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Career In Video Game- How to Get a Job in the Gaming Industry, Profiles

Career In Video Game

Indian Gaming Industry is drawing attention from last few years as more and more people wants Career In Video Game due to the passion for playing games. Mobile gaming culture is now in trend and all the people want to know How to Get a Job in the Gaming Industry.

Influential smartphones, a significantly civilizing payment bionetwork, and regular need for original and attractive forms of digital diversion has made career in video games more valuable.

Are You Interested in a Career in Video Gaming?

The Video Game Jobs are so exciting today and this Career Option of Video Game is one of the fastest growing industries which provide limitless entertainment and attractive Salary Packages.

Video game designing refers to different stages such as planning, designing, and creating video games. On this web portal of you can get the descriptions and details for Career In Video Game.

Career In Video Game

There are many kinds of video games like sports games, car racing games, flight simulators arcade-style shoot-em ups, or role-playing games, strategy games etc. and not only a kid but person of every age like to play the video games.

Video Game Designer Jobs:

The Video game designing job is not an easy task and this process gets executed through some levels such as planning, designing, and creating video games (we’ve mentioned before). There is a super idea behind a game likes the story, plot, back ground, back stories etc.


Programmer plays one of the important role to design a Video game. They design, implement,developed, coding of the game and set of instructions in which the whole game is deepened.

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Animation is the thing that is use to create a super fine background images and animators are responsible for giving the visual effects in a game.

Audio Engineer:

The audio engineers given the voice, sound effects according to the story of the game by which the game is became attractive.

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Two types of writers includes in game designing the first one is the script writer and the second on is responsible for the documentation.


The translators are also play andvital role, they convert the instructions, and character’s and dialogue related to audio aspects to other languages.

Video Game Tester:

Video game tester is the one who checks the coding, bugs of overall game before launch for the assurance of the product.

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Technical Support Specialist:

Tech support specialist of video games resolves the queries related to product functionality through the phone call or online chat or we can say that this is a profile of a technical support officer.

Video Game Designer salary:

The video game designer get the very high salary package according to their skills, capability and working knowledge.

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Qualities and Requirement of Video Game Designer:

Most of the company’s preferred a bachelor’s degree for software engineer positions. Being creative in your personal life is a need for pursuing a career in game designing and development. People who follow degrees in game design and development have the following qualities:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Goal-driven
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Troubleshooting ability
  • Works well in a team
  • Advanced math skills
  • Computer skills
  • High manual dexterity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Creative thinking
  • Writing skills
  • Drawing ability

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Top Gaming Companies In India

Below we are providing top gaming industries in India which makes your favorite games and connect you with the world of games:

Company name Founders Games
2Pi InteractiveB.Venkat Ram Reddy, Surjyabrat Buragohain, B.Siddhartha ReddyThe Cat Monk, Hit Bit Hacker, Ants Can Fly, Tangled Up!, etc
99GamesRohith BhatSultan: The Game, Star Chef, Dhoom 3: The Game, SpellUp, etc
Apar GamesLaxmi KhanolkarScribbled Arena, It’s Dicey, Crime Mystery, Empire Of A Billionaire, etc
Dhruva InteractiveRajesh RaoBazzle, GloFlo, Spooky Treats, Nano Swat
digiKhelJoel JohnsonRewind, Orion’s Gold, Comikaze Coptaah

Significant Words:

If anyone is planning for a career as a video game designer, artist, or programmer, they will have a variety of career paths. It is important to know exactly what job functions each one of the above involves, so you don’t end up in a field with tasks that not suits you.

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