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CUSAT Previous Year Question Papers, NEWEST CUSAT CAT Sample Paper PDF

CUSAT Previous Year Question Papers

Are you going to participate in CUSAT CAT exam? Check CUSAT Previous Year Question Papers from this page!!! Aspirants who are willing to get admission in Cochin University of Science and Technology through Common Admission Test they must prepare well for the examination. Candidates can get the newest CUSAT CAT Sample Paper from here. Candidates can also download the CUSAT Last Year Papers for different subjects from the below section of this page.

Previous Year Question Papers are the best study material to prepare for any exam. It provides the clear view of exam pattern and question asked in exam. Candidates must prepare with CUSAT Previous Year Question Papers to know the complexity level of Common Admission Test. Candidates can check their ability to answer by solving the last year papers. Candidates must go through the below section of this page of to know the questions.

CUSAT Previous Year Question Papers

Ques. 1) The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

  1. viscosity of ink
  2. capillary action phenomenon
  3. diffusion of ink through the blotting
  4. siphon action

Answer:  2

Ques. 2) A train 240 m long passes a pole in 24 seconds. How long will it take to pass a platform 650 m long?

  1. 65 sec
  2. 89 sec
  3. 100 sec
  4. 150 sec

Answer:  2

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Ques. 3) The high reactivity of fluorine is due to

  1. its high electro negativity
  2. small size of fluorine atom
  3. availability of d-orbitals
  4. strong F – F bond

Answer:  1

Ques. 4) Optical fibre works on the

  1. principle of refraction
  2. total internal reflection
  3. scattering
  4. interference

Answer:  2

Ques. 5) The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20% is:

  1. 40%
  2. 42%
  3. 44%
  4. 46%

Answer:  3

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Ques. 6) The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is

  1. ethylene
  2. ethane
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. acetylene

Answer:  1

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Ques. 7) Light from the star, Alpha Centauri, which is nearest to the earth after the sun, reaches the earth in

1. 4.2 seconds

2. 42 seconds

3. 4.2 years

4. 42 years

Answer:  3

Ques. 8) What decimal of an hour is a second ?

  1. .0025
  2. .0256
  3. .00027
  4. .000126

Answer:  3

Ques. 9) The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is

  1. adding sodium carbonate
  2. distillation
  3. adding caustic soda
  4. boiling

Answer:  4

Ques. 10) Radio telescopes are better than optical telescopes because

  1. they can detect faint galaxies which no optical telescope can
  2. they can work even in cloudy conditions
  3. they can work during the day and night
  4. All of the above

Answer:  4

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Ques. 11) If log 27 = 1.431, then the value of log 9 is:

  1. 0.934
  2. 0.945
  3. 0.954
  4. 0.958

Answer:  3

Ques. 12) The first metal used by man was

  1. iron
  2. copper
  3. gold
  4. bronze

Answer:  2

Ques. 13) Supersonic plane fly with the speed

  1. less than the speed of sound
  2. of sound
  3. greater than the speed of sound
  4. of light

Answer:  3

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Ques. 14) A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is:

  1. Rs. 650
  2. Rs. 690
  3. Rs. 698
  4. Rs. 700

Answer:  3

Ques. 15) The most electropositive elements among the following is

  1. Na
  2. Ca
  3. K
  4. Cs

Answer:  4

Ques. 16) Stars which appear single to the naked eye but are double when seen through a telescope are

  1. novas and supernovas
  2. binaries
  3. asteroids
  4. quasars

Answer:  2

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Ques. 17) The angle of elevation of the sun, when the length of the shadow of a tree 3 times the height of the tree, is:

  1. 30º
  2. 45º
  3. 60º
  4. 90º

Answer:  1

Ques. 18) The hydronium ion is:

  1. H+
  2. HO –
  3. H2+
  4. H3O+

Answer:  4

Ques. 20) In which of the following industries is mica as a raw material?

  1. Cement
  2. Glass and Pottery
  3. Iron and Steel
  4. Electrical

Answer:  4

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CUSAT Previous Year Papers PDF

Candidates can also download the previous year papers in the form of PDF by hit on the below stated links.

Common Admission Test (CAT) Question Papers-2014Check Here
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Common Admission Test (CAT) Question Papers-2012Check Here

We hope that the above stated questions will prove beneficial for you and provide you help in your preparation of Common Admission Test for Cochin University of Science and Technology. From the above given links candidates can download the papers in PDF format for their suitable courses. Candidates may also check new question time to time by keep visiting this page regularly.

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