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Crime Against Women In India – Violence Against Women, Crime And Law

Crime against Women in India

Crime against Women in India has become a major subject to discuss. From few year Violence against Women in India is increasing day by day which is against the law. Politicians and media have put concentration on this issue just because of increasing proportion of Crime against Women. As per the report of National Crime Records Bureau of India, incidents of crime against women increased 6.4% by the year of 2012. According to this report after every three minutes a Violence against a woman is done.

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Problem of Crime against Women:

India is facing many problems but one problem that is affecting the environment of whole country that is “Growing Crimes against Women”. Every morning when we read the newspaper or turn on the news channel we hear about numerous crimes against Women. Women are struggling to protect themselves from worst crimes of the society such as murders, rapes, dowry deaths and molestation cases. So what is our Government doing and what is the responsibility of Police, these are the questions arising in every woman’s mind.

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Role of Police and Implementation of Law:

What will be the future of that country where newspapers are mostly filled by headlines about the crime against the Women? This is the time when our Government as well as Police needs to give answer. Women Security is the responsibility of Police and Government.

If a criminal has fear of law and order in his mind then he will never try to commit such a crime. But with the Police our Society need to change its mindset and its thinking about the girls. Society plays an important part in the Women’s protection. Every year a number of baby girls are aborted before birth due to the desire of a boy. It shows that our society needs to change its thinking about girls. They should positively react on matters related to girls as they do for boys.

Necessity of Women’s Education in India

Assets of Crime against Women by Survey:

In the year of 2011 there were 228,650 reported incidents, in 2012 number of incidents increased by 244,270, in 2013 reported incidents were 309,546 and in 2014 it was 337,922. By this data it is clear that number of incidents of Crime against Women in India is increasing per year.

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Punishment For Criminal:

Government needs to take strict decisions to prevent crimes against women. Strict Punishment needs to be given to every criminal who destroy the whole life of a woman. Punishment should also be given to those who always try to create barriers in the success of girls. Rules and regulations are also required to reform so that every person will protect the women.

Girls should not be nervous if they are feeling some type of danger instead they should fight and protect themselves. It’s our message and request to all citizen of India that we are living in country where women is treated as a goddess, so don’t ruin that image and if you think that somebody is doing that then it is your moral duty to stop it.

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