Always think positive and try your best no matter if you fail. Think that most of the students are also participating in the exam, if the exam will be hard, it will be equally tricky for all, not for only you. Try to take the things light during exam and begin your study somewhat paying concentration to things which enhance your stress.

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Imagine success instead of negative thoughts of failure:

Having hope is the key of success. Don’t try to think about the failure at the time of exam. If you are thinking about failure during the exam, that means you are inviting fear to overcome you. Never think like “what if I fail in the coming examination”. Have faith in you and that exam is very easy and I will do the best in exam because I am intelligent student. Imagine success instead of negative thoughts of failure to avoid the fear of exam.

Never ask your friend about the preparation:

Frequently students ask their friend about their preparation at the time of exam. This is not a good because if you ask your friend and you come to know that he has completed the entire syllabus, you start thinking, and “oh I am still lose that topics and may not be able to finish the chapters before papers” that will increase the fear.  Similarly, if your friend is more stressed and you come to know about, his stress influences you as well.

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Plan Smartly:

You have to make the schedule before exam and make a schedule for days or even with hours. Provide more preference on the most significant topics during the schedule. Choose a study space that you feel most appropriate and suitable. Sharpen your strengths but do not ignore your weak points, focus more to advance on them and comprise more study sessions on tough topics.

Make Brief Notes:

Make brief notes during session is the good habit that will assist you to remember easily at the time preparation. Also have a habit of taking short notes during exam preparation so that it will assist you to have rapid revision during the date of exam. The process of creating notes may assist you to keep more detail. By writing the information carefully instead of just seeing it, you may expand a superior perception of material.

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Take Help from Sample Papers:

Try to solve the previous year’s question papers, you will search a majority of questions being repeated over the years and it will give a best idea of the format of paper, also offers self-confidence to answer the questions. Crack the sample questions and evaluate the possibility of answers you could do with the complete syllabus.  After learning and revising, take a truthful appraisal and check yourself.

Study in a group, once in a while:

Try to study in a group or with your friends, once in a while, it assists to solve the doubts and your friends may have simple techniques to study the concept or solve a problem. Have a conversation on the hardest topic which assists to remember easily than to learn it. You may also check you with your friends and get more preparation ideas. Discussing with friends keeps your refreshed.

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Study early Mornings:

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise this is true thought you have to follow in your life. It assists you to remain fit and fresh. Morning is the best time when mind is peaceful and negligible interruption outside which helps you focus better. Also plan to cover the hardest part to study in the morning.

How to be Fearless during Board Exam

Tips to Avoid the Fear of Exam:

Now we will preach you Students Strategy to Avoid Fear with Board Exam and all those points where you feel week during exam time but after reading following steps you will be a winner:

  • Dear students’ exam preparation is not overnight task. So make schedule to do better in each and every subject.
  • Don’t learn without write it before exam otherwise you can’t remind it so long.
  • Complete knowledge of subject is necessary for ranked marks.
  • Study daily at least 8 hours to be the topper.
  • Use sample pears so that you could understand the exam pattern and question types
  • Try to highlight important words to get more marks than others.
  • Don’t cut if you write few wrong words because it looks ugly.

Examinations are approximately always worrying and fearful. Students rarely know accurately what to suppose on the test, and those who experience from exam fear or exam anxiety can see their marks suffer as a result of this stress. A little fear can actually assist your performance. Battling this type of performance anxiety can be difficult, but good study habits and learning how to relax can help. So above tips will help you a lot to beat the fear of exam.

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