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Common Confusing Words In English | Top 10 Confusing Words With Example

Common Confusing Words In English


In today’s world, the English language importance cannot be denied and unnoticed because English is the most common language to use for spoken everywhere. But there are a lot of common confusing words in English that we have to know. Here on this page we are providing the top 10 confusing words in English with their examples.

In today’s technological world English is playing a very important role in many sectors like engineering, medical, and education and in my point of view the educational area is the most significant area where English needed particularly.

English is the most common central business language this time and it becomes necessary for people to speak English. Many of the world’s top films, books and music are available in English so learning English is must and good fluency of English really can change your life.

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Commonly Confused Words

Language is the only way by which we can show our emotions, ideas, thought, feelings etc .English is that language which is spoken by many people of different countries it is an International language mostly used by foreigners speakers. Mostly of the content shaped on the internet is in English. So if you know about English you will allow to access to an unbelievable amount of information.

Everyone wants to speak in English perfectly but English has a lot of commonly confused words. They either look or sound like same but have totally different meanings. Other words look and sound different but have same in meaning, and it is tough to decide that which the correct one in a given situation.

In the below section we have provided of most commonly words that speakers and writers of English often confuse. They are often confused even if you are an outstanding writer, you should read these words, and otherwise, you can’t know if you are confusing any words.

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Common Confusing Words In English

English is full of confusing words, so we have presented you top 10 confusing English words with these simple explanations you can get the solutions of your confusion by using these!

Accept vs. Except

The two words have same to speak and listen but they have different in meaning. The meaning of Accept is to get or agree to something, while except means ‘excluding’.

  • I accepted all my mistakes with humble.
  • When I travels, I packs everything except my mobile phone

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Affect vs. Effect:

These two words have particular meanings in psychology, but in ordinary speech it seems like same. But the most often use of Affect is as a verb meaning “to act on or to cause a change” and effect as a noun meaning “a change that is the result of some action.

  • The death of their family member has affected them very much
  • There is a huge effect of the war

Dessert’ Or ‘Desert:

The meaning of these two words is different like Dessert is a sweet dish, and desert is a hot, dry place which is often full of sand.

  • After the dinner, I would love to order ice cream for dessert
  • When I was in Rajasthan, I visited a desert

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Advice’ or ‘advise:

Commonly people get confused in these both words meaning, the meanings of Advice is a noun and advise is a verb, so we can advise someone by giving them good advice.

  • I advised you to take a good advice from a good one

Personal’ Or ‘Personnel’:

These words look and sound like same but has different meanings. Your personal details include your name, age and nationality, while, personnel means the employees of a company.

  • Don’t show your personal details on the Internet.
  • Eweb Guide Company has enormous personnel, they all work so hard!

Assure’ or ‘ensure’:

Don’t confuse about these two similar words, the meaning of assure is to assure someone means to remove doubt, while ensure means to make sure that something happens.

  • I assured you that I will come at right time
  • Please ensure that you will come for movie tomorrow

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Principle’ or ‘principal’

The given two words have different in meaning to don’t be confuse about them lets discuss!! The meaning of Principles is values or basic truths, as the meaning of the principal is the one who is the head of a school, or the main thing.

  • I have my own principles, so in any situation I will never take stand for a liar
  • Mr. Dharendra Kumar is the principal of this academy

Adverse / Averse:

Both words are adjectives that mean a form of opposition. Something that acts against one’s interests or well-being is adverse. The word averse describes feelings of repugnance towards something:

  • The jury delivered an adverse verdict against the defendant.
  • Ferris Bueller was averse to attending school that morning.

Bring or Take

Both of these verbs have multiple meanings, but as a pair, they form opposites in the situation of conveying something from one place to another.

  • You have to bring all of the particulars with you at that time.
  • As you bring it, I’ll take it from you

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Borrow’ Or ‘Lend’

Let’s discuss about these both words, to meaning of borrow is to receive something as a loan, while to lend means to give something as a loan.

  • Can I borrow your motor cycle
  • Sorry, I can’t lend it to you today.

So, now you know the difference between these confusing English words. You can also try it with your own example sentence with each one that is very helpful to you to remember it or also try these new words in your daily conversation. You can follow us on facebook or keep visiting for more articles about English languages.

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