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Prepare Data Interpretation for CAT 2018 DI Practice/Preparation Tests, Shortcuts

Data Interpretation For CAT

Data Interpretation is one of the most scoring and time consuming sections in Common Admission Test. If Data Interpretation For CAT is your weak area, here is a broad collection of the exact material you have to make it your strong area. This section of CAT Exam analyzes the CAT Applicant’s capability to understand and examine data and make critical decisions according to it. To score good marks in DI, it is important that candidates Prepare / Practice Data Interpretation for CAT 2018 through Preparation Tests and learn all the given shortcuts carefully.

CAT exam is a national level examination for students aspiring to take admission in management courses like MBA from the country’s premier B-schools like IIMs. Common Admission Test 2018 is managed by Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), which is a computer based examination. In this entrance exam, you can score good marks, which is based on his/her skills on aptitude test, data interpretation, logical reasoning and verbal ability. Read this article of, in order to get complete information about Data Interpretation For CAT.

Data Interpretation For CAT

What is Data Interpretation?

The term DI i.e. acronym to Data Interpretation, is the section which contains questions based on charts and tables, myriad of graphs, venn diagrams, and tables, etc. usually dominate the data interpretation section. Etc. The key to attempt data interpretation is to rapidly classify the key pieces of the data given in the question.

Data Interpretation For CAT Syllabus

The Data Interpretation Syllabus for CAT exam is provided below.

  • Tables
  • Caselets
  • Column Graphs
  • Bar Graphs
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Line Charts
  • Pie Chart

The fundamental concept that operates behind data interpretation questions is to examine the CAT Aspirants on their capability to make decisions and set up what would be the best for different situations. Each set of Data Interpretation question in Common Admission Test, commonly contains MCQs and applicants are supposed to use the shortcuts and strategy to solve the questions.

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Strategy To Solve DI Questions For CAT 2018

On the other hand, the data interpretation question seems lengthy but the key to solving these questions is to recognize the main pieces of data and approach the question in a step by step process. CAT Applicants can use the following CAT Data Interpretation Tricks to solve data interpretation questions such as.

  • Familiarity
  • Conditions
  • Reasoning
  • Sequence of Solutions

As the Common Admission Test does not have a predestined CAT Exam syllabus, a large number of candidates face difficulty and get puzzled during their CAT Preparation. Other than, CAT Applicants should note that questions are usually asked from replicating topics yearly. So, aspirants are recommended to go through the Updated CAT syllabus, DI Questions for CAT with Solutions Pdf and get well known with the associated information and prepare accordingly.

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Tips to Solve Data Interpretation questions for CAT 2018

  • Must read the figures given cautiously.
  • Should not over estimate to simplify their task.
  • Should not assume data or information that is not mentioned in the questions.
  • Improve their speed, as DI questions turn around arithmetic and calculation speed.

Examples Of Data Interpretation questions:

Bar Charts:

Ques1: Total sales of branch B6 for both the years is what percent of the total sales of branches B3 for both the years?

  1. 68.54%
  2. 71.11%
  3. 73.17%
  4. 75.55%

Ans: 3

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Ques2: What percent of the average sales of branches B1, B2 and B3 in 2001 is the average sales of branches B1, B3 and B6 in 2000?

  1. 75%
  2. 77.5%
  3. 82.5%
  4. 87.5%

Ans: 4

Pie Charts:

Ques1: What is the central angle of the sector corresponding to the expenditure incurred on Royalty?

  1. 15º
  2. 24º
  3. 54º
  4. 48º

Ans: 3

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Ques2: The price of the book is marked 20% above the C.P. If the marked price of the book is Rs. 180, then what is the cost of the paper used in a single copy of the book?

  1. Rs. 36
  2. Rs. 37.50
  3. Rs. 42
  4. Rs. 44.25

Ans: 2

Line Charts:

Ques1: Average annual exports during the given period for Company Y is approximately what percent of the average annual exports for Company Z?

  1. 87.12%
  2. 89.64%
  3. 91.21%
  4. 93.33%

Ans: 4

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Ques2: In which year was the difference between the exports from Companies X and Y the minimum?

  1. 1994
  2. 1995
  3. 1996
  4. 1997

Ans: 3

Table Charts:

Expenditures of a Company (in Lakh Rupees) per Annum Over the given Years.

YearItem of Expenditure
SalaryFuel and TransportBonusInterest on LoansTaxes

Ques1: Total expenditure on all these items in 1998 was approximately what percent of the total expenditure in 2002?

  1. 62%
  2. 66%
  3. 69%
  4. 71%

Ans: 3

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Ques2: The total expenditure of the company over these items during the year 2000 is?

  1. Rs. 544.44 lakhs
  2. Rs. 501.11 lakhs
  3. Rs. 446.46 lakhs
  4. Rs. 478.87 lakhs

Ans: 1

Data Interpretation For CAT Books

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Final Words:

At present, the competition is rising over the years with various CAT aspirants applying for the exam yearly. So, Candidates are required to be committed and well-focused for the CAT exam. With accurate preparation, the DI questions can be resolved easily and admission into the IIMs or any other esteemed B-School can be easily acquired.

Keep continue with us for receiving the latest updates about Data Interpretation For CAT. Bookmark our web portal to download detailed information about CAT exam pattern, CAT cutoff score, CAT eligibility criteria and other CAT exam related details etc. Thankyou For Visiting Us….

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