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C Language Quiz | C Programming Questions & Answers, Online Test Series

C Language Quiz     

If you want to be a Software Developer, then you just need to sharpen Your Programming Language Skills through C Language Quiz. So, Practice well…contestants, who are appearing in Software Developer Online Testing IT Company, they must start their practice with the help of C Programming Questions & Answers. C is the basic language to create many software errors free.  Those candidates want to increase their C Language knowledge, they can get help from C Language Quiz and series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to C Programming Framework.

Participants can enhance their knowledge on the concept of C Language with the help of C Language Online Practice test. Through this page, you can download C Language Quiz Questions and Answers in PDF file via online mode. For the purpose of obtaining detailed information regarding C Language Quiz, just scroll down this page which is created for you by the team of

C Language Quiz

Ques1. What is the correct value to return to the operating system upon the successful completion of a program?

  1. -1
  2. 1
  3. 0
  4. Programs do not return a value.

Answer: 3

Ques2. What is the only function all C programs must contain?

  1. Start()
  2. System()
  3. Main()
  4. Program()

Answer: 3

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Ques 3. What punctuation is used to signal the beginning and end of code blocks?

  1. { }
  2. ->and <-
  3. BEGIN and END
  4. (and)

Answer: 3

Ques 4. What punctuation ends most lines of C code?

  1. .
  2. ;
  3. :

Answer: 2

Ques5. Which of the following is a correct comment?

  1. */ Comments */
  2. ** Comment **
  3. /* Comment */
  4. {Comment}

Answer: 2

Ques6. Which of the following is not a correct variable type?

  1. float
  2. real
  3. int
  4. double

Answer: 2

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Ques7. Which of the following is the correct operator to compare two variables?

  1. :=
  2. =
  3. equal
  4. ==

Answer: 4

Ques8. Which of the following statements should be used to obtain a remainder after dividing 3.14 by 2.1 ?

  1. rem = 3.14 % 2.1;
  2. rem = modf(3.14, 2.1);
  3. rem = fmod(3.14, 2.1);
  4. Remainder cannot be obtain in floating point division.

Answer: 3

Ques9.  What are the types of linkages?

  1. Internal and External
  2. External, Internal and None
  3. External and None
  4. Internal

Answer: 2

Ques10.  How would you round off a value from 1.66 to 2.0?

  1. Ceil(1.66)
  2. Floor (1.66)
  3. Round up (1.66)
  4. Round to (1.66)

Answer: 1

Ques11. When we mention the prototype of a function?

  1. Defining
  2. Declaring
  3. Prototyping
  4. Calling

Answer: 2

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Ques12. By default a real number is treated as a

  1. Float
  2. Double
  3. Long double
  4. Far double

Answer: 2

Ques13.  Is the following statement a declaration or definition? extern int i;

  1. Declaration
  2. Definition
  3. Function
  4. Error

Answer: 1

Ques14. What will you do to treat the constant 3.14 as a float?

  1. use float (3.14f)
  2. use 3.14f
  3. use f(3.14)
  4. use (f)(3.14)

Answer: 2

Ques15. In C, if you pass an array as an argument to a function, what actually gets passed?

  1. Value of elements in array
  2. First element of the array
  3. Base address of the array
  4. Address of the last element of array

Answer: 3

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Ques16. What does the following declaration mean? int (*ptr)[10];

  1. ptr is array of pointers to 10 integers
  2. ptr is a pointer to an array of 10 integers
  3. ptr is an array of 10 integers
  4. ptr is an pointer to array

Answer: 2

Ques17. The keyword used to transfer control from a function back to the calling function is

  1. switch
  2. goto
  3. go back
  4. return

Answer: 4

Ques18. What do the following declaration signify? int (*pf)();

  1. pf is a pointer to function
  2. pf is a function pointer
  3. pf is a pointer to a function which return into
  4. pf is a function of pointer variable

Answer: 4

Ques19.Which bitwise operator is suitable for turning on a particular bit in a number?

  1. && operator
  2. & operator
  3. || operator
  4. | operator

Answer: 4

Ques20.In which numbering system cans the binary number 1011011111000101 be easily converted to?

  1. Decimal system
  2. Hexadecimal system
  3. Octal system
  4. No need to convert

Answer: 2

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Brief Introduction to ‘C’ Language:

C language was formerly developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973 at Bell Laboratory and it was used to re-implement the UNIX operating system, and has since become one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. It is Easy to learn, structured language, it produces efficient programs, it can handle low-level activities, it can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms and Developer of Language was died in 2011 after a long illness.

Above listed question and answers that will clear your C Basics, Expression, control statement, loops in C, and functions etc in C concepts. So for enhancing your skills, you can take participate in C Language Online Quiz through our web portal. You can also join us on Facebook or Google plus to get latest updates on your timeline wall directly.

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