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Career in Indian Armed Forces – Indian Army/Navy/Airforce Career Option

Career in Indian Armed Forces

Career in Indian Armed Forces is different from all other career options. Most people who join the Indian armed forces they just join it because of an assured notion of patriotism and believe in the idea of the Nation. There are number of Career Option available as Indian Army/Navy/Airforce, candidates choose their career option basis on their eligibility norms and skills. The armed forces comprises of Indian Army/Navy and Indian Air Force. All of the three armed forces have their own mode of access and have different structures.

Career in Indian Armed Forces

Career in Indian Armed Forces

Responsibilities Of Indian Army

The Indian Army is responsible for protecting the defensive reliability of the country in opposition to all external violence and internal disturbances. During any war army is responsible to defend the country against external violent behavior, while, during peace time also it offer support to the civil authorities during natural disaster, and helps in continuation of law and order when necessary.

Career Development Skills

Responsibilities Of Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force is responsible for air defence of the country, ensuring both unpleasant and self-protective roles. It is also responsible for the air defence of vital system of strategic importance to country.

Responsibilities Of Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is responsible for defending the wide-ranging coastline of the country in times of war and peace. The navy is also responsible to defend our maritime interests including defence of off-shore oil and gas equipment, coastal transport and fisheries rights, and to look after the very important buy and sell links.

But, apart from that, the military also offers a vast opportunity for growth and a good life. In the present day, even female are welcome in Armed Forces in learning, logistics and officially permitted branches. Have a look on what you positioned to grow by joining Armed Forces Indian Army/Navy/Airforce.

Career Success Strategies

Leadership skills 

Leadership is the skill of getting someone else to do somewhat you want done for the reason that he wants to do it. Leaders help others to do the correct things. They build an inspirational visualization, and make something new. Leadership is self-motivated, and exciting. Soldiers who get selected in Indian Army/Navy and Indian Air Force face many circumstances and complicated situation. If you are willing to face the challenges than you can grab the job in armed force.

Salary and perks

Peoples who get selected in Indian Army/Navy and Indian Air Force they earn handsome amount of remuneration along with various perks include housing. People get their  living quarters – which have good environment.

How To Join Indian Navy

Head start 

Peoples who wish to begin their career in armed force they have to start hard work fron their early days. Peoples start their classes, training from the age of 15-16 years and they do it till the age of 20-21 years. Each and every country has different age group to start training for Indian armed force. Number of countries in India have recruitment process compulsory but some don’t have, Some democratic organization does not have such a circumstance.

Physical Standards for Indian Armed Forces

Training /Guidance 

Training in armed force includes rope climbing, skipping, sailing and mountaineering ,horse-riding and other In some defense sector Training /Guidance  is free or candiates have to pay not more for this . Academies around the world have tie-up with various programmed which are held by various college and along with armed forces guidance you possess degree of graduation or equivalent, diploma certificate.

Career in Indian Armed Forces

Career Options In Indian Navy

A career in Indian navy is for all time in high demand as it is a profession which offers personal, economic, exciting security and status in the society. The Navy also offers good amount of pay scale along with various perks, life time retirement fund, medical benefits for self and family. In actuality, the knowledge that you gain in the Navy can help you to figure your future through excellent economic benefits, supreme career potential, and the lifestyle of freedom and personal growth that you’ve been waiting for.  Administrator and Sailor cadres are the main lines of work in Indian Navy.

How To Join Army After Graduation

The splendid career in Indian navy is completely different from other career. Besides giving a chance for the young people to show their management skills, this career present one with a marvelous amount of responsibility. It is a profession which gives a top level of safety and calm that is almost unheard of in resident life together with the chance to travel widely, meet new people and to enjoy warmth and amity. A career in Indian Navy offers huge facilities, a privileged lifestyle, an exclusive way of exploring one’s life and of course, honour in serving the country.

Career In Indian Armed Forces : Branches Available:

There are three main Branches in IAF where one may build a Career in Indian Armed Forces:

  • Flying Branch
  • Technical Branch
  • Ground Duty Branch

 1) Flying Branch:

Career option in Flying Branch is that of a Pilot! In Indian Armed Forces, the Flying branch houses Pilots who are skilled to handle 3 types of Aircraft- Fighter Jets, Transport Aircraft and Helicopters. Mentioned given three dissection, create up the sub-branches of Flying Branch.

 2) Technical Branches:

Technical branch houses Engineers, who have to work with tools and equipments that the Indian Armed Forces makes use of. Their responsibility involves tasks like- continuation, development and testing of equipment. The two sub-branches of Technical branch are- automatic and Electronics sections.

3)Ground Duty Branch:

This is the third and final Branch. Ground Duty Branch comprises of sub-branches like- management, financial records, Logistics, Education and Meteorology. Ground Duty Branch thinks about of managerial and accounts related tasks.

Hope this article will surely help to candidates who aspire to join Indian Air Force and desire to build their Career in Indian Armed Forces.

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