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Blood Type Compatibility Chart | Facts & Info On Blood Groups

A blood type is a categorization of blood on the basis of the existence or deficiency of inherited antigenic substances in red blood cells (RBCs). These antigenic substances can be proteins, carbohydrates, glycoproteins according to blood group. Blood transfusion/blood donation is based on a concept of Blood Type. If blood type of a donor is compatible to that of a receiver then only blood transfusion must be carried out. The entire situation can be understood clearly through Blood Type Compatibility Chart and Facts & Info on Blood Groups provided in the below section by the dedicated team of

Blood Type Compatibility Chart

Blood types are very important while blood transfusion is required. In a blood transfusion, blood is transferred from a donor to receiver based on compatibility of blood type. If the blood types do not confer compatibility, red blood cells will form a cluster thus making clots leading to blockage of blood vessels and ultimately death of the sufferer.

When two dissimilar blood types are mingled together, the blood cells may start to join collectively in blood vessels resulting in a very fatal situation. Thus, it is essential that blood types to be matched prior to blood transfusion occurrence. In urgent situation, type O blood can be transfused as it is most probably to be received by all blood types. Though, there is a risk in this process also.

Blood TypeDonate Blood ToReceive Blood From
A+A+ AB+A+ A- O+ O-
O+O+ A+ B+ AB+O+ O-
B+B+ AB+B+ B- O+ O-
A-A+ A- AB+ AB-A- O-
B-B+ B- AB+ AB-B- O-
AB-AB+ AB-AB- A- B- O-

Blood Group System:

There are four major blood groups which can be determined by the existence or lack of two antigens – A and B – on the surface of RBCs (red blood cells):

Group A – consists of only the A antigen on red blood cells with B antibody in plasma

Group B – consists of only the B antigen on red blood cells with A antibody in plasma

Group AB –consists of both A and B antigens on red blood cells but not any of them in plasma

Group O – consists of neither A nor B antigens on red blood cells but both of them in the plasma

Relation between Blood type and Personality:

It has been believed generally that your personality is identified by the blood group you are having. Your likes and dislikes are characterized by your blood group which reflects the individual personality. For instance:

  • Type A signifies that a person is quiet and honest
  • Type B signifies that a person is imaginative and impulsive
  • Type AB signifies that a person is thoughtful and expressive
  • Type O signifies that a person is a self-assured leader

We hope that you will go through the above information thoroughly and keep in mind all the facts and Info on Blood Groups so that you may not suffer from the fatal situation of disordered blood transfusion.

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