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Disaster Management – Meaning | Importance | Careers Available | Future Scope

Disaster is an unfortunate and calamitous event which suddenly brings huge damages, destruction, loss of lives and health as well as deterioration of money and property and also stops the developmental projects working in the affected area. So in these emergencies the Disaster Management plays a very vital role and tries to rescue more & more people from the affected areas.

article-2351152-1A90B3B9000005DC-792_634x462Disaster Management is an organization or the management of the group of members which are professionally trained to work in the critical conditions to rescue the people from the affected areas as well as to supply the eatables to the trapped ones.

The members are expert in rescuing the peoples, distributing the eatables among the people equally, providing medical facilities to the injured one and co-operating the people for rescue. Experts are called at the time of disaster to make a plan using the resources available at affected areas by which more and more people will rescued in less time.

The Disaster Management or Government also needs the help of the people from the normal areas to donate the stuff like, eatables, clothes, money, medicines etc which is used by the injured or affected peoples.

Disaster Management – Importance

It is important to prepared in advance about the disaster or any unfortunate event like, flood, tsunami, drought, avalanche etc. so at the time when any disaster occurs they are well prepared for tackling it and saving more and more people from getting affected.


If we come to know in advance about the disaster by the help of new technologies like tsunami, hurricane etc so we will get well prepared and move the peoples from the dangerous zone to safe area and also prepared that how we can save many lives if they are in dangerous situation. The main aim of disaster management is to reduce the criticality of the disaster by saving people more & more people.

When unknowingly any disaster occurs then Local Authorities, National and State Government, Provincial Authorities all comes together and collectively works for the rescue of the people. So they also have plan for these unknown disasters too.

Disaster Management – Future Scope & Careers Available

A person from Disaster Management can get job in govt. as well as non-government sectors or in any service of their choice like, Emergency Services, Government Organizations, and Non- Government Organizations (NGO’s), Law Enforcement Department etc.

There is a bright career available in disaster management because a person will be employed in any of these International Agencies, Relief Agencies and United Nations etc. In disaster management you can also get employed in Police, Fire Fighter, Defence and other protective services.

A personal also choose the Information Technology, Data Base Analyst, Network Administrator, Operation Analyst, Security Administrator etc in disaster management. and also can take part in disaster recovery planning. There is much scope to choose in different fields of disaster management like, Social Workers, Medical & Health Expert, Engineers, Scientists, Environmental experts etc. So you can choose any field to be in Disaster Management.

Disaster can occur any time so we have to be prepared for it in advance and keep updating yourself from the things happening nearby you. You should be aware with the precaution & safety measures used at the time of disaster or at an emergency situation. Be safe…

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