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Difference Between Recruitment And Selection – Best Explanation

Difference Between Recruitment And Selection

Difference Between Recruitment And SelectionWhile several organizations merely refer to “recruitment” as the complete hiring process, but a few of them know that there is a discrete Difference between Recruitment and Selection. Nowadays, there is a very long process for engagement of an eligible and suitable contender for a post. There are two main stages which may be heard by you thousands of times, theses two arenas are recruitment and selection. Most of us analyze them as the same thing. But, they are somehow diverse in meaning and manners. Here on this page, we have given the Best Explanation regarding the Difference between Recruitment and Selection.

In this page we are trying to tell you about the major difference between Recruitment & Selection. Dear aspirants you can grasp all the comparison related to selection and recruitment on our official portal which is recruitmentresult.com.

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Definition of Recruitment:

Recruitment refers to the process of finding prospective candidates for a job or purpose, commenced by recruiters. It may be performed by an employment society or a staff member at the business or organization. Advertising is major component of the recruiting process, and can take place through numerous ways. Some of them are campus interviews, newspapers, using newspaper devoted to job advertisement, professional magazines/ periodicals/ pamphlets, using advertisements located in windows, a job center etc. There are some common activities which are involved in the recruitment of employees:

  • Examine job requirement
  • Advertising the openings
  • Magnetizing candidates to apply for the job
  • Managing replies
  • Screening of applications
  • Short listing job seekers
  • Accomplishing examination or Interview
  • Taking decisions regarding assortment

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Meaning of Selection:

Selection is the process which is used to categorize and hire persons or clusters of individuals to fill up available jobs within an association. The word selection explains the meanings itself. It means the appointment of the correct man at the accurate job. We all know that, lot of populace apply for a particular job at the time of recruitment, in which the interviewers have to make a decision that which contender fits the best for the job.

There are some scrutiny method exist that may be used in employees assortment. List of examples are given here which includes the use of minimum or preferred qualifications, resume, oral interviews, work performance measures, and traditional tests. A set of activities which are given as under are involved throughout the complete process of selection:

  • Screening
  • Eliminating unsuitable candidates
  • Conducting the examination like Aptitude Test, Intelligence Test, Performance Test, Personality Test etc.
  • Interview
  • Checking References
  • Medical Test

Difference Between Recruitment And Selection:

Basis Recruitment Selection
Meaning Recruitment is an activity of searching and hiring the right candidate for a particular post. It is an activity of establishing contact between employers and applicants. Selection is a part of recruitment activity, in which the recruiter chooses the best employee among the shortlisted candidates for the job. It is a process of picking up more competent and suitable employees.
Hurdles The candidates have not to cross over many hurdles. Many hurdles have to be crossed.
Approach It is a positive approach. It is a negative approach.
Sequence It precedes selection. It follows recruitment.
Economy It is an economical method. It is an expensive method.
Objective Inviting more and more candidates to apply for the vacant post. It attempts at rejecting unsuitable candidates.
Process It is a simple process. It is a complicated process.
Time Consuming Less time is required. More time is required.
Key Factor Advertising the job Appointment of the candidate

The most important distinction between the two is that Recruitment is an optimistic process as it creates a center of attention for more and more job finders to apply for the post. On the other hand, Selection is a pessimistic process as it discards all the unfit contenders.

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Recruitment use less time as the enormous process desires barely 4-5 days and recognizing the opportunities and advertising and so on. But selection takes more time as the employers need to give more and more importance on searching out the excellent candidate, so they judge each candidate on various factors which ultimately takes time.

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