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BITSAT Mock Test 2018 Free Online Tests, Model Questions with Solutions

BITSAT Mock Test

Appearing candidates in BITSAT 2018 entrance exam should practice by the help of BITSAT Mock Test. This will help the students to know the BITSAT exam pattern 2018, type and nature of questions asked in exam etc.

Students will also be competent to analyze their pathetic areas after attending the BITSAT Mock Test or Free Online Tests. Well, for your convenience we have provided here Model Questions with Solutions and mock test of BITSAT 2018, you can also take help from this.

BITSAT 2018 mock test will be for 30 minutes only and the questions in the exam will be objective. For getting rest of the information about BITSAT Mock Test 2018, you need to go through the whole page which is well designed by the team members of

BITSAT Mock Test

Question1: Which of the following two organelles look most alike structurally?

  1. Nucleus and vesicle
  2. Golgi apparatus and smooth endoplasmic reticulum ER
  3. Vacuole and cytoskeleton
  4. Lysosome and chloroplast

Answer: Option 2

Question2: In terms of basic cell structure, what do an elephant and an oak tree have in common?

  1. They both are eukaryotes
  2. They both have a cell nucleus
  3. They both have mitochondria
  4. All of the above

Answer: Option 4

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Question3: Where in a eukaryotic cell, DNA can be found?

  1. Nucleus
  2. Mitochondrion
  3. Vacuole
  4. Both (a) and (b)

Answer: Option 4

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Question4: Which of the following structures is expected in a bacterium?

  1. Nucleus
  2. Plasma membrane
  3. Golgi apparatus
  4. Endoplasmic reticulum

Answer: Option 2

Question5: Which of the following organelles is directly connected to the outer membrane of the nucleus in a eukaryotic cell?

  1. Mitochondrion
  2. Lysosome
  3. Golgi apparatus
  4. Endoplasmic reticulum

Answer: Option 4

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Question6: Which of the following cell organelles are expected to be associated with motor proteins?

  1. Smooth ER
  2. Vesicles
  3. Plasma membrane
  4. Chloroplasts

Answer: Option 2

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Question7: An organism’s first line of defense against attack by an invader such as a virus or bacterium is usually

  1. to flee or hide
  2. its body wall
  3. a specific immune response
  4. a nonspecific immune response

Answer: Option 2

Question8: Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom. To make clean breast of

  1. To gain prominence
  2. To praise oneself
  3. To confess without of reserve
  4. To destroy before it blooms
  5. None of these

Answer: Option 3

Question9: To keeps one’s temper

  1. To become hungry
  2. To be in good mood
  3. To preserve ones energy
  4. To be aloof from
  5. None of these

Answer: Option 2

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Question10: To catch a tartar

  1. To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty
  2. To catch a dangerous person
  3. To meet with disaster
  4. To deal with a person who is more than one’s match
  5. None of these

Answer: Option 2

Question11: To drive home

  1. To find one’s roots
  2. To return to place of rest
  3. Back to original position
  4. To emphasise
  5. None of these

Answer: Option 4

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Question12: To have an axe to grind

  1. A private end to serve
  2. To fail to arouse interest
  3. To have no result
  4. To work for both sides
  5. None of these

Answer: Option 1

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Question13: For specific antigen recognition by T cells,

  1. antigen is bound by a T cell membrane antibody
  2. denaturation of antigen does not reduce epitope recognition
  3. MHC molecules are not required
  4. antigen exposure during T cell maturation is required

Answer: Option 2

Question14: Antigen, when injected in the body activates its specific lymphocytes in the

  1. blood circulation
  2. draining lymph nodes
  3. MALT (mucosa associated
  4. spleen lymphoid tissue

Answer: Option 2

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Question15: A molecule that can be covalently linked to a non-immunogenic antigen to make it an immunogen is called a (n)

  1. adjuvant
  2. carrier
  3. hapten
  4. mitogen

Answer: Option 2

Question16: Which of the following is incorrect with regard to antigen epitopes?

  1. An epitope may be shared by two different antigens
  2. A protein molecule usually contains multiple epitopes
  3. B cells bind only processed antigen epitopes
  4. Epitopes may be linear or assembled

Answer: Option 3

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Question17: Very low doses of antigen may induce

  1. hypersensitivity
  2. immunological ignorance
  3. low zone tolerance
  4. low zone immunity

Answer: Option 3

Question18: Lymphocytes are activated by antigen in the

  1. blood stream
  2. bone marrow
  3. liver
  4. lymph nodes

Answer: Option 4

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Question19: A pathogen can be a (n)

  1. agent that causes a disease
  2. virus
  3. bacteria
  4. All of these

Answer: Option 4

Question20: A virus vaccine that can activate cytotoxic T cells must contain

  1. a high dose of virus particles
  2. an adjuvant to stimulate T cell division
  3. live virus
  4. virus peptides

Answer: Option 3

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Features of BITSAT Mock Test 2018:

  • The mock test will be only 30 minutes.
  • There will be four sections of questions in BITSAT 2018 mock test – Physics, Chemistry, English & Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics.
  • Total number of questions in BITSAT mock test will be 150.
  • There will be various symbols in the mock test which candidates will have to understand.

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Final Words:

To know more about BITSAT Mock Test 2018, must visit the Official Link. Dear candidates stay connected with this page for getting more updates regarding Free Online Tests and Model Questions with Solutions etc.

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