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Core Java Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers, Experienced PDF

Core Java Interview Questions

Get Core Java Interview Questions from this page. Candidates, who are going to attend Core java interview, must have proper knowledge regarding the same. There are huge numbers of candidates, who are preparing for the interview of Core Java. Freshers as well experienced also going to appear in the interview to get recruited in well-known organizations. So, for your convenience we have placed core java interview questions and answers for experienced PDF on the below ward. You must check it and read & learn properly to crack the interview. You must scroll the page down to get all you need.

Interviewers can ask any type of question to you related to the programming. So it is better that you must have all the data about the programming and answers the questions in flow. It will show your knowledge and throw a positive impact on them. You may get all the core java interview questions PDF for 3 years’ experience for preparation form the beneath segment of this page, which is well furnished by the team of project

Core Java Interview Questions

Here below we have provided core java tricky interview questions, you must read and understand it that when these types of questions would be asked in the interview then you must be able to answer them.

Question 1: What is the most important feature of Java?

Answer: Java is a platform independent language.

Question 2: What do you mean by platform independence?

Answer: Platform independence means that we can write and compile the java code in one platform (eg Windows) and can execute the class in any other supported platform eg (Linux, Solaris, etc).

Question 3: What is a JVM?

Answer: JVM is Java Virtual Machine which is a run time environment for the compiled java class files.

Question 4: Are JVM’s platform independent?

Answer: JVM’s are not platform independent. JVM’s are platform specific run time implementation provided by the vendor.

Question 5: What is the difference between a JDK and a JVM?

Answer: JDK is Java Development Kit which is for development purpose and it includes execution environment also. But JVM is purely a run time environment and hence you will not be able to compile your source files using a JVM.

Question 6: What is a pointer and does Java support pointers?

Answer: Pointer is a reference handle to a memory location. Improper handling of pointers leads to memory leaks and reliability issues hence Java doesn’t support the usage of pointers.

Question 7: Does Java support multiple inheritances?

Answer: Java doesn’t support multiple inheritances.

Question 8: Is Java a pure object oriented language?

Answer: Java uses primitive data types and hence is not a pure object oriented language.

Question 9: Are arrays primitive data types?

Answer: In Java, Arrays are objects.

Question 10: What is difference between Path and Class path?

Answer: Path and Class path are operating system level environment variables. Path is used define where the system can find the executable (.exe) files and class path is used to specify the location .class files.

Core Java is a basic knowledge of programming. Core Java Tutorial or Java Programming Tutorial is extensively used vigorous technology. It is a set of computer software and specifications developed by Sun Microsystems, later it was learned by the Oracle Corporation, which provides a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment.

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Core java interview questions for senior developers

Check some more interview questions on core java and attain the knowledge regarding the same.

Question 11: What are local variables?

Answer: Local variables are those which are declared within a block of code like methods. Local variables should be initialized before accessing them.

Question 12: What are instance variables?

Answer: Instance variables are those which are defined at the class level. Instance variables need not be initialized before using them as they are automatically initialized to their default values.

Question 13: How to define a constant variable in Java?

Answer: The variable should be declared as static and final. So only one copy of the variable exists for all instances of the class and the value can’t be changed also.

Static final int MAX_LENGTH = 50; is an example for constant.

Question 14: Should a main () method is compulsorily declared in all java classes?

Answer:  No not required. Main () method should be defined only if the source class is a java application.

Question 15: What is the return type of the main () method?

Answer:  Main () method doesn’t return anything hence declared void.

Question 16:  Why is the main () method declared static?

Answer: Main () method is called by the JVM even before the instantiation of the class hence it is declared as static.

Question 17:  What is the argument of main () method?

Answer:  main () method accepts an array of String object as argument.

Question 18:  Can a main () method be overloaded?

Answer:  Yes. You can have any number of main () methods with different method signature and implementation in the class.

Question 19:  Can a main () method be declared final?

Answer:  Yes. Any inheriting class will not be able to have its own default main () method.

Question 20:  Does the order of public and static declaration matter in main () method?

Answer:  No. It doesn’t matter but void should always come before main ().

There are many core java programming interview questions related to core Java, you can learn all these questions and for more questions and answers you need to stay connected with our web portal.

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End Note:

We hope that core java interview questions and answers for experienced provided above are helpful for you for your preparation. You may stay tuned with our web portal to get latest updates regarding core java interview questions. If you have any query related to the content available on this page, you may ask in comment box; we’ll solve it as soon as we can.

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