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Delhi Assembly Elections Result 2015- AAP Wins By Huge Margin

Delhi Assembly Elections Result 2015:

Delhi Assembly Elections Result 2015 has declared with the victory of Aam Aadmi Party by 67 votes. Sources of information have assisted earlier that AAP Wins By Huge Margin. Finally the 5 years government of Kejriwal has formed with many Ups and Downs and strong defeat of BJP.

AAP wins by strategy and Planning and huge support from voters.  From the initial only, AAP members and the chief Kejriwal has taken into consideration the initiative to win and gain the appeal and support from majority of city people. Moreover, he  also apologies about his earlier quit and now come up with more strong spirit and action towards BJP to win the battle.

NCT OF Delhi Result Status
Status Known For 70 out of 70 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party303
Aam Aadmi Party67067

Partywise Vote Share

Partywise Result1

Here are 5 Winning Parameters of AAP to form a capital government:

Initial Planning:

AAP and its chief Kejriwal were planning for this election since some time. The dreary performance for the year 2014 in Lok Sabha election, made the AAP even stronger to fight vividly for the Delhi assembly elections. From announcement of candidates to its policy, AAP was leading from BJP and Congress together with strong connection from voters.

Kejriwal’s confession and renovation:

On every offered chance, Kejriwal apologized for giving up after 49 days. This reflects his sincerity and supportiveness for common people. Despite aggravation, Kejriwal doesn’t speak anything wrong about Kiran Bedi. All these things transformed the image of Kejriwal from a defeatist and revolutionary to modest and exigent person.

Dressing Perception of Muffler man:

Winning elections involves managing perceptions. Wearing a Rs. 10 lakh suit undeniably help nothing to Narendra Modi and the BJP. Conversely, Arvjnd Kejriwal with his muffler has come up with an image of a typical Aam Aadmi. The BJP mislaid a essential perception conflict here.

Appeal to Muslims: 

Though complete election data is awaited, but all reports are indicative of Muslims tremendously supporting the AAP. Last time, the Muslim vote was categorized between AAP and Congress. But this time, it was obvious from the beginning that a direct fight is going to occur between the BJP and AAP. Consequently, the AAP got a large numbers of Muslim votes.

Lead the Congress:

Congress was incapable to recuperate its lost ground in Delhi, had transformed to an unexisting entity in this assembly election. It is predictable to obtain less percentage of votes in comparison to last assembly polls. This led the AAP to gain majority of Congress votes.

We hope that the Kejriwal Govt will live up to the promises and aspirations of city people and work towards the development of capital and nation. The aspirations lie with the fact that the govt will work with dedication in these 5 years in solving the major issues of the city.

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