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CBSE Guess Papers 2014 Class (9, 10, 11, 12th with Examples)

CBSE Guess Papers 2014

Dear applicants if you are looking for CBSE guess papers for 2014 then must read this page. Here you will get guess papers for class 9, 10, 11 and 12th with examples. Before the examination board provides the guess papers by which students can take an idea of upcoming paper.

With the help of guess papers students can prepare for examination. This is the good way to prepare well to get success in the examination. We are going to mentioned about the CBSE Guess Papers 2014 on this webpage of

Some guessed question according to subjects are mentioned below must checkout them and try to solve it. it really helps you to prepare well for examination.


  • The de Broglie wavelengths, associated with a proton and a neutron, are found to be equal. Which of the two has a higher value for kinetic energy?
  • Carbon and silicon are known to have similar lattice structures. However, the four bonding electrons of carbon are present in second orbit while those of silicon are present in its third orbit. How does this difference result in a difference in their electrical conductivities?
  • We do not choose to transmit an audio signal by just directly converting it to an e.m. wave of the same frequency. Give two reasons for the same.
  • What do the terms ‘depletion region’ and ‘barrier potential’ mean for a p-n junction?
  • Draw the block diagram of a communication system.
  • What is meant by ‘detection’ of a modulated carrier wave? Describe briefly the essential steps for detection.


  • What is the Van’t Hoff factor for a compound which undergoes tetramerization in an organic solvent?
  • Predict the shape of CIF3 on the basis of VSEPR theory.
  • Account for the following:

(a) Chlorine water has both oxidizing and bleaching properties.

(b) H3PO2and H3PO3 act as as good reducing agents while H3PO4 does not.

(c) On addition of ozone gas to KI solution, violet vapours are obtained.

  • Give reasons for the following:

(a) Transition metals have high enthalpies of atomization.

(b) Among the lanthanoids, Ce(III) is easily oxidised to Ce(IV).

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  • Find the mode of 14, 25, 14, 26, 27, 16, 14, 18, 22, 25,26, 30, 14, 25, 22.
  • In a survey, 1000 families with two children were selected randomly and the following data were recorded :
No. of girls in the family210
No. of families320460220

 Find the probability of a family, chosen at random, having (i) 2 girls (ii) 1 girl (iii) less than 1 girl.

  • Cost of 7 pens and 8 pencils is Rs. 87 and cost of 6 pens and 4 pencils is Rs. 66. Write linear equations representing the above data and draw its graph. Also find the cost of 1 pen and 1 pencil from the graph.
  • A 44m x 11m sheet is rolled along length to form a cylinder. Find the volume of the cylinder.

Know some Preparation tips Mathematics


  • For Franz, what was much more tempting than going to school and why?
  • Mention any two hazards of working in the glass bangles industry.
  • How did Douglas overcome the old terror?
  • The crofter can be called as a good host. Why?
  • The modern consumerist world is full of fear, insecurities, stress and wars. What are the ways in which we try to combat them? Answer with reference to The Third Level.
  • How can we say that Antarctica is the best place to study and understand about Earth’s present, past and future? Answer with reference to, journey to the end of the Earth.

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