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Brainstorming Activity For Students| Brainstorm Games/Strategies For Students

Brainstorming Activity For Students

There are so many techniques for school students to generate ideas for improving mind games or brainstorms. Read out here about Brainstorming Activity for Students, and learn to play few Brainstorm Games/Strategies for Students inside the classroom or elsewhere. Brainstorming is a group activity in which group members create new thing or ideas from related sources for a specific theme or a topic. With the technique of brainstorming, the child depicts, creates and introduces several great ideas what comes to mind first related to the topic.

In the classroom Brainstorming activity can encourage students who love to learn about thinking more freely with several creative ideas. It allows learners to remember what they’ve learned, and teach each other.

Brainstorming is an excellent strategy to; Use extra classes, Tap into past knowledge or already learnt things. It allows all students a chance to express their ideas, gives time and courage to Eliminate fear of failures. Here one tries something without fear. Once the brainstorming activity took place, one gets directions to deal of information, where to take the topic or enhance knowledge about present theme or topic.

Here’s a basic rule to follow when conducting a brainstorm in the classroom with a small or whole group of students is that there are no wrong answers, individual gets many ideas as possible.

Brainstorming Activity For Students

Here is a list of brainstorming ideas to get started;

  • What are all the things you can do with a ball? (Marble, stick, book, elastic, apple, etc.)
  • How many things are white? Blue? Green? etc.
  • What are all the methods of travel?
  • How many types of insects, animals, flower and trees do you know?
  • How many ways can you describe the way something is said? (Whispered, shrieked, bellowed, yelled, retorted etc.
  • How many things can you think of that are sweet? Salty? Sour? Bitter? etc.
  • How many ways can you describe the ocean? Mountains? etc.
  • What if there were no cars? Rain? Butterflies, cigarettes?
  • What if all cars were yellow?
  • What if you were caught in a tornado?
  • What if it never stopped raining? What if the school day was only half days? Went all year?

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Brainstorm Games/Strategies For Students

  • Alphabet Brainstorm

Age/ Level: Any / Time: 20 minutes / Players: Small teams

*Intention is to brainstorm categories of words… Here is an excellent brainstorming game for revising vocabulary or introducing a new lexical set.


On the board, write three numbered categories, e.g.

  1. Clothes
  2. Drinks
  3. Verbs, etc.

The categories you choose will depend on the vocabulary you wish to teach or revise.  Next to the categories write the letters of the alphabet with a random number next to each letter, e.g. A – 2, B – 4, C – 1, etc.

  • Divide the students into teams; Give each team a piece of paper.
  • Tell them to write the letters of the alphabet in a list and call out a category from the board.
  • The teams then race to complete their list with an example for each letter, Set a time limit for the teams.
  • When time is up, have the teams swap papers for marking.
  • For each correct word, teams score the number assigned to the letter.
  • Tally up the scores and then start a new round, at the end of the game the team with the highest score will wins.

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  • Brainstormers

Age/Level: Any/Time: 20 minutes/ Players: Teams of 3 to 4 Preparations: Write different categories to brainstorm on slips of paper

*Aim is Students work together to brainstorm words in a category

Here is a fun brainstorming game using English to work together, write categories down on slips of paper. You can write all daily coarse activities like seven things you do before you go to bed.


  • Place a category slip on the teacher’s desk, divide students into teams of three or four.
  • Choose one student to be the runner from each team, now runner have to run towards the teacher’s desk and read the category, e.g. seven things you do before you go to bed.
  • Runners will go back to their teams and tell the category to team members.
  • The teams then brainstorm words in the category and write them down.
  • The first team to finish shouts Stop!
  • The winning team calls out their answers. If their answers are correct, they win one point for each word in the category.
  • The next category slip is placed on the table and the game begins again, and so on.
  • The team with the highest number of points at the end is the winner.

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  • Five Things That…

Age/Level: Elementary and above / Time: 20 minutes/Players: Small teams/Preparation: Make a list of categories with five words per category

*Aim is to write down five answers that match the teacher’s answers. This is an idea of fun game to play at the start of class, before the game starts, prepare a list of categories with five words in each category.


  • Split the students into small teams and give each team a sheet of paper.
  • Call out one of the categories, e.g. five things that are watched.
  • The students then brainstorm and write down five answers.
  • Each team gets one point for each answer that matches the teacher’s answer.
  • Play several rounds, team with the largest points at the end of the game is the winner.

Here are some examples of categories you can use: Five things that are watched, round, listened to, made of plastic, read, used in an office, useful, blue, etc.

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  • Outburst – Categories Game

Age/Level: Beginner/Time: 20 minutes/Players: Teams of 4 to 5/Preparations: Make a list of at least ten categories with ten words per category.

*Aim is to say the words that match what’s on the teacher’s list. This entertaining ESL brainstorming game is useful for brainstorming categories of words. Before the game, prepare a list of ten categories with ten words in each category (An example is in the PDF).


  • Split the class into teams of four or five, each team will play in turn.
  • Give the first team a category, e.g. verbs. & the first team then has one minute to shout out as many verbs as they can.
  • They score a point for every word that is on your pre-written word list.
  • The game can be played over several rounds and at the end team with most points is the winner.

Brainstorming is a skill useful for all aspects of life; here we can imitate ideas that are creative and thoughtful by using specific techniques that can be repeated too. So, these techniques will help students to get many creative ideas.

Dear readers, Share with us in the comments ‘Which brainstorming Games/Strategies has worked for your students’.

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