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BPSC Previous Year Question Papers, Get Hindi/English PDF Download Online

BPSC Previous Year Question Papers

Want to take lead in Bihar PSC Exam? Check out BPSC Previous Year Question Papers from here!!! Candidates who have applied for Bihar Public Service Commission exam they can prepare well with Bihar PSC Previous Year Question Papers. Candidates can get the question and answers through this page. You can also download the pdf files of question papers in Hindi/English languages through online mode.

Every year Bihar Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment exam to fill up various posts and these exams contains the question of different sections. Candidates can check the BPSC Old Papers to know about the question asked in exams and can solve them to prepare well. Candidates can check out the Bihar PSC Solved Papers by go through the beneath segment of this page which is well published by the team of

BPSC Previous Year Question Papers

Ques 1.  Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world’s

a)    largest railway station

b)    highest railway station

c)    longest railway station

d)    None of the above

Ans: a

Ques  2. Garampani sanctuary is located at

a)    Junagarh, Gujarat

b)    Diphu, Assam

c)    Kohima, Nagaland

d)    Gangtok, Sikkim

Ans: b

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Ques 3. Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as

a)    Labour Party

b)    Nazi Party

c)    Ku-Klux-Klan

d)    Democratic Party

Ans: b

Ques 4. Jude Felix is a famous Indian player in which of the fields?

a)    Volleyball

b)    Tennis

c)    Football

d)    Hockey

Ans: d

Ques 5. The name of Pierre Cardin is associated with which of the following fields?

a)    Painting

b)    Films

c)    Pop Music

d)    Fashion Designing

Ans: d

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Ques 6.
Dr. M. S. Swaminathan has distinguished himself in which of the following fields?

a)    Agriculture

b)    Medicine

c)    Astrophysics

d)    Physics

Ans: a

Ques 7. Ms. Vijaya Mehta has earned distinction in which of the field?

a)    Theatre

b)    Film Direction

c)    Classical Dance

d)    Journalism

Ans: a

Ques 8. Who is well known collector of artefacts and curios?

a)    Wadeyar

b)    Salar Jung

c)    Rabindra Nath Tagore

d)    Motilal Nehru

Ans: c

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Ques 9. Satyen Bose has shown his excellence in which of the following fields?

a)    Stage Acting

b)    Drawing and Painting

c)    Classical Dance

d)    Motion Picture

Ans: d

Ques 10. Guru Gopi Krishna was a maestro of which of the following dance forma?

a)    Kuchipudi

b)    Kathak

c)    Manipuri

d)    Bahratanatyam

Ans: b

Ques 11. 3 pumps, working 8 hours a day, can empty a tank in 2 days. How many hours a day must 4 pumps work to empty the tank in 1 day?

a)    9

b)    10

c)    11

d)    12

Ans: d

Ques 12. 39 persons can repair a road in 12 days, working 5 hours a day. In how many days will 30 persons, working 6 hours a day, complete the work?

a)    10

b)    13

c)    14

d)    15

Ans: b

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Ques 13. An error 2% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. The percentage of error in the calculated area of the square is:

a)    2%

b)    2.02%

c)    4%

d)    4.04%

Ans: d

Ques 14. The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is 5:1. If the area of the rectangle is 216 sq. cm, what is the length of the rectangle?

a)    16 cm

b)    18 cm

c)    24 cm

d)    Data inadequate

Ans: b

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Ques 15. The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20% is:

a)    40%

b)    42%

c)    44%

d)    46%

Ans: c

Directions (Ques 16 to 20): Find the correctly spelt words:

Ques 16. (Solve as per the direction given above)

a)    Pessenger

b)    Passenger

c)    Passenger

d)    Pesanger

Ans: b

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Ques 17. (Solve as per the direction given above)

a)    Benefitted

b)    Benifited

c)    Benefited

d)    Benefeted

Ans: c

Ques 18.  (Solve as per the direction given above)

a)    Chancelary

b)    Chancellery

c)    Chancallery

d)    Chancellary

Ans: b

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Ques 19. (Solve as per the direction given above)

a)    Excessive

b)    Exccessive

c)    Exxcesive

d)    Excesive

Ans: a

Ques 20. (Solve as per the direction given above)

a)    Indipensable

b)    Indipenseble

c)    Indispansible

d)    Indispensable

Ans: d

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The BPSC recruitment exams consist of the following three parts namely: Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Interview respectively. Candidates can check the Bihar PSC Previous Question Papers for their better preparations. We hope that the above provided BPSC Previous Year Question Papers in the form of question and answers will help you in qualifying the exam of BPSC. To get more updated question and answers, keep visit this page time to time.

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