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Interior Designer Career Options in India | Job Details, Salary Prospects

Interior Designer Career Options in India

There is great demand of Interior Designer Career Options in India, to make our living and working space more comfortable, plus beautiful Interior Designer are credited. Let’s explore Job Details, Salary Prospects and career path as an Interior Designer. Generally, Designers typically indulge to plan designs & styles that are commonly accepted largely all around the globe and thus, usually, it is opening up a higher job opportunity for designers from all over the world.

Interior designers work with designer to plan the design of interiors for finest utilization of area, for making spaces for functionality as well as utility. Interior decorators on the other hand plan colour schemes, furniture, furnishings, decorations and planning. To be an interior designer you require high level of design expertise, which means you generally need to have finished an art- or design-related foundation degree, HND or degree.

Interior Designer Career Options in India

You will find a lot of career opportunities after studying interior designing from INIFD Solapur. After studying interior designing, designers can work as interior designers in the starting. Gradually they can develop their area of interest and work in sectors like residential, hospitality, education etc. When you choose your specialization make sure you identify your tastes, demand, experience etc…

While there are many different careers in interior design and several exciting and rewarding career paths that an interior designer can chose to follow, quite often an interior designer will decide to specialize in more than one area of practice.

Interior designers enjoy using their creativity, knowledge, and research skills, as well as their desire to be socially accountable, globally aware, and responsible to the environment, by designing a wide range of interior spaces including those found in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nightclubs, stores, medical offices, showrooms, museums, shopping centers, health clubs, spas, libraries, and homes.

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Future Scope as an Interior Designer

Interior design offers excellent prospect for those who desire to be self employed, or work part time.  It is one of the few careers where one can work from home with a least investment. Designers sometimes supervise assistants who help them to carry out their creations. More and more, designers are using computers to plan layouts, for the reason that computers make it easy to change plans to include ideas received from the client. Computers have become crucial for many designers, especially those in industrial and graphic design.

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Career opportunities as an Interior Designer

Developing the wide range of skills and abilities that today’s interior design firms are seeking can only be met in a school that aspires to excellence in teaching and instruction; a school that understands the rigors of a changing industry and, from this knowledge, offers students the highest standards of academic quality in interior design education.

The range of career options an interior designer might choose are listed below and finding a good interior design school is an extremely important task;

The following are the designations you will work as after studying interior designing courses are –

  • Interior Designer, Interior Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Stage Designer
  • CAD Operator
  • Model Maker, Furniture Manufacturer, Entrepreneur
  • Freelancer
  • Interior Accessories Designer
  • Landscape Artist
  • Lifestyle Boutique
  • Glass Designer
  • Conceptual Artist
  • Space Planner
  • Mural Designer
  • Design Architect
  • Professor of Architectural Design
  • Set and Exhibit Designers
  • Commercial & Industrial Designers
  • Design Director
  • Architectural and Civil Drafter
  • Colour Consultant and More…

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Interior Design Skills

In addition to a natural sense of style and creativeness when selecting design elements for customers, the most significant proficiency interior designers can own is the ability to communicate and listen well.

At the center of their role, designers should be able to be aware of their clients’ desires and translate those to design team, engineers and other professionals working on the project. Designers must be capable to look at any space and visualize how different components will come together.

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Interior Design Credentials

National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) is the most recognized certification of interior designers. Operating in a similar fashion as the authorized profession’s bar examination, in several states this qualification is vital before candidates may initiate practicing interior design. Candidates considering this profession should research their state’s regulations fully.

Other bodies also offers designation include the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Certified Interior Designers (CID). At the same time as prestigious, these do not meet the equal regulatory requirements as the NCIDQ. Number of association also offer specialty designations in areas such as residential kitchen, healthcare, bath, modifying and green building.

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Education Requirements For Interior Design

If you wish to have a successful career as interior design, you need to have a minimum 2 years of schooling. After completing graduation, an interior design apprenticeship is generally necessary. These apprenticeships permit young interior designers to work alongside more skilled professionals, which give them hands on experience that better practice them for their future career.

Job Prospects & Career Options

Interior design is one of the top growing professional fields. There are number of employment prospect for interior designers in different fields.  Interior Designers may find employment with architects or town planning bureau, regional and metropolitan development works, architectural firms, builders, public works department, hotel and resort chains, etc. They can also set up their own business. Once they make a name, it is a extremely well-paid profession.

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Interior Design Salary in India

Interior design field is an immensely rewarding profession where Average pay for an Interior Designer is Rs 287,217 annually. Earnings for interior designers vary widely depending on the type of designing they are perfect in.

  • However for beginners monthly salary may range between, Rs. 15000 to Rs.
  • 2000 while established designers may earn as good as   Rs.75, 000 to Rs. 80,000.

Guys! It’s an amazing career option as long as it’s your passion, so chose passionately! Good luck!

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