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Facebook Interview Experience | HR & Technical Round Interview Tips

Facebook Interview Experience

Facebook, a company with much popularity and magnitude is the one and only organization where everybody anyhow once thinks to work with. But getting recruited to it is not an easy task. Here, I Riya Wadhwa, by sharing my Facebook Interview Experience, will tell you some important and worthy tips for HR & Technical Round Interview.

Facebook is always trying to expand its business in other countries. Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook have an objective like More Ambitions Come with More Growth. This popular and expanded company will definitely look for the best talent to grow more and expand the operations to many other countries.

Those who are keen to join such an expanded firm must go through the conversation between me and Facebook HR during the interview. This will help you understanding the aim and importance of getting selected in Facebook.

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Facebook Interview Experience

Name: Riya Wadhwa

Degree: Graduate in Computer Science from IIT, Kharagpur

Venue: Facebook’s Palo Alto office

In the first round of my Facebook interview I had gone through 5 types of interviews which were conducted with the reason of testing my ability, my talent and self-confidence. All such rounds consisting in the interview tells the HR/Interviewer that whether we are fit and perfect for the organization or not. Let’s have a look on the questions which were asked from me in the interview by HR of Facebook.

1) Tell Me about Your Best Collaboration Experience?

Riya: This question was asked to me to get my point of view towards working in a company with a giant team. There needs a collaboration to work properly. Every company wants that there must be good collaboration ability or skills between the employees so that they may work with a team perfectly.

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2) What Do You Do To Stay Motivated?

Riya: This means that how much one can stick to the job and can bring better results for the growth of the company. Each firm needs the motivated person so that he/she may not become cause for the break of a company’s growth. If the motivation of the candidates is tied to the company then it can be a sign for an HR to hire the interviewee as he/she will be perfect for the job.

3) How Do You Build Relationships?

Riya: Now it has become more important factor in most of the companies that they want the employee who can build a good relationship and get engaged with the coworkers. In the organization of any size whether a big or short firm, for long term success it is necessary to be able to develop connection with coworkers and managers. This type of questions can give appreciated understanding into that ability.

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4) What Would You Do If An Interviewer Didn’t Show Up?

Riya: Answer to this question can show an interviewer that what will you do or react when things start going wrong. This can show the ability to handle any situation. This can bring negative as well as positive sign to the interviewer. Think it once and then answer to the question, handling the situation calmly and perfectly.

5) What Is One Project You’re Proud Of?

Riya: This question will show the HR that how much you are involved to the work you are interested or how much you can try to do that work and to bring that particular work in your life. This shows the ability to do and promote any work, and this can be the question to put a great image infront of an HR.

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6) Why Do You Want To Work For Facebook?

Riya: This question is asked most commonly by each firm. Well!!! Answer to this question can give you chance to show up your qualities. This can also show their research or their preparation they have done for the company and for the interview they were going to appear for. Answer showing the importance of working in that company will be the perfect and score gaining subject.

7) What Is The Biggest Compliment You Have Received In Your Current Role?

Riya: Answer to this question can include strength of the candidates or on which side they were appreciated in their current job role, how well they performed and what were the things in you which attracted others to give complement. As all the appreciable things in you can be beneficial in your new role job.

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8) What Would Be Your Biggest Challenge Coming Into This Role?

Riya: It can include your greatest weakness but rather you should talk freely about the personal challenges you may face in your job and how you will face them. It may help you in thinking more broadly about your weakness or the challenges you have faced in your previous role.

9) Tell Me about a Time That You Had a Disagreement with Your Manager

Riya: This answer will show your abilities of interaction or how you will interact with your seniors or managers and how you will solve the arising difficulties. This is the most important question which can show the interviewer that you are fit for the job.

10) What Are Facebook’s Challenges in the Coming Years?

Riya: This shows that how much you have prepared and research for the company and how you can tell about the companies’ current situation, also that how better you can predict the company’s future according to the current situation and your knowledge.

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11) What Would An Old Coworker Say About You?

Riya: This can allow you to speak about yourself more objectively, not from your side but as your coworker relatively sense the burden of having to either be arrogant or claim in a self-assessment. Answer the question truly and freely so that an HR may get proper knowledge about you and your behavior.

Going through all the above mentioned questions will definitely help you in preparing very well for your upcoming interview. I hope that my personal interview will be proved very beneficial for you. I wish you good luck your future!!!

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