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GAIL Placement Papers Mechanical, Chemistry, Electronics Off Campus Pdf

GAIL Placement Papers 

Those candidates who are going to participate in the Gas Authority of India Limited off campus exam they are need to go through GAIL Placement Papers for Mechanical, Chemistry, Electronics and other streams. Candidates can check the given placement papers to get an idea of questions asked and for better preparation.

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GAIL Placement Papers

Ques:1 A 3 stack stepper motor with 12 numbers of rotor teeth has a step angle of ____________.

Ques:2 Which of the following material has maximum ductility?

Ques:3 Two trains, each 100 m long, moving in opposite directions, cross each other in 8 seconds. If one is moving twice as fast the other, then the speed of the faster train is:

Ques:4 Electric resistance seam welding uses __________ electrodes.

Ques:5 The neutral axis of the cross-section a beam is that axis at which the bending stress is

Ques:6 A man takes twice as long to row a distance against the stream as to row the same distance in favour of the stream. The ratio of the speed of the boat (in still water) and the stream is:

Ques:7 The ability of a material to remain magnetized after removal of the magnetizing force is known as

Ques:8 Iron-carbon alloys containing 1.7 to 4.3% carbon are known as

Ques:9 At what rate of compound interest per annum will a sum of Rs. 1200 become Rs. 1348.32 in 2 years?

Ques:10 Slip of the induction machine is 0.02 and the stator supply frequency is 50 Hz. What will be the frequency of the rotor induced emf?

Ques:11 The bodies which rebound after impact are called

Ques:12 The banker's gain on a bill due 1 year hence at 12% per annum is Rs. 6. The true discount is:

Ques:13 The armature of a dc machine is laminated to reduce:

Ques:14 The thermal efficiency of a standard Otto cycle for a compression ratio of 5.5 will be

Ques:15 Electric ovens using heating elements of _______________ can produce temperature upto 3000°C.

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