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Coaching Classes & Their Increasing Trend in Students Tuition Culture in India

Coaching Classes & Their Increasing Trend in Students

Coaching Classes & Their Increasing Trend In Students has been increasing in India at a very highest rate, we are not saying that it is trend in colleges but also it has been observed that a KG class kid is also going and their parents are so interested to send a small kid to school. Nowadays tuitions and coaching classes has become a part of students life when their age is to play and to join any extra curriculum activity ; kids are going for tuition classes and their half of the time is being spend at tuitions and rest in doing homework. Below in this we have tried to make you know about the birth of coaching and tuition classes and the increasing culture of it in Indian society.

Coaching Classes & Their Increasing Trend in Students

Birth Of Coaching Classes Coaching Classes & Their Increasing Trend In Students

 Before the 21 century, tuition classes were not at all in trend because kids and students were eager to learn and their grasping power was above the level. Also parents had enough time to spend with their kids. But now in this century education in school and the ignorance of teachers towards students has tend them to go for tuition classes and thus in this way the culture in tuition/ coaching classes has taken birth.

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Now the situation has come  when students is unable to cop up with scores they go and find only one option to commit suicide; hence, this is a dangerous sign of decreasing education and  which shows declined chart among students. The trend of coaching classes in high school has been penetrated deep into our society; we have hardly seen anybody analyzing the cause of it, many students are being failed and are not being able to appear for the class; as this poor trend has made to punish the and has made to suspect on the education and on the capability of a students who stands with many caliber within it.

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 Students who are attending the high school coaching classes  is not a waste of time who are very serious towards their study because they would study under any conditions, but  yes.. ! This would create a burden for ones who are basically not interested in studying.  It is seen that the students who show interest in curriculum activities cannot study for a long hours thus it is seen that students who go for coaching classes almost miss their evening play time. Also Incidents of backaches, neck aches, eye-related problems, obesity have been increasing among students as their most of the classes are sitting classes for long hours without any physical activity whatsoever.

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What Is The Reason?

The reason behind that why tuition  has become the business in India because nowadays parents as well as teachers lack of concern towards their students and child is less, if we see teachers then they do not teach or either do not want to concentrate towards students; hence which leads to home tuitions or private tuitions.  So in these teachers are also responsible for all this; if teachers could have taught well in school by making their students proper understanding about the subject then this all could have never happened therefore they prefer tuitions because that fee even every individual fee goes in their pocket.

Well, we are not saying neither blaming that every teacher is like this as well many schools are also not like this but majority now belongs to this category. There are very rare teachers seen who take least interest in serving their knowledge to students but we would say and has seen many still there are many teachers who are willing to help students at any time and are against tuitions.

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Coaching Classes Culture In India Affect By Government

By seeing this trend , many colleges has taken the action also, the government has also passed directions that college teachers teaching at colleges are not allowed to take any private tuitions and if they found to do so then legal action can be taken towards them.

 But nowadays it is very rare to get into the cause of it and it is very difficult to come to the problem of it. As in this half of the parents and also teachers are responsible, there are many parents who can afford the fees neither the tuitions get affected from this.

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Poor people cannot pay or fulfill their needs. So in this if you want to change the situation then you should first of all change our self. You should try to spend the time with your kids and should help them to study; but we are not blaming the coaching classes because they are simply filling the needs are guiding the students. But yes, we are blaming the private tutors who have a habit of spoon feed, they make the students to forget the knowledge and decrease the student’s mental ability.

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