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Difference Between Recruitment And Selection – Best Explanation

Difference Between Recruitment And Selection

Here, we will provide best and easy explanation to clear your doubts on Difference between Recruitment and Selection. Mostly people read Recruitment and Selection as a same thing but they are quite different in meaning and behavior.

Difference Between Recruitment And Selection

Here, we have made some basic difference which will explain you the Difference between Recruitment and Selection easily. You can read the basic comparison points on Recruitment and Selection and thus you will able to know the difference between Recruitment and Selection.

Basis For ComparisonRecruitmentSelection
MeaningRecruitment is an activity of searching candidates and encouraging them apply for it.Selection refers to the process of selecting the best candidates and offering them job.
ObjectiveInviting more and more candidates to apply for the vacant post.Picking up the most suitable candidate and rejecting the rest.
Key FactorAdvertising the jobAppointment of the candidate
ProcessVacancies are notified by the firm through various sources and application form is made available to the candidate.The firm makes applicant pass through various levels like submitting form, written test, Interview, medical test and so on.
Contractual RelationAs recruitment only implies the communication of vacancies, no contractual relation is established.Selection involves the creation of contractual relation between the employer and employee.

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What is Recruitment and Selection?

Definition of Recruitment:

Recruitment refers to the process of finding prospective candidates for a job or purpose, commenced by recruiters. It may be performed by an employment society or a staff member at the business or organization.

Recruiting process can take place through numerous ways such as interviews, newspapers, using newspaper devoted to job advertisement, professional magazines/ periodicals/ pamphlets, using advertisements located in windows, a job center etc. There are some common activities which are involved in the recruitment of employees:

  • Examine job requirement
  • Advertising the openings
  • Magnetizing candidates to apply for the job
  • Managing replies
  • Screening of applications
  • Short listing job seekers
  • Accomplishing examination or Interview
  • Taking decisions regarding assortment

Definition of Selection:

Selection is the process which is used to categorize and hire persons or clusters of individuals to fill up available jobs within an association. The word selection explains the meanings itself. It means the appointment of the correct man at the accurate job.

We all know that, lot of populace apply for a particular job at the time of recruitment, in which the interviewers have to make a decision that which contender fits the best for the job. A set of activities which are given as under are involved throughout the complete process of selection:

  • Screening
  • Eliminating unsuitable candidates
  • Conducting the examination like Aptitude Test, Intelligence Test, Performance Test, Personality Test
  • Interview
  • Checking References
  • Medical Test

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Key Differences between Recruitment and Selection

Following points explains the best way to understand the Differences between Recruitment and Selection. So, let’s check out what is the Difference between Recruitment and Selection:

  1. Recruitment is the procedure of finding applicants for the vacant position and inspiring them to apply for it. On the other hand, selection means picking up the best candidate by conducting various rounds of screening from the list of applicants and offering them the job.
  2. Recruitment is a positive process. On the contrary, selection is a negative process.
  3. Main aim of recruitment is to invite more and more candidates to apply for the vacant position. In contrast, selection aims at rejecting unsuitable candidates and appointing the right candidates at the job.
  4. The activity of recruitment is quite simple because in this the recruiter does not have to pay more attention to scrutinize the eligible candidate, whereas selection is a complex activity because in this the employer wants to know every minute detail about each candidate so that he can choose the perfect match for the job which requires thorough investigation.
  5. Recruitment consumes less time as it only involves identifying the needs of the job and stimulating candidates to apply for the same. On the contrary, selection involves a wide range of activities, right from shortlisting the candidates to appointing them.
  6. In recruitment, no contractual relation is created between the employer and employee. On the other hand, in selection both employer and employee are bound by the contract of employment.
  7. Recruitment is an economical process while the selection is an expensive process.

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Conclusion For Recruitment and Selection

The success of any company depends on upon its employees. If the employee is perfect for a job, then the whole organization will enjoy the benefits of its unbeatable success.

Recruitment and selection help in choosing the right candidate for the right vacant post with the help of screening of candidates. Selection process helps the organization in reducing losses as the company does hard work while selecting best employee.

Best Explanation For Difference Between Recruitment Process And Selection Process:

The most important distinction between the two is that Recruitment is an optimistic process. On the other hand, Selection is a pessimistic process as it discards all the unfit contenders.

Recruitment use less time as the enormous process desires barely 4-5 days and recognizing the opportunities and advertising and so on. But selection takes more time as the employers need to give more and more importance on searching out the excellent candidate, so they judge each candidate on various factors which ultimately takes time.

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Important Note:

Complete details with best explanation about Difference between Recruitment and Selection are well furnished above. Hope the provided information is helpful for you and you are able to know differentiate between Recruitment and Selection.

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