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Biology Quiz | Online Trivia, Bio Questions/Answers (Class 9-12), MCQ

Biology Quiz

Students, who are preparing for any competitive medical exam, must solve Biology Quiz for better preparation. As Biology is one of the important subjects of medical examination. Biology Quiz will be helpful for you so as to increase the speed and efficiency.

On this page we have provided Bio Questions/Answers from class 9 to class 12 and MCQs. By going through these Biology Quiz Questions with Answers and solving Biology Online Trivia you may enhance your knowledge.

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Biology Section coverssignificant topics such asecology, DNA, viruses, botany, evolution, and bacteria etc. If you want to know your capability then you may challenge yourself by taking our online biology quiz and solve maximum questions of Bio so as to boost your speed.

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Biology Quiz

Biology Quiz For Class 9

Question 1: Cereals largely fulfill which of the following energy requirement?

  1. Proteins
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fats
  4. Minerals

Answer: 2

Question 2:Which of the following is not included in ‘organic farming’?

  1. compost and vermi-compost
  2. chemical fertilizers
  3. green manures
  4. crop rotation

Answer: 2

Question 3:Which one of the following species of honey bee is an Italian species?

  1. Apisdorsata
  2. Apis florae
  3. Apisceranaindica
  4. Apismellifera

Answer: 4

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Question 4:Which is the oldest breeding method?

  1. introduction
  2. hybridization
  3. mutation
  4. selection

Answer: 1

Question 5:Red Sindhi, Sahilwal, Jersey, Brown Swiss are breeds of

  1. Pigs
  2. Buffaloes
  3. Cows
  4. Fowl

Answer: 3

Biology Quiz For Class 10

Question 6:The plant hormone which is essential for cell division is:

  1. Auxin
  2. Cytokinin
  3. Ethylene
  4. Gibberellin

Answer: 2

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Question 7:The gap between two neurons is called _____

  1. Synapse
  2. Axon
  3. Synthesise
  4. Dendron

Answer: 1

Question 8:Tropic movements are

  1. in response to light
  2. in response to gravity
  3. non-directional
  4. unidirectional

Answer: 4

Question 9:Gustatory receptors are specialized in detecting ______

  1. Taste
  2. light
  3. Smell
  4. Touch

Answer: 1

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Question 10:The seat of intelligence and voluntary actions in the brain is

  1. Cerebellum
  2. Cerebrum
  3. Medulla Oblongata
  4. Diencephalon

Answer: 2

Biology Quiz For Class 11

Question 11:Green-house effect is warming due to

  1. infra-red rays reaching the earth
  2. moisture layer in atmosphere
  3. increase in temperature due to increase in carbon dioxide concentration of atmosphere
  4. ozone layer of atmosphere

Answer: 3

Question 12:The relation between algae and fungi in a lichen is

  1. symbiosis
  2. parasitism
  3. commensalism
  4. protocooperation

Answer: 1

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Question 13:Sunken stomata is a characteristic feature of

  1. hydrophyte
  2. mesophyte
  3. xerophyte
  4. halophyte

Answer: 3

Question 14:Desert plants are generally

  1. viviparous
  2. succulent
  3. herbaceous
  4. heterophyllus

Answer: 2

Question 15:Which one of the following organism is used as indicator of water quality

  1. Beggiatoa
  2. Chlorella
  3. Azospirillum
  4. Escherichia

Answer: 4

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Biology Quiz For Class 12

Question 16:Which of the following is a ‘club moss’?

  1. Selaginella
  2. Equisetum
  3. Lycopodium
  4. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 17:Which of the following is an oilseed crop ?

  1. Marigold
  2. Chrysanthemum
  3. Rose
  4. Sunflower

Answer: 4

Question 18:In honeybee colony the drones are produced by _______

  1. Fertilized eggs
  2. Unfertilized eggs
  3. Larvae fed upon leaves
  4. Fasting larvae

Answer: 2

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Question 19:Cytopyge is found in ______

  1. Paramecium
  2. Entamoeba
  3. Amoeba
  4. Trypanosoma

Answer: 1

Question 20:Which of the following secretions associated with digestion does not have enzymes?

  1. Bile
  2. Gastric juice
  3. Saliva
  4. Pancreatic juice

Answer: 1

Final Words:

By the help of this page you can boost your knowledge in Biology subject. For getting more updates regarding Bio Quiz/ Biology Quizzes, you may log on to Facebook and Google+. If you have any query regarding Biology Quiz Questions & Answers/ General Science Biology Quiz then you may ask us in below provided comment box.

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