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DRDO Previous Papers | Download (SET, CEPTAM) Model Paper PDF Online

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DRDO Previous Papers

DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization) works for defense to test the weapons which makes strong our country security. Dear candidates! If you are looking for DRDO Previous Papers, then you are at correct place. Here, on this page, we are providing DRDO previous year’s papers for SET, CEPTAM and Model paper with solution.

Defence Research and Development Organization conducts the exams for various posts every year to hire eligible candidates for the posts of engineers or scientific graduates in different disciplines. Keep in touch with the team of to get updates about DRDO Previous Papers etc.

DRDO Previous Papers 

Ques-1)At room temperature the current in an intrinsic semiconductor is due to

a)    holes

b)    electrons

c)    ions

d)    holes and electrons

Ans-) d

Ques-2. Work function is the maximum energy required by the fastest electron at 0 K to escape from the metal surface.

a)      True

b)      False

Ans-) b

Ques-3.The most commonly used semiconductor material is

a)      silicon

b)      germanium

c)       mixture of silicon and germanium

d)      none of the above

Ans-) a

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Ques-4. In which of these is reverse recovery time nearly zero?

a)      Zener diode

b)      Tunnel diode

c)       Schottky diode

d)      PIN diode

Ans-) c

Ques-5.A transistor has a current gain of 0.99 in the CB mode. Its current gain in the CC mode is

a)      100

b)      99

c)       1.01

d)      0.99

Ans-) a

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Ques-6)Two coils in differential connection have self-inductance of 2 mH and 4 mH and a mutual inductance of 0.15 mH. The equivalent inductance of the combination is

a)      5.7 mH

b)      5.85 mH

c)       6 mH

d)      6.15 mH.

Ans-) a

Ques-7) The difference between the indicated value and the true value of a quantity is known as

a)      Gross error

b)      Absolute error

c)       Dynamic error

d)      Relative error

Ans –) c

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Ques-8) Optocouplers combine

a)      SITs and BJTs

b)      IGBTs and MOSFETS

c)       Power transformers and silicon transistor

d)      Infrared light-emitting diode and a silicon phototransistor

Ans -) d

Ques-9) An instruction used to set the carry Flag in a computer can be classified as

a)      data transfer

b)      arithmetic

c)       logical

d)      program control

Ans-) b

Physics Question and Answer

Ques-10) Frequency in the UHF range propagate by means of

a)      Ground waves

b)      Sky waves

c)       Surface waves

d)      Space waves.

Ans-) d

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Ques-11. When these numbers are multiplied, (6 × 103) (5 × 105), the result is

a)      3 × 108

b)      30 × 108

c)       300 × 109

d)      3,000 × 107

Ans-) b

Ques-12. Resistance is measured in

a)      henries

b)      ohms

c)       hertz

d)      watts

Ans-) b

Ques-13. The number 65,000 expressed in scientific notation as a number between 1 and 10 times a power of ten is

a)      0.65 × 104

b)      6.5 × 104

c)       65 × 104

d)      650 × 103

Ans-) b

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Ques-14. When converting 7,000 nA to microamperes, the result is

a)      0.007 µA

b)      0.7 µA

c)       700 µA

d)      7 µA

Ans-) d

Ques-15. The number of kilowatts in 135 milliwatts is

a)      1.35 × 10–4 kW

b)      135 × 10–3 kW

c)       0.0135 kW

d)    0.00135 kW

Ans-) a

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16.The number 4,500,000 can be expressed as

a)      4,500 × 106

b)      4.5 × 106

c)       4.5 × 10-3

d)      either 4,500 × 103 or 4.5 × 106

Ans-) b

17.When converting 1,600 kilohms to megohms, the result is

a)      1,600,000 M

b)      160 M

c)       1.6 M

d)      0.160 M

Ans-) c

18. What is (79 × 106)/(12 × 10–8)?

a)      6,580 × 1012

b)      658 × 1010

c)       6.58 × 1014

d)      0.658 × 1016

Ans-) c

19.Fourteen milliamperes can be expressed as

a)      14 MA

b)      14 µA

c)       14 kA

d)      14 mA

Ans-) d

20.The number 4.38 × 10–3 expressed as a number having a power of 10–6 is

a)      4,380 × 10–6

b)      438 × 10–6

c)       43,800 × 10–6

d)      438,000 × 10–6

Ans-) a

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Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is an esteemed agency in India. It is responsible for technology development of Indian Military. Its head office is situated in New Delhi. DRDO was initiated in year 1958. Every year DRDO is invited the application form from interested candidates who want to do the job with it.

DRDO (Defence Research and Development) conducts recruitment exam for filling up the various vacancies such as of junior research fellow, scientist, clerk, UDC, multi tasking staff etc. freshers and experienced candidates apply and appear for exam, To crack DRDO exam is not an easy task one has to work very hard.

Candidates who possess graduate and post graduate degree from any recognized university they try for DRDO recruitment to make their career with DRDO. In this organization after getting the place for  any post candidates gets so many advantages such as  job security, handsome remunerations etc .

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