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CAT Mock Test 2018 Free Online Test Series For QA, VRC, DILR Download

CAT Mock Test

The Indian Institutes of Management has provided CAT Mock Test with the objective to familiarize appearing students with the computer-based Common Admission Test 2018 environment of the CAT 2018.

The Online CAT Mock Test Series is designed with the help of previous questions asked in Common Admission Test For QA, VRC, DILR. To solve Mock Test for CAT, candidates can download Free CAT Mock Test 2018 PDF from here.

CAT Important Dates

EventsCAT Dates
Last date for CAT Registration19-09-2018
CAT Admit card downloading Date24-10-2018
CAT Exam date25-11-2018
CAT Result declarationSecond week of January, 2019 (Tentative)

CAT 2018 is the national level computer based test managed by Indian Institute of Management Calcutta for providing student’s admission in to 20 IIMs and more than 100 top Business schools for MBA aspirants.CAT Exam Date has been announced by IIM-C which is scheduled on 25-11-2018.

CAT Mock Test 2018 is designed to assess the ability of students regarding Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning & Verbal Ability. So, Students are advice to get prepared well with CAT Mock Test Time which is provided on this page by team of

Download From Here: CAT Mock Test Papers PDF

CAT Mock Test PDF 1
CAT 2018 Mock Test PDF 2
CAT Mock Test PDF 3
CAT Mock Test 2018 PDF

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CAT Mock Test 2018

Mock Test for CAT contains questions related to:

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Logical & Data Interpretation
  3. Verbal ability (VA)

Via Mock Test for CAT, candidates prepares for three sections of examination that are quantitative, logical and verbal. The CAT Online Mock Test includes all the questions related to the foresaid sections. That is the main reason students prefer to prepare with CAT Mock Test with Solutions.

In the below section we have given the CAT Mock Test questions section wise, let’s take a glance over it…

Do YOu Know? How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

CAT Mock Test questions for Quantitative Ability

In the below section we are providing those questions of CAT Mock Test By IIM, these questions will really be helpful for you all in understanding the concept of the CAT Examination. Let’s start with the CAT Mock Test questions for Quantitative Ability section:

Ques.1: The total cost of 2 pencils, 5 erasers, and 7 sharpeners is Rs.30, while 3 pencils and 5 sharpeners cost Rs. 15 more than 6 erasers. By what amount (in Rs.) does the cost of 39 erasers and 1 sharpener exceed the cost of 6 pencils?

(1) 20

(2) 30

(3) It does not exceed

(4) Cannot be determined

Answer: (1)

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Ques.2: If the roots of the equation (x + 1) (x + 9) + 8 = 0 are a and b, then the roots of the equation (x + a) (x + b) -8 = 0 are

(1) 1 and 9

(2) -4 and -6

(3) 4 and 6

(4) Cannot be determined

Answer: (1)

Ques.3: What is the remainder when is divided by 100?

(1) 1

(2) 61

(3) 41

(4) 21

Answer: (1)

Ques.4: A sequence of 4 digits, when considered as a number in base 10 is four times the number it represents in base 6. What is the sum of the digits of the sequence?

(1) 7

(2) 6

(3) 9

(4) 8

Answer: (4)

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Ques.5: Some friends planned to contribute equally to jointly buy a CD player. However, two of them decided to withdraw at the last minute. As a result, each of the others had to shell out one rupee more than what they had planned for. If the price (in Rs.) of the CD player is an integer between 1000 and 1100, find the number of friends who actually contributed?

(1) 21

(2) 23

(3) 44

(4) 46

Answer: (3)

DIRECTIONS for questions 6 and 7: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.


Ques .6: I assigned a value for n and started the program. If the robot finally came back to O and stopped, what is the total distance that it has covered

(1) 180 m

(2) 360 m

(3) 720 m

(4) Cannot be determined

Answer: (3)

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Ques.7: For how many value of n in the intervals [1, 60] does the robot cover less than 1000 m, before it stops?

(1) 19

(2) 60

(3) 355

(4) Infinite

Answer: (3)

Ques. 8: A regular polygon has an even number of sides. If the product of the length of its side and the distance between two opposite sides is ¼ th of its area, find number of sides it has

(1) 6

(2) 8

(3) 20

(4) 16

Answer: (4)

Ques. 09: A natural number n is such that 120 n≤240. If HCF of n and 240 is 1, how many values of n are possible?

(1) 24

(2) 32

(3) 36

(4) 40

Answer: (2)

Ques.10: If the sum to infinity of the series 2 +(2-d) 2/3+ (2 + d) 4/9 + (2 + 3d) 8/27 + ……▭ is 5/2, what is the value of d?

(1) 7/12

(2) -7/12

(3) -5/12

(4) 5/12

Answer: (2)

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Ques.11: The first n natural numbers, 1 to n, have to be arranged in a row from left to right. The n numbers are arranged such that there are an odd number of numbers between any two even numbers as well as between any two odd numbers. If the number of ways in which this can be done is 72, then find the value of n.

(1) 6

(2) 7

(3) 8

(4) More than 8

Answer: (1)

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CAT Mock Test Questions for Logical & Data Interpretation

With the help of the logical part candidates knowledge level regarding logics and quickness evaluates. Let’s take a look over the CAT Mock Test questions for Logical & Data Interpretation now:

DIRECTIONS for questions 12 to 14: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

(i) For any person, each of his three particulars – his name, the name of the country from which he is and the name of the country that he is coaching at present, starts with a different letter.

(ii) Whatmore is coaching Australia and John is from neither Australia nor Pakistan.

(iii) Buchanen is not coaching China and the person who is coaching Bermuda is from Canada.

(iv) Anshuman is neither from Canada nor from Pakistan and also the person from Pakistan is coaching Bangladesh.

Ques 12: Whatmore is from which country?

(1) India

(2) Japan

(3) Canada

(4) Cannot be determined

Answer: (4)

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Ques 13: Who is the person from Australia?

(1) Buchanen

(2) John

(3) Whatmore

(4) Cannot be determined

Answer: (1)

Ques 14: The person from Japan is definitely not coaching

(1) China

(2) Wales

(3) Australia

(4) More than one of the above

Answer: (2)

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DIRECTIONS for questions 15 to 17: Answer the questions on the basis os the information given below.

Mr. Suzuki, a car dealer, sold cars of only two brands, A and B, in the previous year. This year, he introduced a new brand, C. The number of cars of cars of brand A and brand B sold in the previous year were in the ratio 3 :2, and the ratio of the number of cars sold in the previous year to that sold in this year is 2 : 3 for brand A and 2 : 5 for brand B. Further, the number of cars of brand C sold this year forms 81 % of the total number of cars sold this year.

Ques. 15. Find the number of cars of brand C sold this year, given that a total of 24 cars of brand A were sold in the previous year.

(1) 324

(2) 648

(3) 162

(4) 243

Answer: (1)

Ques. 16. What is the percentage increase in the total number of cars sold this year when compared to the total number of cars sold in the previous year?

(1) 400%

(2) 600%

(3) 900%

(4) 1000%

Answer: (3)

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Ques.17. In the next year, Mr. Suzuki wants to increase the total sales by 80%, compared to the total sales this year, by keeping the sales of each of A, B and C at the same level as that in this year and introducing a new brand D. By what percent will the number of cars of brand D (to be sold next year) be more than the total number of cars sold last year?

(1) 400%

(2) 600%

(3) 900%

(4) 700%

Answer: (4)

Ques.18. If total of 380 cars were sold this year, and the sales of C this year were nil, instead of 81% of total sales then, how many cars of brand A were sold in the previous year?

(1) 140

(2) 120

(3) 100

(4) 160

Answer: (2)

DIRECTIONS for questions 19 and 20: The question given below is followed by two statements, I and II. Study the information given in the two statements and assess whether the statements are sufficient to answer the question and choose the appropriate option from among the choices given below:

Ques.19. Two of the three cricketers Pavan, Rajan and Tarun are selected to the national team. Each of these three persons scored a different number of centuries and a different number of runs. Further, among these three, Tarun scored the highest number of centuries. Who among Pavan, Rajan and Tarun is not selected to the national team?

  1. the person with the higher number of runs between Tarun and Pavan, is the person who scored the lesser number of centuries between the two persons selected.
  2. The person with the least number of runs between Rajan and Tarun, is the person who scored the higher number of centuries between the two persons selected.

(1) The question can be answered by using one of the statements alone, but cannot be answered using the other statement alone.

(2) The question can be answered by using either statement alone

(3) The question can be answered by using both statements together, but cannot be answered using either statement alone

(4) the question cannot be answered even by using both statements together.

Answer: (4)

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Ques.20. Triangle ABC is right angled at B. What is the value of AB + BC?

  1. Diameter of the circle inscribed in the triangle ABC is 10 cm.
  2. Diameter of the circle circumscribing the triangle ABC is 27 cm.

(1) The question can be answered by using one of the statements alone, but cannot be answered using the other statement alone.

(2) The question can be answered by using either statement alone.

(3) the question can be answered by using both statements together, but cannot be answered using either statement alone.

(4) The question cannot be answered even by using both statements together.

Answer: (3)

DIRECTIONS for questions 21 and 22: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Each point in the graph below shows the sales and expenses of a company. Each company belongs to one of the three sectors among manufacturing, automobiles, and software.

Ques.21. For how many of the companies, is the profit more than 40% of the sales (Profit = Sales – Expenses)?

(1) 4

(2) 5

(3) 6

(4) 7

Answer: (3)

Ques.22. For how many software companies are the sales more than Rs.2500 crore but the expenses less than Rs. 2100 crore?

(1) 2

(2) 3

(3) 4

(4) 6

Answer: (2)

DIRECTIONS for questions 23 to 25: answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

A team must be selected from ten probable – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J. Of these, A C, E and are forwards, B, G and H are point guards and D, F and I are defenders.

Further, the following conditions need to be observed:

The team must have at least one forward, one point guard and one defender.

If the team includes J, it must also include F.

The team must include E or B, but not both.

If the team includes G, it must also include F.

The team must include exactly one among C, G and I.

C and F cannot be members of the same team

D and H cannot be members of the same team

The team must include both A and D or neither of them.

There is no restriction on the number of members in the team.

Ques. 23. What could be the size of the team that includes G?

(1) 4

(2) 5

(3) 6

(4) More than one of the above

Answer: (4)

Ques. 24. What would be the size of the largest possible team?

(1) 4

(2) 5

(3) 6

(4) 7

Answer: (3)

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Ques.25. Who cannot be included in a team of size 6?

(1) A

(2) H

(3) J

(4) E

Answer: (2)

Ques. 26. What can be the size of the team that includes C?

(1) 3

(2) 4

(3) 5

(4) More than one of the above

Answer: (2)

CAT Mock Test questions for Verbal ability (VA)

At last we are providing some CAT Mock Test questions for Verbal ability (VA), please have a look…

DIRECTIONS for questions 27 and 28: Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

Ques. 27. Jawaharlal Nehru seemed an unlikely candidate to lead India towards its vision. Under the cotton Khadi he wore in deference to the dictates of Congress, he remained the quintessential English gentleman. In a land of mysteries, he was a cool rationalist. The mind that had exulted in the discovery of science at Cambridge never ceased to be appalled by his fellow Indians who refused to stir from their homes on days proclaimed inauspicious by their favourite astrologers. He was a publicly declared agnostic in the most intensely spiritual area in the world, and he never ceased to proclaim the horror the word ‘religion’ inspired in him. Nehru despised India’s priests, her sadhus, her chanting monks and pious ‘skerkhs’.

(1) And yet, the India of those sadhus and the superstition-haunted masses had accepted Nehru.

(2) They had only served, he felt, to impede her progress.

(3) The Mahatma had made it clear that it was on his shoulders that he wished his mantle to fall.

(4) Nehru’s heart told him to follow the Mahatma and his heart, he would later admit, had beed right.

Answer: (2)

Ques.28 Birth rates have fallen dramatically – and voluntarily. Coercive birth control, including paying people not to have babies, was discredited and abandoned decades ago. Nearly two – thirds of the couples in poor countries now use birth control, and not because some patriarchal westerner told them to. In the 1970s, the government of Bangladesh offered people in the Matlals region low-cost contraceptive supplies and advice. Birth rates promptly fell well below those of neighbouring regions. So Bangladesh extended the service nationally and its birth rate plummeted from six children per woman to three.

(1) The ‘population bomb’ has already gone off.

(2) Given the choice, people want fewer children

(3) Governments want fewer children since their own life expectancy falls with rising numbers.

(4) Even when birth rates fall, there is a lag which means population keeps growing far decades until birth and death rates even out.

Answer: (2)

DIRECTIONS for questions 29 to 31: Read the following passage and answer the questions the follow it.

START: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

Ques. 29. It can be inferred from the passage that, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’

(1) Is a modern, scientific version of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

(2) Explores the spiritual unknown in the scientific quest to discover the extraterrestrial

(3) Is the work of a theologian – turned science fictionist

(4) Speculates on intelligent life in outer space and reflects vivid spiritual overtones

Answer: (4)

Ques.30. Which of the following statements reflects or captures the author’s view on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence?

(1) It is a vain attempt by man to underpin his fragile existence

(2) It is in danger of becoming a latter day religion

(3) Were the search to yield positive results, man would accord those creatures super god status

(4) The belief that there are aliens in the universe springs from enormous faith and the pursuit reflects man’s spiritual urge.

Answer: (3)

Ques. 31. Great literary works, according to the passage

(1) Had their origins in the spiritual age

(2) Evolved from tribal tales

(3) Were a product of the Renaissance

(4) Dwelt on the spiritual

Answer: (2)

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Ques. 32. Tomake a clean breast of:

  • To gain prominence
  • To praise oneself
  • To confess without reserve
  • None

Answer: (3)

Ques. 33. Ques To keep one’s temper:

  • To become hungry
  • To be in good mood
  • To be aloof from
  • None

Answer: (2)

Ques. 34. Ques Synonym of Garrulity

  • Credulity
  • Senility
  • Loquaciousness
  • Speciousness

Answer: (3)

Ques. 35. Ques Antonym for Capacious

  • Limited
  • Caring
  • Foolish
  • Changeable

Answer: (1)

Do You Know? How Much Time is Required to Prepare for CAT? 

There are various CAT Exam Mock Test available online like Cusat CAT Mock Test , Bullseye CAT Mock Test , Best CAT Mock Test Series etc. with the help of these tests candidates evaluate their performance standard that where they stand in terms of performance. Here also we have given some CAT Mock Test Papers Free Download links which will help candidates in their CAT Preparation.

Here we are also providing you all CAT Mock Test Papers with Solutions Pdf Free Download links through which you can download the CAT exam paper absolutely free and can prepare for your examination in a much better and a simpler way.

CAT 2018 Exam Pattern

Section nameNo of questionsMarksType of examTime allotted
Quantitative Ability (QA)343 marks eachObjective type1 hour
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DA & LR)321 hour
Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC)341 hour
  • 100 questions will be there in the examination
  • 1 mark will be given for each right answer
  • Questions given in the paper will be of Objective Type i.e. 4 choices will be given for each question and candidate have to choose correct one and some of Non Objective type i.e. Descriptive.
  • 1 hour will be given to complete each section
  • Negative marking will also be there as 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Here we have also provided the whole examination structure; take a glance over it also:

CAT 2018 Exam Structure

SectionsThree sections:

Quantitative Ability (QA)

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DA & LR)

Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC)

Total Number of Questions100

Quantitative Ability (QA) – 34

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DA & LR) – 32

Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC) – 34

Sectional Duration1 hour for each section
Calculator UsageOn Screen basic calculator will be provided
Time allotted180 minutes
Question TypesMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Non-MCQs
Marking SchemeFor Non-MCQs,

+3 marks for ‘correct answer’

No marks (or negative marks) for ‘wrong or no attempt’.

The scoring scheme for multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s) is:

+3 for each correct answer

-1 for each incorrect answer

No marks are given or deducted for un-attempted questions.

Get here List of: CAT Exam Preparation Books

Best CAT Preparation Books

Name of the BookWriter/PublisherTo Be Used For
NCERT Maths from 8th to 10thNCERTBrush your fundamentals
Quantitative Aptitude for CATNishitSinha/PearsonText Book
Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance ExaminationsAbhijitGuhaReference Book
Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance ExaminationsR.S. AggarwalReference Book
How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CATArun Sharma/TATA McGRAW HILLReference Book
Puzzles and some other number booksShakuntla DeviReference Book
Higher AlgebraHall and KnightReference Book
Crack The Cat Quantitative Aptitude & Data InterpretationVivek Gupta and Sandeep Amar
Data Interpretation
Any good book in StatisticsBrush your fundamentals
How To Prepare For The Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning For The CAT 3rd EditionArun Sharma/TATA McGRAW HILLText Book
Course in Mental Ability and Quantitative AptitudeEdgar ThorpeReference Book
Fundamental of Reasoning  A Logic BookRobert M. JohnsonReference Book
High School English Grammar and CompositionWren and MartinText Book
Word Power Made EasyNorman LewisReference Book
Business English and CommunicationClark Grade CReference Book
All about WordsRosenblum and NurenbergReference Book
How to Prepare for the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CATArun Sharma &Meenakshi

CAT Preparation Tips:

  • Do not let your self confidence down
  • Read all the concepts carefully so that they can be clear in your mind
  • Do not let learning being hectic for you, it is easy to learn the concept rather than cramming
  • Always start your preparation from the topics which are very important.
  • Taking short breaks keeps your mind awake
  • Try to solve previous year papers as these are a great help and also take help of CAT Mock Test
  • Do brain storming sessions and Group Discussions
  • Make short and proper notes
  • Sit straight while studying, do not be lazy
  • Keep your study material on place so that it will let you getting disturb
  • Give online mock tests so that your weaker subjects may become stronger.
  • Revision is very much important
  • Do not let your stomach empty
  • Avoid being Dehydrated

Final Note:

We can assure that after going through the above stated information given by the team of there will no need left for CAT Mock Test Online. As here in the below section of this page we have also provided CAT Mock Test 2018 Papers With Solutions Free Download which candidates can download in PDF format.

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