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MBA GD Topics | Important Group Discussion (Management) Topics with Answers

GD Topics For MBA

Group Discussion is the key to check the communication skills as well as thought process of the individuals. In this process, hiring manager gives various GD Topics For MBA to the group of individuals at the moment. Before taking admission in management course or getting placements in reputed organization, one must go through the Group Discussion round.  The below provided Important Group Discussion (Management) Topics with Answers will help you to learn important things to perform better in GD Round.

The efficiency of the Group Discussion is measured upon the group size, time allotment and the active participation of the candidates with the moderator. AS more as the Group Communication evolve as efficient as Group Discussion can be.  By preparing from the GD topics for MBA job interview or GD topics for MBA admission, you can perform better in the GDPI round. There are 100 of GD PI topics for MBA but you can start your preparation by work on the Top GD topics for MBA. So let’s discuss about the Latest GD Topics For MBA now.

GD Topics For MBA

What Is GD (Group Discussion especially for MBA)?

For getting admission in the MBA/PGDM programmes in B-schools, one must go through the Group Discussion (GD) round. It is an important tool to test the applicant’s skills while providing a job offer or admission to the business administration programms

This activity is very creative and dynamic which is done in the group of 8 to 10 people. In the Group Discuss Process, individuals have to discuss things face to face and share ideas freely on a given GD topic of a common issue. A successful discussion involves both listening and meaningful speaking.

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Tips to preparing For Group Discussion Round

No One knows actual topics for GD in MBA. But before preparing for latest topics for GD for MBA, Here we have suggested you to be updated and keep an eye on the info related to the current affairs, Historical topics, Sports, Literature etc. So go through it. On This page, we are also discussing about the GD topics for MBA placements. While preparing from GD topics for MBA admission, we are suggested you to and keep aware with the info related to the current affairs, Historical topics, Sports, Literature etc. So go through it…

  • Your Vocabulary should be strong
  • Be Confident
  • At the GD, you have to focus on the main points that are:
  • Understanding the topic
  • Precise and sharp thoughts
  • Taking the initiative
  • Conquer misunderstandings
  • Communicating your views
  • Knowledge about the topic

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MBA GD Topics

Latest GD Topics For MBA 2018

  • Is India moving towards people management?
  • Education in India – burden or opportunity?
  • Football means to India?
  • IT chain puller of Indian economy.
  • Indian Philosophy in the world?
  • Human relations vs. Materialistic things?
  • Globalization how real is it?
  • Black-darkness or beam.
  • Education vs. literacy.
  • History spoils us or built us?
  • Unique identification number.

GD PI topics for MBA 2018

  • Is rural India strength for India?
  • Indian agriculture system.
  • Aviation needs good engineers or management?
  • Business money or fame?
  • NGOs or Independent helping.
  • Death of Socialism
  • Women –burden or backbone?
  • Kids are more careers oriented.
  • European management system in Indian management system.
  • Reality shows.
  • Politics another career option?
  • Pygmalion affects how much effective?
  • A fool or an arrogant star?

Abstract GD topics for MBA

  • Quality of management education in India
  • Women managers are less effective
  • The IAS is more challenging than MBA
  • A world without oil
  • Foreign investment in all forms of media should be allowed
  • Engineering students should be made to study social sciences and arts
  • Unemployment in rural India
  • Testing of products on animals. Is it necessary?

Latest GD Topics For MBA Placements 2018

  • India spends too much on defense. Discuss?
  • Unique Identification Number
  • E- commerce is the face and pace of economic reforms
  • Cold War
  • Is terrorism the price we have to pay for democracy?
  • Globalization and Privatization
  • Is Mixed Economy preferred?
  • MBA or PGDM?
  • Privatization of Universities/colleges/schools
  • Does India need a dictatorship?
  • MBA in India is overrated

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Group Discussion (Management) Topics with Answers

GD Topics For MBA Placements or GD Topics For MBA Job Interview with Answers

Question 1: Is the youth of India confident or confused?


Young Generation of any country is a great resource.

Youth of the country plays an important role in building the nation and changing it from a ‘developing’ to a ‘developed’ economy.

Young generations are the dreamers of tomorrow. the youth power of this nation is extremely high

Question 2Hard work or Smart work


Smart worker completes urgent & important task first and leave rest for later date.

Hard work may help you to complete your tasks but you may not be able to do so efficiently, and that’s where smart work comes into play.

Question 3Perception can be deadly if not analyzed


To perceive is to observe, to comprehend and to be aware. Senses play an important role in enabling to perceive things.

Perception, which is a direct consequence of the five senses, is, therefore, a crucial process which is self sufficient and does not require analysis to support it.

Question 4Discipline and National Character differentiates us from first world countries


National character is the unique characteristics and life styles found among the population of a country.

While some countries such as Japan and Russia have a unified national character, with consistency in language, culture, cuisines, others such as India have diverse national character.

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Final Words:

With the help of this article “GD Topics For MBA”, we are trying to provide you every necessary information regarding the interview process. We hope these GD topics for MBA placements 2018 and GD topics for MBA placements 2018 will be act as a beneficial for you. You may also feedback us or comment us on below provided comment box. Thankyou!

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