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C++ Interview Questions Answers (Experienced / Freshers) Online Free PDF

Both Freshers and experienced who wish to get recruited in leading companies like Wipro, TCL , HCL etc you need to prepare for C++ Interview Questions Answers . Aspirants can free download online Interview questions and answers in PDF Format through this page.

C++ Interview Questions Answers for Freshers and Experienced:

Q-1. Which of the following cannot be legitimately passed to a function?

A. Constant

B. Variable

C. Structure

D. Header file

Ans. D.

Q-2. To perform stream I/O with disk files in C++, you should

A. open and close files as in procedural languages

B. use classes derived from ios

C. use C language library functions to read and write data

D. include the IOSTREAM.H header file

Ans. B.

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Q-3. Run Time Polymorphism is achieved by:

A. friend function

B. virtual function

C. operator overloading

D. function overloading

Ans. B.

Q-4. Inheritance is the process by which:

A. Object of one class acquires the properties of objects of another class

B. Variable of one class acquires the properties of variable of another class

C. Object of one class acquires the properties of objects of same class

D. Variable of one class acquires the properties of objects of another class

Ans. A.

Q-5. Class members are by default:

A. Public

B. Private

C. Protected

D. Inherited

Ans. B.

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Q-6. A function that is called automatically when an object is created is called as:

A. constant

B. constructor

C. static

D. friend

Ans. B.

Q-7. This operator is used to allocate memory:

A. new

B. delete

C. static

D. real

Ans. A.

Q-8. Inventor of C++ language is:

A. John Dell

B. Bjarne Stroustrup

C. Thomusn Steve

D. Karl Thomus

Ans. B.

Q-9. Destructor can have following number of argument:

A. 2

B. 1

C. 0

Ans. C.

Q-10. The null character will take space of:

A. 0 byte

B. 2 byte

C. 1 byte

D. 8 byte

Ans. C.

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Q-11. What is C++?

Ans.  C++ is an object oriented programming language which was developed by Bjame Stroustrup in the year 1983 at the AT & T Bell Laboratories. It is fundamentally a super set of C, which provide low level features.

Q-12. What are the types of character set?

Ans.  There are two character sets in C++:

  • Source characters
  • Escape sequences /Execution characters

Q-13. What is the dissimilarity between C & C++?

Ans.  C++ is an object oriented programming language while C is a procedure oriented programming language. C is super set of C++. C can’t support inheritance, function overloading, method overloading etc. but C++ can do this. In c-program the main function could not return a value but in the C++ the main function should return a value.

Q-14. What do you mean by implicit conversion?

Ans. Whenever data types are mixed in an expression, then C++ performs the conversion automatically. Example: in case of integer and float, integer is converted into float type.

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Q-15. What is an iterator?

Ans. Iterators are similar to pointers. They are used to access the elements of containers thus providing a link between algorithms and containers. Iterators are defined for specific containers and used as arguments to algorithms.

Q-16. What is an explicit constructor?

Ans.  A conversion constructor declared with the explicit keyword. The compiler does not use an explicit constructor to implement an implied conversion of types. Explicit constructors are simply constructors that cannot take part in an implicit conversion.

Q-17. What are tokens?

Ans. The smallest individual units in a program are called tokens.

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Q-18. What are the types of tokens?

Ans. C++ has the following tokens:

  • Keywords
  • Identifiers
  • Constants (literals)
  • Punctuators (Separators)
  • Operators

Q-19.  What are the types of function?

Ans. Functions are of two types:

  • Built in functions
  • User defined functions

Q-20. What are class members?

Ans. A class includes members as data members, the constructor, function, destructor functions and member functions.

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