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Facebook Interview Experience, Share Your Views/Reviews/Suggestions with Us

Facebook Interview Experience

Dear Aspirants, here we are presenting the conversation views of Arun Verma who is a Graduate Degree Holder in Computer Science from IIT, Kharagpur. In simple and concise words, Arun has shared his Facebook Interview Experience, Views, Reviews and Suggestions with us to offer crucial facts of knowledge that many aspirants subjecting to big achievements will find truly worthful.

Name: Arun Verma

Degree: Graduate in Computer Science from IIT, Kharagpur

Venue: Facebook’s Palo Alto office

The complete recruiting process of Interview is managed and supervised by two members (software engineers) and the third member is HR person at the Facebook’s Palo Alto office. Firstly on my entry into the Interview room, I wish everybody Good Afternoon. I was not asked to sit. So I inquired them that can I sit. They answered simply a “yes” with a little smile. There was a pithy quietness in amid, as they were checking my documents. At the next moment, the Interview Session had started.

M1. Tell me about yourself?

Arun. This is the very first question asked in my Interview. I have answered in a short statement prepared in my mind. I talked about my past achievements, my hobbies, my strengths very politely and genuinely.

M1. What do you know about Facebook?

Arun. I have prepared very well for this Answer as I have made an extensive search about the Facebook. Facebook is an online social networking facility with its main centre in Menlo Park, California. After registration on this service, users can make profile, make other users as friends and communicate messages, Post status and their photos and share videos.

HR. Why should we hire you?

Arun. I have replied in a very thoughtful and possessive way that I think I am best suitable for the position. My degree is acknowledged with an advanced practical knowledge of technological concepts. If engaged with an opportunity then I would work as a team player in the expansion of the corporation with my best efforts.

HR. What are your career goals and where do you see yourself five years from now?

Arun. Within 5 years, I would like to see myself as a best computer programmer in your organization. I want to be an expert that others rely on. I am also working to be awarded with further certifications in this field to augment my career potential.

HR. Can you work under pressure?

Arun. I can work even better under pressure and I take pleasure in working in a challenging environment. I never have any difficulty to work under stress. I only focus on my work and my efforts that I should put into my work.

M2. What is the difference between confidence and overconfidence?

Arun. If I say that I can do this work then this reflects my confidence towards that work. But If I say that only I can do this work then this is the state of overconfidence in me.

M1. Describe your ideal company, location and job.

Arun. For me, an ideal company is the one where I can recognize my talent and consider myself knowing that my work aims towards the success of the company. My ideal company also depends on me where I get motivated to work hard and complete my tasks.

HR.  What are your weaknesses or areas you would like to improve?

Arun. I keep working on enhancing my communications skills so that I can present my thoughts and views in a more effective way.

M1. What are your Goals for the Future?

Arun. I want to see myself as an excellently working employee in a top organization like this one. I wish to become an expert in the field of programming by working with your organization.

HR. What is more important to you: the money or the work?

Arun. Money is all the time significant, but the work is mainly important.

This is my Interview experience. It had gone great and now I am at a position of Computer Programmer in Facebook.

From the above discussion, it is concluded that you should be confident and concise in your answers in Interview. Try to avoid Diplomatic Answers to the questions that had been asked. Don’t feel bad if you are rejected by any company because there are other companies who are waiting for you. Be Polite and genuine while Answering and don’t speak anything wrong about an Organization.

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