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CAT 2017 Analysis Slot 1, 2 Paper Analysis (Time, IMS, Career Launcher)

CAT 2017 Analysis

Here on this page we are given CAT 2017 Analysis for both slots. IIM Organized Common Admission Test for admission in top Business Schools for MBA programme in the month of Dec. Exam was held in two slots, Slot 1 and Slot 2. Large numbers of applicants participate in national level MBA entrance examination. So those applicants who will appear in this examination they may look cat 2017 analysis career launcher as given in below page. Candidates may also get the Time CAT 2017 Analysis on a below section of this page which is prepared by the team members of

CAT 2017 Analysis

CAT Exam Pattern:

  • There were multiple choice questions and type in the answer type questions both.
  • Questions were divided under Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability.
  • +3 for correct answers and -1 for incorrect answers in MCQs, no negative marking in non MCQs.
  • Individual questions marks were indicated as +1 for correct answer and -0.33 for incorrect answer.
SectionNo of MCQsNo of TITA questionsTotal questions
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension241034
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning240832
Quantitative Ability270734

Attempting more than 65 questions with an accuracy of 85% should be good for CAT 2017 exam.

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CAT Exam Interface:

A few days before the examination, a fake test was conducted for the CAT exam. The actual exam was similar to the mock test. For each section, the sectional deadline was applied. There are questions in both sub-sections in any of the above mentioned sequences in question. For example, in VARC, the questions of verbal ability and understanding of reading were roaming between one another, two different sub-squares. An arrow on the question pane works to expand the question window in full screen and hide the question palette. A simple calculator was provided for calculation purposes. The summary of the questions were displayed on the conclusion of the examination screen and they were not visited.

CAT 2017 Slot 2 Sectional Analysis:

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (Total No. of Questions 34):

  • In this section the difficulty level was of easy to moderate.
  • This section covered various aspects of verbal ability and reading comprehension.
  • The topics covered for the English part included vocabulary and the question types were fill in the blanks, sentence correction, para jumbles, odd one out etc.
  • There were no questions on grammar.
  • Applicants are advised to check the distribution of VARC section from the table given below:
Questions Based OnTotalType of Question
Reading Comprehension – Govt. Definition of Poverty and treatment of Household work03MCQ
Reading Comprehension – Education System03
Reading Comprehension – Sustainable Economic Development06
Reading Comprehension – Anthropology / Excruciating Rituals & Reasons06
RC – Status of Languages in 211506
Odd Para Jumbles03Non MCQ
Para Jumbles04
Para Summary / Essence of Passage03

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Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning:

  • In this section the difficulty level was of difficult.
  • This section covers various aspects of data interpretation and logical reasoning.
  • Data Interpretation questions were lengthy.
  • It had 4 sets each of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.
  • Applicants are suggested to check the distribution of DILR section from the table given below:
AreaTotalType of Question
Logical Reasoning – Distribution/Arrangement (TShirts)04MCQ
Logical Reasoning  – Venn Diagrams04MCQ & Non MCQ
Logical Reasoning – Arrangement of files in folders04
Logical Reasoning – Students using various Trains and the fares for the same04
Data Interpretation – Table (Student Pass percentages over 5 years)04
Data Interpretation – Comprehension – Marks in Two sections of papers04
Data Interpretation – Films, Launch, Completion, Release and Profits04
Data Interpretation – Table on Consumption of Veg and Non-Veg Protein04

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • This section was of moderate level and includes of questions which are based on arithmetic and also some were based on geometrical concepts.
  • It was also measured that a little bit diagrammatic questions were also there in the question paper.
  • This section was based on mathematical based concepts.
  • The number of Geometry questions have increased this year
AreaTotalType of Question
Arithmetic12MCQ & Non MCQ
Numbers5MCQ & Non MCQ
Algebra6MCQ & Non MCQ
Geometry / Mensuration7MCQ & Non MCQ
Pure Math / CG2MCQ
Venn Diagram1MCQ

Analysis of CAT 2017 Slot 2:

CAT 2017 Slot 1 Sectional Analysis:

The number of questions asked in a section wise analysis, difficulty level, good efforts, good scores have been highlighted.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension:

  • In RC there were five passages with 400-450 words.
  • Three passages in RC consisted of 6 questions each, and two passages were followed by 3 questions each.
  • Total questions in reading comprehension were fourteen (24).
  • Questions under reading comprehension were multiple choice questions.
  • On the other hand, rest of the questions falling under Verbal Ability were non MCQs.
  • Surprisingly again, there were no grammar and vocabulary based questions.
Total questions 34
Difficulty level Easy to Moderate
Good attempts 28-32
  • Distribution of questions in VARC was as follows
  • Toughest questions in VARC section were on jumbled paragraphs.
TopicNumber of questionsType of question
Passage on “bonding through suffering”06MCQ
Passage on “decline of languages”06
Passage on “economic importance of housework”03
Passage on “environmental conservation in Bhutan”03
Passage on “universal primary education issues”06
Para jumble04TITA
Odd sentence out of the paragraph03
Summary questions03

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning:

Total questions 32
Difficulty level Difficult
Good attempts 15-17
  • Students who appeared for CAT on December 2017 first slot said that questions in Logical Reasoning were not easy to solve.
  • This had happened last year also.
  • Coaching centers are of the opinion that DILR was only slightly easier than last year, overall it was the toughest section.
  • Trick to scoring high in it was to identify which sets to solve.
  • There were four (4) sets each of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.
  • Some sets had both MCQ and non MCQ questions.
  • Questions were asked on line chart, table chart, set theory, arrangement, cube based sets.
TopicNumber of questionsType of question
Ratio and percentage calculation of movies in different languages (DI)04MCQ, TITA
Percentage of male and female test takers calculation (DI)04MCQ
Male and female vegetarians reasoning type (DI)04MCQ, TITA
Set theory questions on gadgets bought (DI)04MCQ
Puzzle on derangement of documents across folders (LR)04MCQ, TITA
Puzzle on question paper pattern having two sections and variable marking (LR)04MCQ
Train travel and fares grouping conditionality (LR)04MCQ, TITA
Persons and t shirt colours matrix arrangement (LR)04MCQ

Almost all questions were of equal difficulty, although the one on ratio and percentages of movies was little tougher.

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Quantitative Ability:

Total questions 34
Difficulty level Moderate
Good attempts 23-26
  • Among the demographic of students that appear for Common Admission Test, a large number are from mathematics background.
  • It is said that such candidates find QA section relatively easier.
  • Since last year it has been observed that most students have been finding CAT QA to be relatively easy or at least of only moderate difficulty level.
  • A surprising thing here was that there were only 7 non MCQs which is exactly half of the year before.
  • Around 7 questions were on the tougher side.
  • One thing that caused confusion was that the square root symbol looked like pie symbol.
  • Questions were largely on Compound Interest, Co-ordinate Geometry, Geometry, Logarithm, Mensuartion, Mixture and Alligation, Partnership, Permutation and Combination, Quadratic Equations, Ratio and Proportion.
TopicSpecific area of questionNumber of questions
Polynomial equations01
Quadratic equations02
Simple equations01
ArithmeticAverages and mixtures02
Profit and loss02
Ratio and proportion01
Time, speed and distance02
Work and pipes02
Coordinate geometry01
Modern MathematicsLogarithm01
Permutation and combination01
Sequence and Series03
Set theory01
NumbersDivisibility and remainders01
Properties of numbers02

Questions that were tougher than others in QA were on quadratic equations, polynomial equations, inequations, ratio and proportion, quadrilaterals, circles, permutation and combination.

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CAT 2017 Cut Offs

  • IIMs have already published cut off scores.
  • For the three most coveted IIMs – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, cut off scores are as follows.
Percentile rank
Percentile rank
Percentile rank

in QA

Percentile Rank


IIM A70707080
IIM B85808090
IIM C80808090
IIM A65656575
IIM B75707080
IIM C75757585
IIM A60606070
IIM B70656575
IIM C65656570
IIM A50505060
IIM B60606075
IIM C60656570

CAT 2015 Analysis

  • Common Admission Test CAT was been administered by the IIMs on Sunday, 29 November.
  • CAT Analysis given here ponders upon the difficulty level of exam, test pattern, student reviews and feedback.
  • Analysis of CAT is followed by CAT cut offs for IIM and other B School admissions.
  • Note that CAT exam was held in two sessions and hence scores will be normalized to announce CAT result.
  • For each correct answer, +3 marks are awarded and negative marking of -1 mark for incorrect answers in MCQ type questions is there.
  • Non MCQ questions do not carry negative marking.
  • CAT consisted of three sections.
  • There were MCQ as well as non MCQ questions (also known as TITA or Type In The Answer).
  • This year CAT introduced non MCQ type questions.
  • In these questions, no options were given, instead answer was to be typed in.
  • According to some students, this was not a good introduction as looking at options helps in more easily solving of a problem.
  • The exact number of non MCQ questions and MCQ is available, answers of 32% questions had to be typed in.
SectionMCQTITATotal questions
Section I – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)241034
Section II – Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning24832
Section III – Quantitative Ability201434

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Slot 2

Views of students who appeared for the CAT exam in slot 2 are coming in now. Insofar the biggest input has been that Quantitative Ability was tougher.

Section 1: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC):

  • Division of questions in VARC section in slot 2 was same as that in slot 1.
  • Most students found this section to be least difficult of the three sections (VARC, DILR, QA) and could attempt a comfortable number of questions.
  • There were 5 passages in Reading comprehension, out of which 4 were more easily do-able.
  • If you did it with more than 75% accuracy, that’s a good sign to start with!
  • One passage though was a bit lengthy and chances are that you could not do it properly.
  • Three passages were long type, with around 450 words each. There were 6 questions each after these paragraphs.
  • Two passages were shorter, with around 300 words each. There were 3 questions each after these paragraphs.
  • Some questions were idea-based, some were inferential.
  • Overall RC was moderately difficult.
Total questions34
Difficulty levelModerate
Good attempts26-29

Verbal Ability:

Verbal Ability mostly comprised of summary type questions, para jumble and odd sentence out type questions.

Type of questions Number of questionsDescription
Odd sentence out03A paragraph with 5 simple short sentences was given. Candidate had to find the odd sentence in this paragraph. If you could identify mandatory pair, these questions could have been done correctly.
Summary type questions03Though it was a TITA question, but one had to only type in the correct option number. The questions were such that a short paragraph was followed by four options.
Para jumble04Jumbled paragraphs were expected in CAT. In this, 5 sentences were given to be placed in correct order. Being non MCQ types, without negative marking, it would have been wise to attempt all.

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Section 2: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR):

Total questions32
Difficulty levelModerate to Tough
Good attempts15-17
  • Difficulty level of DILR in the first slot was tough, as was said by many students.
  • Though several test takers of slot 2 said that DILR was tough even in slot 2, but for them, QA seemed elngthy also.
  • Perhaps slot 2 DILR was slightly easier than that of slot 1, but overall, it was tougher than expected.
Type of questionsNumber of questionsDescription
Data Interpretation04Line chart question on names of people – Easy / Moderate
04Table on Cartridges – Moderate / Tough
04Table on Assets – Tough
04Table on Drugs – Tough
Logical Reasoning04LR question on exam scores – Easy
04LR question on teams – Easy / Moderate
04LR question on Auction – Tough
04Scheduling question – Tough

Section 3: Quantitative Ability:

Total questions34
Difficulty levelModerate to Tough
Good attempts24-26
  • QA questions become easier when there are options before the student.
  • The lack of options in non MCQ questions might have raised the difficulty level.
Type of questionsNumber of questionsDescription
Quantitative Ability1Trigonometry
3Number System
3Modern mathematics
7Geometry and mensuration

Slot 1

Here is a section-wise analysis of the Common Admission Test (CAT).

Section 1: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC):

Total questions34
Difficulty levelEasy
Good attempts24-28

There were 24 questions of Reading Comprehension divided into 2 sets of 3 questions each, and 3 sets of 6 questions each.Apart from RC, 10 questions were non MCQ types. These questions were on following topics:

  • Para Jumbles – 4 questions,
  • Odd sentence out – 3 questions,
  • Summary type questions – 3 questions.

Reading Comprehension:

  • There were 5 passages in all of which three were of around 450 words each and two were smaller, 300 words each.
  • Three para were followed by 6 questions each and the rest of the two had 3 questions each.
  • Paragraphs were quite simple, easily understandable. There were no trick questions.
  • All the questions under RC were MCQ type.
  • It can be said that more than four paragraphs could have been attempted with more than 70% accuracy.

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Verbal Ability:

Questions under VA could be classified under para jumble, summary type, and odd sentence out. In brief, the section can be explained as follows:

Type of questionsNumber of questionsDescription
Odd sentence out03These questions were sort of new for CAT. there were 5 sentence paragraphs and one sentence was odd one out in it. They were all simple paragraphs with short sentences.
Summary type questions03A small paragraph of around 120 to 150 words was followed by four options. One question was a bit tricky as the options were quite close.
Para jumble04The pro tip in solving para jumble questions is to identify the opening sentence. Once that was done, most questions in this section were solvable.

Section 2: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR):

Total questions32
Difficulty levelTough
Good attempts18-24
  • As has been already said, DI LR questions were quite tough compared to other questions in the CAT exam.
  • Chances of getting shortlisted in IIMs are higher if you have done at least 5 sets of these questions.

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Type of questionsNumber of questionsDescription
Data Interpretation04Line chart
04Set theory
04Table chart (MCQ)
04Table chart (non MCQ)
Logical Reasoning04Arrangement question on 5 children
04Arrangement question on 9 children
04Arrangement question on Sudoku Set
04Set – Cube

Section 3: Quantitative Ability:

Total questions34
Difficulty levelModerate
Good attempts26-29

The only surprise was the absolute absence of Number System based questions!

Type of questionsNumber of questionsDescription
Quantitative Ability02Trigonometry
03Modern mathematics
05Geometry and mensuration


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