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FMGE Mock Test 2019 | Online Practice Test – Latest Question/Answer

FMGE Mock Test 2019

FMGE Mock Test provided here will help you to accelerate your preparation for upcoming December Exam. By solving Free Online Practice Test you will learn about the latest exam pattern and question and answers, types of question asked and your preparation level.

Aspirants who are going to appear in FMGE December Exam they must give FMGE Mock Test 2019 as it will be beneficial for them to know how to switch between various questions and how to navigate your way through the entire exam.

FMGE Mock Test Series Free Online Exams

Aspirants must attempt online mock test the way they world attempt original FMGE exam. You will never feel prepared until the actual exam day! So, take this exam now and assess your caliber honestly.

To know more regarding FMGE Mock Test 2019 you have to scroll down this page which is well created by the dedicated team members of

FMGE Mock Test

FMGE online test series is available in both English and Hindi languages. Take the free mock test for FMGE, and speed up your chances of cracking the exam.

Features of the FMGE Mock Test

Below is the list of benefits or features of FMGE Online Mock Test Series:

  • Instant Ranking and Result
  • FMGE Mock Test can be given anywhere even without internet
  • Get analysis of every single question you attempted as well as the ones you got wrong
  • Get competitor analysis instantaneously
  • Get detailed solution for all the questions asked in FMGE Mock Test
  • FMGE Mock Tests are Bilingual, i.e. available in both English and Hindi

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FMGE Question and Answers

Question1: The commonest variation in the arteries arising from the arch of aorta is:

  1. Absence of brachiocephalic trunk.
  2. Left vertebral artery arising from the arch.
  3. Left common carotid artery arising from brachiocephalic trunk.
  4. Presence of retroesophageal subclavian artery.

Ans. 3

Question2: The blood vessel related to the paraduodenal fossa is:

  1. Gonadal vein
  2. Superior mesenteric artery
  3. Portal vein
  4. Inferior mesenteric vein

Ans. 4

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Question3: The nerve commonly damaged during McBurney’s incision is:

  1. Subcostal
  2. Iliohypogastric
  3. 11th thoracic
  4. 10th thoracic

Ans. 2

Question4: The lumbar region of the vertebral column permits all the following movements, except:

  1. Flexion
  2. Extension
  3. Lateral flexion
  4. Rotation

Ans. 4

Question5: All of the following are examples of traction epiphysis, except:

  1. Mastoid process
  2. Tubercles of humerus
  3. Trochanter of femur
  4. Condyles of tibia

Ans. 4

Question6: All of the following statements are true for metaphysis of bone, except:

  1. It is the strongest part of the bone.
  2. It is the most vascular part of bone.
  3. Growth activity is maximized here.
  4. It is the region favouring hematogenous spread of infection.

Ans. 1

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Question7: All of the following features can be observed after the injury to axillary nerve, except:

  1. Loss of rounded contour of shoulder.
  2. Loss of sensation along lateral side of upper arm.
  3. Loss of overhead abduction.
  4. Atrophy of deltoid muscle.

Ans. 3

Question8: All of the following muscles are grouped together as ‘muscles of mastication’, except:

  1. Buccinator
  2. Masseter
  3. Temporalis
  4. Pterygoids

Ans. 1

Question9: Referred pain from ureteric colic is felt in the groin due to involvement of the following nerve:

  1. Subcostal
  2. Iliohypogastric
  3. Ilioinguinal
  4. Genitofemoral

Ans. 4

Question10: The right coronary artery supplies all of the following parts of the conducting system in the heart, except:

  1. SA Node
  2. AV Node
  3. AV Bundle
  4. Right bundle branch

Ans. 4

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Question11: How many nucleotides are there in Ss RNA molecule of picorna virus causing FMD?

  1. 1000
  2. 5000
  3. 8000
  4. 10000

Ans. 3

Question12: Recombinant vaccine for Hepatitis B virus has been synthesized against which of the following antigen?

  1. Viral core antigen (HBcAg)
  2. Viral surface antigen (HBsAg)
  3. e antigen (HBeAg)
  4. All of the above

Ans. 2

Question13: Chemically synthesized DNA sequences for the two chains are separately inserted into the plasmid pBR 322 by the side of

  1. β-Galactosidase
  2. galactokinase
  3. acid phosphatase
  4. glucokinase

Ans. 1

Question14: Large parasites such as helminthes may be killed extracellularly by the action of

  1. basophils
  2. monocytes
  3. eosinophils
  4. neutrophils

Ans. 3

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Question15: Passive immunization is done for

  1. tuberculosis
  2. diphtheria
  3. enteric fever
  4. all of these

Ans. 2

Question16: Which of the following statements is true about the autonomic nervous system?

  1. The sympathetic outflow from the CNS is through both the cranial nerves and the sympathetic chain.
  2. The parasympathetic outflow from the CNS is through cranial nerves only.
  3. The superior hypogastric plexus is located at the anterior aspect of the aortic bifurcation and fifth lumbar vertebra.
  4. The superior hypogastric plexus contains sympathetic fibers only.

Ans. 3

Question17: An increase in which of the following parameters will shift the O2 dissociation curve to the left:

  1. Temperature
  2. Partial pressure of CO2
  3. 2,3 DPG concentration
  4. Oxygen affinity of haemoglobin

Ans. 4

Question18: A lesion of ventrolateral part of spinal cord will lead to loss (below the level of lesion) of:

  1. Pain sensation on the ipsilateral side
  2. Proprioception on the contralateral side
  3. Pain sensation on the contralateral side
  4. Proprioception on the ipsilateral side

Ans. 3

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Question19: Two students, Vineet and Kamlesh were asked to demonstrate in dogs the role of sinus nerve in hypovolemic shock.Vineet severed the sinus nerve when the mean blood pressure (MBP) was 85 mm Hg and Kamlesh cut the sinus nerve when the mean blood pressure was 60 mm Hg. On cutting the sinus nerve:

  1. Vineet recorded an increase in MBP but Kamlesh recorded a decrease in MBP.
  2. Vineet recorded a decrease in MBP but Kamlesh recorded an increase in MBP.
  3. Both recorded an increase in MBP.
  4. Both recorded a decrease in MBP.

Ans. 1

Question20: As a part of space-research program, a physiologist was asked to investigate the effect of flight-induced stress on blood pressure. Accordingly the blood pressure of the cosmonauts were to be measured twice: once before the take-off, and once after the spacecraft entered the designated orbit around the earth. For a proper comparison, the preflight blood pressure should be recorded in:

  1. The lying down position.
  2. The sitting position.
  3. The standing position
  4. Any position, as long as the post-flight recording is made in the same position.

Ans. 1


National Board of Examination release notification for Foreign Medical Qualification exam every year!! Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) 2018 is a screening test which allows candidates to obtain provisional or permanent registration with Medical Council of India or State Medical Council.

The Exam is conducted on 14-12-2018 for December Session. The screening test is conducted twice a year in the month of June and December. It is an evaluative exam which allows Indian nationals with foreign medical qualification to practice in the country considering they qualify the exam.

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