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Better English Speaking Skills – Top Tips For Improving Your Spoken English

Better English Speaking Skills

English nowadays has become the first language of every second person everywhere and also in schools too and the Better English Speaking Skills is very important for our daily life even it is being observed that Fluent English has now become a part of every interview and also in any big MNC’s company and thus it has played a very important role to make seem the person with a good personality.  Here in this article we will help you with the top Tips for Improving Your Spoken English.

Better English Speaking Skills

The way of speaking English and communicating with other people makes you to become winner in every field or loser in this age of cut-throat competition. Speaking English can be difficult or may be easier as it all depends on you because the more effort you put in to it. Read all the top tips For Improving Your Spoken English and speak like a flowing fluent river.

Better English Speaking Skills

Top Tips For Improving Your Spoken English

Stop Using Slang

You should try to avoid idioms and slang words because many good companies hate people who use short cuts in English and slang languages in writing and speaking as they say that it seems that “You’re barking up the wrong tree,”, hence this is being used because another person would not be able to understand you and in that situation, you’ll only look silly when you try to explain what you meant to say, or what it actually means.

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Speak, Speak, And Speak!

The more you will speak  , the  more you will feel confident and your tongue will get clear in English ; so you should try to speak with many people as many as you can. You should not be shy with the mistakes you would be doing while speaking…! And be sure about not doing the grammatical mistakes while speaking with your pronunciation and vocabulary.  You should remember one thing that:-

The way you learn to sing or the way you learn any musical instrument is same as speaking– the only way you can get good is to actually do it!

  •  You should try to get over from your fear
  • Stay with the patient and speak English slowly. We know that learning English can seem difficult to you or may be frustrating, but frustration won’t help you, so let it go.
  • Speak to your friends as much as you can.
  • Interact with your friends and go for a debate on any topic, you will come across with many mistakes but try to analyze those deviations.

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When you want to learn English with your spoken language then the best tip is you should listen to news bulletins and songs in English to listen to the pronunciation of words. And you should try to learn the easiest words everyday and should use them in their daily life. Hence, the more you will listen, the more you would learn! It has been seen that most of the English learners read and listen too much. But when we are talking about kids then they listen and then they speak and later learn to read and write.

Read Out Loud

Read more to improve your English, try to read the news paper or a magazine loud out to yourself.  You can even read any chapter or your TV show and can act on it. The best way is to practice pronunciation because you will concentrate on the words and in that you need not to worry about the grammar or any of the mistakes.

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Learn New Word Or Phrases

You should try to learn new words everyday and phrases too, in spite of concentrating on single word you should learn new words and should try to use them in your daily speaking language; and when you see that you are becoming perfect in learning words then you should try to learn the sentences and this will aim you to get comfortable with English and therefore you would be able to speak English in a very fluent manner.

Speak English Slowly With Positive Attitude

If you are doing any mistakes while speaking English then you should not be afraid and nervous. You should never feel insecure while speaking English as the more you will feel so the more it would be difficult for you to speak in front of anybody.


 Remember one thing that the more you will communicate , the more you will get open in your English speaking, once you get easy with speaking English then you should analyze your grammatical mistakes.

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English is an art of speaking and presenting yourself very finely with all your thoughts and the concepts going on in your mind. English is not difficult language though many people think and for them it seems difficult and it becomes hostile for them but it descends into darkness when they start speaking.

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But you never know that when you get command on English you feel more confident than before as well as you get able to crack many interviews and this can be done by the help of guidance which we have discussed above. So, English is not a rocket science language  as u will see that  it will help you to learn other languages like Spanish, Russian , French etc.

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