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Difference Between Resume And CV – Best Explanation With Format

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Resume Vs. CV

The main difference between Resume and CV is the length, the content which is written in CV and the purpose of it.

The CV stands for Curriculum vitae and the Latin means is “course of life” it is a longer (two or more pages) and more detailed summery.

The resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, education and experience.

Curriculum Vitae (CV):

Curriculum vitae is more detailed then a resume. It is a summary about candidate’s educational and academic conditions, teaching and research experience their presentations, awards and honors etc.  If you are a senior practician in your field then your CV must be well extend to 20 pages and further than.

How to Write a Good Resume


The terms CV and resume tend to be used interchangeably. A resume is a brief document which is not longer than one page as the intended the reader will not reside on your document for very long. It has no particular format.

The Persons will use a resume when they apply for business, governmental, industry, and non-profit jobs. To present more information, you should prepare a two page document than the typical resume. Resume should also cover the topics related to research, publications and experiences, but is still much shorter than a CV.

Impressive Resume Format

How Can Analyse Resume Vs CV?

ResumeCurriculum Vitae
Resume is a French word which means “summary”Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word which means “course of life”
Summary view of education and skills is provided in resume.It is a descriptive presentation of one’s education and experiences.
Resume is limited to a page or two.It contains more than two pages.
It begins with name and address.Contact information is given in starting.
It is presented in bulleted or italicised format.It is presented in paragraph format to tell every detail.
No such personal details else than contact details are required in this.Every personal detail including marital status and extra skills are included in C.V.
It is summary based so it takes a less time for an employer to know about an applicant’s skills.More time is consumed in scanning a C.V.
A professional resume contain less words but more effective and explanatory word are written.Word power is not much intended in it.
References are excluded from itIt include references
Mostly used in private sectors.Public sectors applications include it.

What Do We Need In CV / Resume?


  • CV: Fellow academics in your field of study
  • Resume: A general audience of employers who hire for a wide variety of positions


  • CV is to present your full academic history — including teaching, research, awards, and service
  • Resume is to demonstrate that you have the skills and experience necessary to succeed within the position you are seeking.

Sample Resume for Teachers


  • CV is As long as necessary
  • Resume needs One or two pages only


  • CV: Demonstrating your academic achievements and scholarly potential
  • Resume: representing your experiences — job-related, extracurricular and volunteer, as well as the skills you’ve gained from these.

Essential Information:

  • Must give Lists of publications, presentations, teaching experiences, education, honors, and grants in CV
  • Should give Skills and experiences you have gained as related to the job you are seeking in resume.

Sample Resume for MBA 


  • CV: Include
  • Resume: Do not include

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