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BEL Interview Experience | Candidate Success Stories | Placement Pattern

BEL Interview Experience

Hello Friends, Here I am Deepanshu Sachdeva and I am sharing my BEL Interview Experience as well as Placement Pattern of BEL with you. From this Interview, I actually have gain vast information as this can be an extremely honored organizations and well skilled professional took my interview.

Friends I truly said that I never extensively prepared for any interview I gave. But here is my recommendation to everybody, Please be completely ready for every interview you face because at some point you are going to regret it. Here I want to share my BEL Interview Experience with you and additionally want to recommend Some Interview Cracking Tips to all Readers, so that you are able to know how to tackle interview with confident.

My BEL Interview Experience

Name: Deepanshu Sachdeva

Age: 27 Years

Nationality: Indian

Written Test

I had appeared for the Bharat Electronics Limited written test for Probationary Engineers on 1st July.

  • The paper was the same as GATE pattern & there have been no general knowledge queries.
  • 120 queries were departmental queries & 30 ability queries.
  • In order to clear the test completing the paper isn’t necessary as there are 150 questions to be completed in one hundred twenty minutes it’s not possible for anyone to complete the paper thence the paper somewhat becomes an MCQ paper with selection, on that queries I will be able to try.
  • There were fifty vacancies in Computer Science & as 1:3 rule a 150 students cleared the written from all over India & I was lucky to clear it.

Written Exam Techniques

I got an interview call by qualifying the written examination.

Interview Round

The interview date was September 18 in Bangalore.

BEL was very professional in the sense that I was asked to report at 8:30am, they did begin the verification method precisely at that point. After the verification I was asked to go for my interview.

There were 3 members within the interview panel. The interview was short in contrast to BARC wherever it absolutely was one & half hours. Here it absolutely was about 15 minutes.

I wish everybody Good Morning. They did not say me to take a seat. Therefore I asked them if I can have a seat or not. They replied with simply a “yes”, that was full of smirk.

BEL Placement Papers

These were the questions asked by panel

Int: So what does your name mean?

Me: I replied clearly my name means Creative and determined.

Int: Was it troublesome to search out this place?

(The interview wasn’t command during any BEL workplace however in a place known as Dodda Gubbi within the outskirts of urban center City)

Me: Yes sir, particularly in an unknown town had it been Calcutta it might not have been so troublesome however in an unknown state it absolutely was.

Int: therefore what was your final year project?

Me: I explained each and every detail which I have learned to complete my project. I was also explained my projects benefits for the company.

Int: What do your parents do?

Me: Sir my father was a government servant he retired this year, my mother may be a home-maker.

Int: thus as your father is retired any pressure on you for employment, that you just are going to be the earning member of the family?

Me: No sir i’m lucky that way, there’s no such pressure & we are financially well-off & immediately am sitting here only for myself.

Int: What are the topics you like?

Me: OS, DBMS, Theory of Computation, Data Structure.

Int: What are the strategies for inter-process communication?

Me: Answered regarding the memory sharing & message passing stuff, the critical section problem with memory sharing etc.

Int: What is priority scheduling?

Me: Answered regarding the priority levels & pre-emption may be possible or priority only throughout method selection by short term scheduler.

Int:What is business tier in J2EE?

Me: I only knew the partial answer & my concept wasn’t clear regarding it thence I aforementioned sir I did it in one in my semesters however I do not precisely bear in mind currently. This appeared the higher possibility than giving a haphazard answer

Int: Did you apply for the other PSU?

Me: Yes sir, I had applied for BARC & cleared the written exam at however sadly could not clear the interview.

(The HR was impressed that I cleared the BARC written test at as only thirty eight  candidates all over India had cleared that & & for us general category students that number is half i.e., 19)

Int: What are your other options other than BEL?

Me: Sir I actually have job offers from TCS & Accenture that I got throughout my campus placements.

Int: just in case you get all 3 that one can you chose?

Me: Sir, undoubtedly BEL.

Int: Why because of the pay package?

Me: Sir if I say not the least bit due to the package I’ll be lying, pay is unquestionably one among the explanations, however not the first one. Before my interviews in Accenture or TCS I had done a little bit of analysis on the type of work that they are doing & had done identical for BEL. The work on BEL has intrigued me more just like the R&D of Tablet PC or encoding. If I elect & if I buy an opportunity to figure on tablet pc, I do not assume there is something higher than that on behalf of me. Learning the technology & the operating atmosphere are a giant learning expertise on behalf of me.

Int: Well we are not too sure that if selected whether you will be placed in tablet PC, you might get signal processing or encryption.

Me: Sir, I’m additional inquisitive about R&D and just like the question you asked me in OS, I knew the solution however If you question me to use it in real world systems I will not be able to & currently I would like to find out to try and do that.

(The HR smiled at my answer)

Int: Well thank you then.

Me: Thank you sir.

The result was out after a month, and I was selected in this well reputated company.

However am narrating my experience to help any future appearing for the BEL interview.

All the Best, To Everyone No need to worry.

At last, I thank for providing a superb platform to me to share my wonderful experience with you.

So, friends this was the BEL Interview Experience shared by Deepanshu Sachdeva on our portal. So friends we are suggested you be ready for your interview like Deepanshu Sachdeva as she was assured throughout his interview.

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