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Career As A Journalist | Responsibilities, Job Description, Salary, Course

Career As A Journalist

If you want to be a mouthpiece for audience and has full passion to present news in different outlets, then choosing Career as a Journalist is a best option for you. Working as a journalist is not an easy job, you need to handle certain kinds of responsibilities. Since, opportunities for Journalist Course are abundant, and vice versa there are lots of competitors besides you.

Learn about Duties & Responsibilities of journalists and gather quick review of Journalist salary, Journalist job description from here, as knowledge of these things plays an important role in becoming a journalist.


A journalist has to face up many situations and sometimes they had to deal with aggressive people also, so if you have patience and had capability to deal with any kind of situation, then for whom you are waiting, just apply for journalist course and fulfill all your desires. As we all know that if we wish for something with full dedication, then no one can takes that thing from us.

Career As A Journalist

Who is a Journalist?

Before starting about responsibilities of journalist, you need to be known that who is a journalist.

  • Journalist is an individual who finds news and report on that news immediately either by writing about it or by distributing it. Generally, Journalism refers to the work done by a journalist.
  • A journalist sometimes keeps themselves in danger while reporting in locations where there are various conflicts or issues related to freedom or armed forces. But the only thing that came in their mind is to fulfill their responsibilities.

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Career Options in Journalism

  • Editors:

The work of editors is with writers. To meet the standard of publishers, an editor reviews the whole content which is written by writers and sometimes they do some rewriting on it. They can do designing of page layouts and also do some illustrations in it.

  • Photo Journalists:

Using photographs, a photo journalist will describe whole story of the scene. They had to work with various media outlets including sport events at national as well as international levels.

  • Reporters:

These people collect the news and after that write articles on it. For writing about news, sometimes they had to visit that location where an incident had happened. Interviews are also conducted by them on phone or face to face. They had given a target and had to complete their work within a given deadline only.

  • Copy Editors:

Work of copy editors is to see mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and semantics. They work on designing of page mostly i.e. do formatting, makes headings and after correcting whole information, send the content for publication.

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Duties & Responsibilities of Journalists

A journalist collects information about issues happening all around the world. Every day, an individual wants to know about the events happening in their country, some people can gather this information by reading newspapers, magazines or watching Television. These information about issues and events reaches to an individual by the hard work of journalists. Here are some of the main Journalist Responsibilities:

  • Investigation:

This is one of main responsibility of a journalist, they investigate every part of that incident and provides to us summary of it which includes all main points of that news. They found out the answers of some questions like what happened at that place, when it happened, why did it took place etc.

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Under this investigation stories, work of journalist is to provide new information to people which is not known by anyone else about that event and sometimes these news even shocked us.

  • Communicating People:

We always seen the work of a single journalist but we are unaware of the fact that there are lots of individuals working on a single event. Starting from editor, then writer after that interviewer, to work for an event communication between all these is necessary, so that they have information about each and every situation.

  • Good Communication skills:

A person having strong communication skills is necessary because a journalist have to talk to many strangers in their daily life during their working hours. If they are not feeling comfortable in their work, then how can they make other persons comfortable? Moreover, if you are working with people, then communication in a good way is important because you have to sometimes persuade your team persons also.

  • Law Follower:

Journalist while writing about public or taking any interview, first of all they follow law regarding it especially they serves the confidentiality and privacy of persons involved in that matter. If a journalist fails to prove what he/she has said about an individual, then they had to face defame.

Journalist sometimes do interview or record a conversation without taking any permission of second party, then in this case they had to initially tell their sources about that situation.

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Journalist Job Description:

The main work of journalist is to do research, investigate, writing and represent that situation in a very honest way and without any partiality. If you want to be a journalist, then you have to work in every circumstance like:

  • Working for long duration and sometimes you have to even do night shifts.
  • You have to sometimes ask tough questions from an individual with whom incident had happened without considering of location.
  • You need to be up to date in present world.
  • You were given a deadline for your work and you had to complete it within a given time limit.
  • Excellent communication skills as well as written skills are necessary for staying in that position.
  • You have to sometimes work alone without the help of team; you also must have leadership qualities for handling a team and take correct decisions in a difficult time.
  • You need to become curious and have the ability of knowing each and everything happened around you.

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Work life of Journalist:

The daily activities involved in the life of Journalist are:

  • They need to take interview of people involved in the case either directly or telephonic.
  • Write an article using good English writing skills and complete it within a given time limit only.
  • They are required to attend various Public meetings, press conferences, events etc.
  • Working outdoors without caring about weather conditions and deals with people having different kind of nature.

Journalist Salary:

The salary of a journalist usually varies depending upon the experience of a person and the place where they are working.

  • New Journalist: Those who are taking their first step in this profession and doing all news organizations, nearly earns $12,000.
  • Top Journalist: Persons who had reached a top position in news organization earns approximately $80,000.
  • Senior Reporters: Salary of a reporter having good experience in that field will be around $22,000.

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Here by reading above content, we the team of hopes that now you get entire information about Journalist role from this blog. So, contenders choosing Career as a Journalist is a good option, the only thing you need is confidence in yourself, than you can clear all hurdles of your life.

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