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BPUT Syllabus 2018 for B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, B.Pharm, M.Sc, MBA Syllabus

BPUT Syllabus

Biju Patnaik University of Technology conducts yearly and monthly examination for the candidates pursuing UG and PG Programmes. BPUT Syllabus is provided here for B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, B.Pharm, M.Sc, MBA and other. Students studying in same organization and looking for the BPUT 2018 Syllabus are advised to scroll down this page soon.

This Page Contains:

  • BPUT Syllabus Architecture 2018
  • BPUT Syllabus B Tech Mechanical
  • BPUT Biotechnology Syllabus
  • BPUT Diploma Syllabus 2018
  • BPUT English Syllabus 2018
  • BPUT Syllabus Mechanical Engineering
  • BPUT M Tech Syllabus Mechanical
  • BPUT Syllabus New 2018
  • BPUT New Syllabus 2018

Individuals can download BPUT Syllabus 2018 also of their concerned discipline by pressing the direct link or going through the official website. For the comfort of the viewers, our team members of has presented the main link where you can collect Syllabus of Biju Patnaik University of Technology according to your stream easily.

BPUT Syllabus

BPUT Latest Syllabus of MBA 2018


  • Statistical Methods: Measures of central tendency and dispersion: Standard
  • Deviation, moments, measures of skewness and kurtosis. Simple Correlation, calculation ofcorrelation coefficient, probable error, Rank correlation.
  • Regression: Linear regression,calculation of regression coefficients, Time series Model (Component, Uses, Moving AverageMethod, Least Square Method)

Module II:

  • Probability: Concept, Addition, Conditional Probability Baye’s theorem,
  • Probability Distributions: Binomial, Poisson and Normal

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Module III:

  • Decision Sciences & role of quantitative techniques. Linear Programming: Concept, Formulation & Graphical and Simplex Solution
  • Assignment Models: Concept, Flood’s Technique / Hungarian Method, applications including restricted & multiple assignments.
  • Transportation Models: Concept, Formulation, Problem types: Balanced, Unbalanced, Minimization, Maximization Basic initial solution using North West Corner, Least Cost & VAM, and Optimal Solution using MODI.


  • Queuing Theory: Concept, Single Server (M/M/I,)
  • Markov Chains & Simulation Techniques: Markov chains: Applications related to management functional areas, Decision Theory: Concept, Decision under risk (EMV) & uncertainty Game
  • Theory : Concept, 2 zero sum game with dominance, Pure & Mixed Strategy.

Module – V:

The concerned faculty shall have the liberty to define the course contents under this module and teach students accordingly

M.Tech BPUT Syllabus 2018

Module I:

Introduction to RM:

  • Meaning and significance of research.
  • Importance of scientific research in decision making.
  • Types of research and research process.
  • Identification of research problem and formulation of hypothesis.
  • Research Designs.

Module II:

Measurement and Data Collection. Primary data, Secondary data, Design of questionnaire ; Sampling fundamentals and sample designs. Measurement and Scaling Techniques, Data Processing.

Module III:

Data Analysis – I:

  • Hypothesis testing; Z-test, t-test, F-test, Chi-square test.
  • Analysis of variance.
  • Non-parametric Test – Sign Test, Run test, Krushall – Wallis test

Module IV:

Data Analysis – II:

  • Factor analysis, Multiple Regressions Analysis.
  • Discriminant Analysis, Use of SPS Package.

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BPUT M.Sc Syllabus 2018



Constrained Motion Constraints, Classification of constraints, Principle of virtual work, D’Alembert’s principle and its application.
Lagrangian formulation limitations of Newtonian formulation, degrees of freedom , generalized coordinates and velocities, Derivation of Lagrange’s equation, Calculus of variation, Euler – Lagrange equation, derivation of Lagrange’s equation from Hamilton’s principle , simple application of Lagrange’s equation, Cyclic coordinates , Symmetry and conservation theorems.


Phase Space and the motion of the system Hamiltonian Hamilton’s Canonical Equation of motion, Physical significance of H, Advantage of Hamiltonian approach, Deduction of canonical equation from variational principle, Hamiltonian canonical equation of motion in different co ordinate system, Application of Hamilton’s equation of motion in different co ordinate system, Application of hamiltonian’s equation of motion Hamiltonian for charged particle in an electromagnetic field, Principle of least action.


  • Canonical or Contact transformations, Advantage of Canonical transformation, example of canonical transformation Solution of simple harmonic oscillator problem Condition for transformation to be canonical.
  • Infinitesimal contact transformation.
  • Hamiltonian Jacobi Method, Solution of harmonic oscillator problem by Hamilton Jacobi Method.
  • Particle Falling Freely, Hamilton Jacobi equation for Hamilton Characteristic function.


  • Poisson Bracket-Definition Invariance of poission bracket with respect to canonical transformation Equation of motion in poisson bracket form Jacobi’s identity ,Infinitesimal contact transformation interpretation in terms of poision’s bracket The angular momentum and poisson bracket Poisson bracket in quantum mechanics Lagrange bracket ,Relation in Lagrange and poisson bracket, Liouvilies Theorem.
  • Galilean transformation (GT), Invariance of Newton’s laws and laws of conservation of linear momentum and kinetic energy under GT.
  • Michelson Morley experiment, postulates of special theory of relativity, Lorentz transformation, length contraction, time dilation, Velocity transformation, relativistic mass and momentum, mass energy relation.

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Thermodynamical system , Principles of thermodynamics , concept of thermodynamic state , Zeroth law of thermodynamics , work done in isothermal and isobaric processes, Heat and work ,Free energy and their application, internal energy function and the first law of thermodynamics , application to various processes , CP – CV , Equation of state for adiabatic process, work done in adiabatic process , Equations of state. Ideal gases and their PVT relations, Gas mixtures.


  • Maxwell- Boltzmann formula for distribution of molecular speed (statement of formula and discussion), Average RMS and most probable speed, Mean free path, Degrees of freedom,
  • The principle of equipartition of energy, The Vanderwaals equation of state, Evaluation of
  • critical constants


Zeroeth law of thermodynamics, Heat capacity, Second law of thermodynamics, Carnot’s engine, Carnot theorem, The thermodynamic scale of temperature, Entropy, entropy change in reversible and irreversible processes, mathematical formulation of second law, Maxwell’s relations, first TdS equation, second TdS equation, Phase change, Clausius-Clapeyron equation


  • Thermal conductivity, Conduction along a uniform bar, rectilinear flow of heat, Experimental determination of Thermal conductivity (Ingen-Hausz’s method).
  • Blackbody radiation, Emissive and absorptive power, Kirchoff’s law, Stefan-Boltzmann’s law,
  • Energy distribution in the blackbody spectrum, Wein’s law and Rayleigh-Jean’s law (Statement of formula and discussion). Planck’s radiation formula, derivation of Rayleigh-Jean’s formula, Wein’s formula and Stefan-Boltzmann law using Planck’s formula.

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Module-I : (14 Hours)

  • Basic Concepts of Differential Equation
  • Degree Equation
  • Equations of First order but of Higher Degree

Module-II : (14 Hours)

  • Linear Equations with Constant coefficient
  • Existence and Uniqueness of solution

Module-III : (12 Hours)

  • Series Solution and special function
  • Gaseous state
  • Liquid state
  • Atomic structure
  • Liquid state
  • Atomic structure
  • Periodic properties
  • Chemical bonding

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Note: BPUT Syllabus 2018 can be downloaded by the students directly from this above mentioned link. If candidates have any query regarding this page or any other, you may connect with our portal also by pressing CTRL + D or using our free email service.

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