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Budget 2018–19: Benefits, Highlights, Taxation, Relief to Common People

Budget 2018–19

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented his 5th budget today In his Budget 2018–19, the Finance Minister gave the public ‘Hindi-English Surprise’. Jaitley gave budget speech in both Hindi and English languages.

Earlier, there were reports in media reports that Jaitley is going to give the budget speech in Hindi for the first time. Although he gave the speech in both languages, he spoke in Hindi about farming and cultivation.

Budget 2018

Budget 2018–19

Making India Healthy

  • 5 Lakh New Health & Wellness Centres
  • 10 Crore Poor households to be covered by healhth scheme
  • health Scheme to Give Poor Families 5 lakh cover per year.
  • 50 Crore People to benefit from flagship health scheme
  • Ayushman Bharat Programme: New Universal Healthcare scheme

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Employment Boost

  • 5750 Crore To National Livelihood Mission
  • Facility Of Fixed Term Employment To Be Extended
  • Women Contribution To EPF to be reduced to 8% For the first 3 years.
  • 12% Contribution by Govt to all new Employee’s EPF

He said that the government has changed policy paralysis and made basic structural reforms. He said that the government’s goal is to minimize government interference in people’s everyday life.

Referring to the farmers, the Finance Minister said that this year government’s focus will be on strengthening the agriculture. At the same time, the Finance Minister has announced to give relief to the poor-middle class home loan and to give 50 percent more value to the farmers.

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TIME: 01:42 PM Modi speech after budget

After the budget was announced, the Prime Minister said that the budget that meets the expectations of 500 million people of the country Special talk of PM’s address-

  • This budget is devoted to development, the budget that meets the expectations of 1.25 million people
  • The special focus of the farmers in the budget, their income will increase
  • Allocation of fisheries and animal husbandry will be of great benefit in future
  • The middle class will get more saving opportunities, the habit of saving will be encouraged.
  • Now there will be employment opportunities in rural areas
  • Ayushman India Healthy

Budget 2018: No Exemption in Income Tax

A big decision has been taken in the budget for people employed. There is no exemption in income tax. This means there is no change in the income tax slab.

At the same time standard deduction has been started again. Standard deduction up to 40 thousand rupees. Tax relief has been given in the deposit for senior citizens.

Special things related to tax:

  • 40 thousand rupees will be available for deduction
  • Pensioners will also get standard deduction
  • Those who serve parents will get a discount
  • Income exemption in health insurance from Rs. 30 thousand to 50 thousand rupees
  • Health Insurance exemption for Senior Citizen will be Rs. 1 lacs
  • Rebate on bank deposit interest from Rs. 10 thousand to 50 thousand rupees
  • In the year 2016-17, 1.8 million salary returns gave 1.44 lakh crore rupees
  • In the year 2016-17, business tax payers of about 1.88 crore tax paid about 45 crores
  • Corporate tax
  • Companies with turnover of 250 crores also have corporate taxes at 25 percent
  • This will burden you Rs 7000 crore

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TIME: 12: 37 What did the finance minister say on fiscal fiscal deficit in the budget speech? For 2017-18

  • GST is getting 11 months for 12 months
  • Total Expenditure 21.57 lakh crores
  • Fiscal Deficit Revision 3.5 percent (5.95 lakh crores)
  • Fiscal Deficit estimate for 2018-19 3.3 percent (GDP)

Jaitley speaks at the salary of President, Vice President

  • President of the Vice President
  • 5 million-President
  • 4 million-Vice-President
  • 3.5 lakh rupees governor
  • Laws for automatic increase of MPs and other allowances
  • The salaries of MPs will change themselves every 5 years.

TIME: 12: 24 Budget 2018: What is said on the stock market, Finance Minister, Stock Market Dharam

  • Stock market will be strategic disinvestment of 24 government companies
  • Air India disinvestment is also included
  • All insurance companies will join an insurance company which will be listed on the stock exchange
  • More than 1 lakh crores have been received from disinvestment.
  • The target for disinvestment is Rs 80 thousand crore for 2018-19
  • Government lenders to get additional loan of Rs 5 lakh crore
  • Share Market Fluctuations During Budget Speech
  • A comprehensive gold policy will be created
  • Important changes will be made in the Gold Deposit Scheme
  • Stock Market Dhamma during Budget Speech

Important things of Jaitley on defense basis


  • Private sector covered in Defense production


  • Government will launch plan to give unique ID to all industry
  • 372 Business Reform Action has been identified, all states will work under it

TIME: 12:22 What Finance Minister spoke on the Digital Economy

  • Policy Commission- Will prepare a plan on Artificial Intelligence
  • Research and Training – Double allocation in Digital India
  • 5 lakhs of hi-fi hot spots will be made for the villages
  • Work for 5G technology will be started
  • Government does not give validity to cryptocarrency, it will be done on the way to prevent it
  • Toll payment electronic payment will be promoted
  • New scheme for toll system will be brought

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TIME: 12:15 Announcement of prohibition on bitcoin

In his budget speech, the Finance Minister has announced a stop over the cryptocycenie bitcoin. He said that this cryptology is illegal and it is said to ban it.

TIME: 12:08 What’s going on in the Budget speech for Railways, emphasis on Safety

  • Capital expenditure of Rs 1.48 lakh crore
  • 18000 km double line
  • 4000 kilometer electrification
  • 700 people offer
    safety first
  • Focus on track infra
  • Over 4000 unmanned crossings will be over
  • Speed ​​to build more than 2000 smart stations
  • In the smart station the escalator will get Wi-Fi
  • 150 km of track in Mumbai suburban railway will cost 50 thousand crore
  • Mumbai-Ahmadabad bullet train work to improve
  • Railway University will be built in Vadodara

Flight Plan

  • 56 new flights in the airports
  • Airplane wearers will now be able to fly


TIME: 12: 04 What did the finance minister say in his budget 2018 speech on Infrastructure

  • India needs Rs 50 lakh crore
  • Highest allocation for rail and road
  • 4 lakh crore projects are underway
  • Proposal for tunnel construction near Sherra
  • Smart City Mission will create 100 smart cities in which 99 cities are selected.
  • Proposal to spend 2 lakh crores for smart city
  • National Heritage City Development
  • 10 Tourist sites iconic camper ideal site
  • 110 site will be upgraded
  • Amrit Drinking Water Scheme is being implemented in 500 cities

TIME: 11: 55 The Finance Minister’s Key Words in the Budget Speech at Small Industry

  • Offer of Online Loan Facilitation to Small Industries
  • Small industry plans to end the cash flow problem
  • 6 million crores of people in the monetary scheme get loans

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TIME: 11: 43 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Health Services

  • Two big steps under Ayushmann India
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary
  • 5 lakh will be opened for health and wellness system
  • This center will get free medicines for this, 12 thousand crores will be given.
  • These centers will be built on public private models.

National Health Insurance Scheme

  • Only about 33 thousand rupees are insured
  • National Health Protection Scheme in which help to 10 million families
  • 5 lakhs per family per year
  • Will be the world’s largest health care program
  • 50 million people will benefit from this
  • 5 crores people hospitalization of 5 lakh rupees per year

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TIME: 11: 40 Arun Jaitley speaks on education in budget 2018 speech

  • Special Training Program to Improve Teacher’s Quality
  • From Digital Intensity to Black Board
  • Eklavya School will be opened in tribal areas till 2022
  • One lakh crores allocation for research for next 4 years
  • Special Institutes in Public and Private Sector
  • 18 new architectural schools will be opened
  • Railway University will be opened in Vadodara
  • About 10 thousand crores will be given for social security

TIME: 11: 29 Speaking on poverty and poor, the Finance Minister

  • Free Dialysis Scheme for the Poor
  • 8 million women under the Ujjwala scheme
  • 4 million households in the country are being connected to power connections without any fees
  • By 2022 every poor country in the country will have their own house
  • 37 lakh new houses will be built in urban areas
  • Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, 20 million new toilets will be built in the next financial year
  • 6 million toilets are built from clean mission, it has got the benefit
  • The goal of making 2 million toilets in the next financial year
  • Poor’s plans to house every poor to own house by 2022
  • Two crore houses are being set up under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana Rural 2017-18 and 18-19
  • 75 thousand crores for women’s self help group
  • Ground Water Scheme- Rs.2600 crores will be given to every farm under water
  • 34 lakh crores will be spent for agriculture and other sectors in rural areas
  • Employment, roads, toilets, electricity like 325 million days will be ready for rural areas.

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Finance Minister’s Emphasis On Farmers, Special Talk Of Speech

Finance Minister Jaitley’s emphasis is on farmers today in the budget 2018 speech. They say that by 2022 the income of farmers will be doubled. The Finance Minister has said that the minimum support price has been increased and it has also been ensured that the farmers’ lives are better. Key points of Finance Minister’s speech to farmers

  • Government will encourage bamboo cultivation
  • Potato-onion production will be emphasized
  • 1400 crores will be given in the agriculture estate scheme
  • Government is taking steps to export the production
  • Proposal to create 22 mega food parks
  • Farmers will also get the benefit of Kisan Credit Card
  • 1200 crore will be given for bamboo sector
  • Help for farmers for solar water and solar power
  • Long Term Earnings Fund
  • Micro-irrigation fund
  • Fund for Fisheries and Aquaculture and Animal Husbandry Fund of Rs. 10,000 crores
  • 11 lakh crores will be given for crop loan

TIME: 11: 15 Jaitley speaks on the achievements of the government for farmers

  • The emphasis of the government is on improving the lives of the farmers
  • Minimum support price increased
  • Not only will the benefits of the minimum support price be ensured that the farmers get fair prices for the crops
  • Decided to 1.5 times the minimum support price production
  • Farmers are trying to get 50 percent more cost than cost
  • The minimum support price of most crops is accordingly
  • Farmers’ income will double by 2022
  • 275 million tonnes of product has been produced in the country, agriculture production reached record level
  • Record of vegetables and fruits is produced
  • Potato-onion production will be increased
  • 2600 crore fund for irrigation

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TIME: 11: 06 Budget 2018 Speech Begins, Special Matters for Finance Minister’s Speech

  • Investment in the country has increased, efforts have been made to remove poverty
  • India emerging economy in the world, the 5th largest economy
  • In the first 3 years, the growth rate was 7.5 percent, the IMF has also praised us.
  • Exports grew 15 percent in 2017-18
  • Tax collection after GST has increased
  • Now there is a registration of the company in one day, facility has been given to get passport in 2 days
  • Good governance is the basis of the common man’s life in the country.
  • The emphasis of the government is on improving the lives of the farmers
  • Government has tried to simplify the life of common people
  • Unnecessary laws were abolished

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On the above section of this page we have shared the important information about the BUDGET 2018– 2019, stay tuned with us as we will update this page whenever government will release budget.

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