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BEL Placement Papers, Get ECE/CSE/Mechanical Engineer Previous Papers

BEL Placement Papers

Want to boost up your preparations for BEL Recruitment Exam with a simple step? Then Get BEL Placement Papers For ECE/CSE/Mechanical etc Stream from here!!! Candidates, who’ve applied for BEL Exam to Grab Engineer Posts In relevant stream and wish to score good marks, may start their preparation through BEL Previous Year Question Paper. For starting their preparation, contestants may download Bharat Electronics Limited Model Question Paper in pdf format through online process.

Bharat Electronics Limited conducts recruitment exams to fill up various vacant posts in various field. Participated appliers may need to go through this page to get valuable knowledge in engineering section and fetch BEL Model Question Paper. The following questions / answers provided to you on this page by will increase your skill and help you all lot in your examination.

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BEL Placement Papers

Question- 1. The concentration unit will independent from temperature

a)    Weight volume percentage

b)    molarity

c)    normality

d)    molality

Answer- d

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Question- 2. Joystick is used to?

a)    Move cursor on the screen

b)    Computer games

c)    Both a and b

d)    None of these

Answer- c

Question- 3. The ribbon is used in?

a)    Laser Printer

b)    Dot matrix printer

c)    Ink Jet Printer

d)    Plotters

Answer- b

Question- 4. pH of 10 M HCI solution is

a)    1

b)    2

c)    Less than zero

Answer- c

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Question- 5. The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

a)    rolling friction

b)    dynamic friction

c)    limiting friction

d)    static friction


Question- 6. Which of the following is window application?

a)    Word Pad

b)    Note Pad

c)    Sound Recorder

d)    All of the above

Answer- d

Question- 7. The number of geometrical isomers of [Pt(NH3)2C12] are

a)    3

b)    4

c)    2

d)    5

Answer- c

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Question- 8. The velocity ratio in case of an inclined plane inclined at angle θ to the horizontal and weight being pulled up the inclined plane by vertical effort is

a)    sin θ

b)    cos θ

c)    tan θ

d)    cosec θ

Answer- a

Question- 9. Maximum explosive is

a)    NCI3

b)    PCI3

c)    AsCI3

d)    All of these

Answer- a

Question- 10. You can open the Notebook from the Run Dialog Box by typing?

a)    Note

b)    Npad

c)    Notepad

d)    None of these

Answer- c

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Question- 11. If the resultant of two equal forces has the same magnitude as either of the forces, then the angle between the two forces is

a)    30°

b)    60°

c)    90°

d)    120°

Answer- d

Question- 12. The purest form of iron is

a)    white cast iron

b)    grey cast iron

c)    wrought iron

d)    steel

Answer- c

Question- 13. You can open the Sound Recorder from the Run Dialog Box by typing?

a)    Sound record

b)    Sunrecord

c)    Sndrec

d)    Sndrec32

Answer- d

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Question- 14. The range of a projectile is maximum, when the angle of projection is

a)    30°

b)    45°

c)    60°

d)    90°

Answer- b

Question- 15. Ethyl amine reacts with nitrous acid to give

a)    ethyl nitrite

b)    ethyl alcohol

c)    nitro ethane

d)    acetic acid

Answer- d

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Question- 16. When is a capacitor fully charged?

a)    when the voltage across its plates is of the voltage from ground to one of its plates

b)    when the current through the capacitor is the same as when the capacitor is discharged

c)    when the voltage across the plates is 0.707 of the input voltage

d)    when the current through the capacitor is directly proportional to the area of the plates

Answer- b

Question- 17. An ideal operational amplifier has

a)    infinite output impedance

b)    zero input impedance

c)    infinite bandwidth

d)    All of the above

Answer- c

Question- 18. Another name for a unity gain amplifier is:

a)    difference amplifier

b)    comparator

c)    single ended

d)    voltage follower

Answer- d

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Question- 19. A series dissipative regulator is an example of a:

a)    linear regulator

b)    switching regulator

c)    shunt regulator

d)    dc-to-dc converter

Answer- a

Question- 20. The closed-loop voltage gain of an inverting amplifier equals:

a)    the ratio of the input resistance to the feedback resistance

b)    the open-loop voltage gain

c)    the feedback resistance divided by the input resistance

d)    the input resistance

Answer- c

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