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Dell Placement Papers – Fully Solved Paper Question Answers PDF Download

Dell Placement Papers

Looking for Dell Placement Papers, Checkout this page!!!  If you want tobegin your career with company like DELL then you have made a right choice. But cracking the whole selection process of DELL is not an easy task. To help you in continuing with your decision here we are with Fully Solved DELL Paper Question Answers.

Dell Placement Papers

With the intention to help contenders in getting most of this page, here we have also given Dell Placement Papers Questions and Answers PDF so that candidates can take their DELL Placement Preparation one step forward.

Download Previous Year DELL Placement Papers PDF!!

DELL Aptitude Test Papers Download From Here
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DELL Reasoning Test Papers Download From Here

Those candidates who want to be the part of this company need to qualify the placement round. For that candidates may also take help of the Dell Placement Papers given in below section of this page of

DELL Placement Papers

Question 1: How many devices can be used on a single SCSI bus? Keep in mind that the SCSI host adapter counts as a device.

  1. 1
  2. 8
  3. 20
  4. 10
  5. All of the above


Question2: To install a second IDE drive into a computer, you must:

  1. Set the master-slave jumper to slave on the second drive
  2. Use the IDE configuration software to set the new drive as slave
  3. Verify that you define the new drive as D: in the CMOS setup
  4. Verify that you attach the drive to the connector at the end of the ribbon cable
  5. None of the above


Question 3: In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:

  1. Basic Intuitive Output Set
  2. Basic Input Organizational System
  3. Basic Input Output System
  4. Basic Industry Operating System
  5. None of the above


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Question 4: How many pins on a VGA?

  1. 15.
  2. 9
  3. 25
  4. 32
  5. None of the above


Question 5: What is modified when changing the system start-up boot sequence?

  3. autoexec.bat
  5. None of the above


Question 6: Which is NOT typically a Field Replaceable Unit?

  1. System ROM
  2. Power supply
  3. System chassis
  4. Video controller
  5. None of the above


Question 7: What are the most likely conditions for ESD?

  1. Cold and wet
  2. Cold and dry
  3. Hot and wet
  4. Hot and dry
  5. None of the above


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Question 8: Which type of cable is most likely in use with rj-45 connectors?

  1. 10base2
  2. 10base5
  3. 10baseT
  4. 10baseFL
  5. None of the above


Question 9: Which controller would support an external CD-ROM drive?

  1. ESDI
  2. ARLL
  3. MFM
  4. SCSI
  5. None of the above


Question 10: You should never put floppy drives, hard drives, or even VCR tapes or cassette tapes on top of speakers (or near any other source of magnetism) because of:

  1. RFI
  2. EMI
  3. EXE
  4. FYI
  5. IOU


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Question 11: RS-232 is a standard that applies to?

  1. Parallel port
  2. Serial port
  3. Game port
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above


Question 12: How would you allow device drivers and TSR,s to be loaded into Upper Memory Blocks ?

  1. DOS=High
  2. devicehigh=
  3. loadhigh=
  4. DOS=UMB
  5. None of the above


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Question 13: RTS stands for:

  1. ready to start
  2. ready to switch
  3. request to send
  4. request to scan
  5. ready to set


Question 14: What can you use to ensure power is not interrupted, resulting in corrupted data?

  1. UPS
  2. Proper grounding
  3. Surge protector
  4. Nuclear powered thermal protective underwear
  5. None of the above


Question 15: MSD exe does not have information on:

  1. cache
  2. video
  3. operation system
  4. com ports
  5. None of the above


Question 16: The standard IRQ for the floppy drive is?

  1. 9
  2. 6
  3. 10
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above


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Question 17: To find out how much memory is available, you could type _____

  1. EMM
  2. MEM
  5. None of the above


Question 18: A PC with a 486DX2 processor runs internally at SOMhz. What speed would its external logic be running?

  1. l0Mhz
  2. 25Mhz
  3. 50Mhz
  4. 100 Mhz
  5. None of the above


Question 19: Upper Memory blocks are located where?

  1. Conventional Memory
  2. Extended Memory
  3. Expanded memory
  4. Reserved Memory
  5. None of the above


Question 20: Which of the following are SCSI issues?

  1. unique id settings
  2. limited cable length
  3. parity
  4. passive termination
  5. active termination


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Question 22: After trying to unload a TSR, you get an error message saying that other TSRs were loaded after the one you tried to remove. Which of the following commands could you use to see the current load order?

  1. MEM /P
  3. MEM /C (A SYS:
  4. None of the above


Question 23: IDE cables have how many pins?

  1. 25
  2. 50
  3. 100
  4. 40
  5. 65


Question 24: The DC voltage on most circuit boards is:

  1. -12 volts
  2. 0 volts
  3. +5 volts
  4. +12 volts
  5. None of the above


 DELL Selection!!!

Along with DELL Placement Papers, candidates must also know about the Selection procedure. Hence here we are elaborating the whole DELL Selection.

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DELL Selection Process:

To recruit eligible contenders company conducts three rounds as:

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Academic Criteria:

  • 60 percent throughout(Class X,XII and B.Tech).
  • No backlogs.
  • Gap in education upto 1 year.

Pattern of DELLPlacement Paper

Testing Areas in
Dell Placement Papers
Number of Questions included
in Dell Placement Papers
English Language10
Analytical Ability15
Quantitative Ability20
  • Total time given to candidates to complete the exam is 60 minutes.
  • There is a no negative marking in the paper.

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Details of DELL Placement Papers:

Particulars of Dell Placement PapersComponents of Dell Placement Papers
English Language SectionShort Reading Comprehension Passages. This Section Also Consists Of Basic Grammar Usage Questions Like Fill In The Blanks, Synonyms, Antonyms, Paragraph Completion, Error Based, Vocabulary, Sentence Ordering Etc. This Section Is Of Difficult Level.
Analytical Ability SectionQuantitative Aptitude And Logical Reasoning Questions. The Section Involves Easy Solving Puzzles, Blood Relations, Statements &Arguments, Coding Decoding, Data Sufficiency, Pattern Recognition, Deductive Logic, Statement-Assumption Etc. This Section Also Consists Of Questions From The Topics Like Algebra, Time & Work, Time, Speed & Distance, Arithmetic, Percentages, Probability, Permutation & Combination, Profit & Loss, HCF, LCM, Geometry, Etc. This Section Is Of Moderate Level.

DELL Recruitment Stages!!!

DELL Selection Procedure comprises of three stages: Written test, Technical test and Interview. After qualifying all these stages an individual becomes eligible to get recruited in one of the prominent IT Company i.e. DELL.

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Dell Recruitment Papers!!!

Dell is a MNC technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, and UnitedStates that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. The along with being a prominent IT Company, it also provides employment to several as there are more than 103,300 people worldwide employed in this company.

That candidate who qualifies the written exam round becomes eligible for further selection rounds. That is why we have given priority to DELL Placement Papers.

Dear aspirants, above listed Dell Placement Papers with Answers are beneficial for you to prepare well for examination and get selected for appropriate posts. You may also follow us on Facebook or Google Plus to get latest updates about Dell Placement Questions on your timeline wall directly. All The Best For Your Exam!!!

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