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Google Interview Experience | Share Some Tips/Suggestions With Readers

Google Interview Experience

Hi readers! I am Komal Arora and I am going to tell you about my Google Interview Experience. This was a great experience for me and I am here to share my interview experience with Google with you guys. I am going to Share Some Tips/Suggestions which will definitely help you out to perform well in your interview.

When I was selected for Google interview it was like a dream come true and this was a big opportunity for me to prove myself and to get revenue of my hard work. You may also obtain some tips and suggestions from the below segment of this page which will help you to crack the interview.

At Google in Mountain View, California! Two weeks ago, I had an on-site interview. The job interview with Google was an exciting and different experience for me and I want to share with all the readers. I was interviewing for the position of GOOGLE Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Site Reliability Engineers are both systems administrators and software engineers, responsible for Google production services.

Develop Good Communication Skills

There are total 8 interviews from first 3 interviews was over the phone and remaining interviews were on-site. The first interview was with a recruiter and it was not very technical.

Firstly, I thought I would apply for a software developer position, but after we went through my skill set, the recruiter decided that I would better as an SRE. I agreed with him. This seemed like a great position for me.

Interview Experience with Google:

First Interview (On Phone):

The interview was held in the last year on 10th September. The interviewer explained me the process of Google recruitment. In this interview I had to score 0 – 10 marks in different areas such as C programming, algorithms and data structures, Linux systems administration, C++ programming and many more. In the next half of the interview they asked some technical questions just to see that I have knowledge or not and the asked questions from different topics such are algorithms, C programming, computer architecture and Linux systems administration.

At last, I was selected for next interview, which was held on 22nd September.

Phone Interview Tips

Second Interview (On Phone):

This interview was conducted by the engineer of Google. This interview was technical and the interviewers ask me questions on different topics like data structures, DNS, TCP protocol, algorithmic problem, a security vulnerability associated with TCP etc. I also clear this interview and move on for next which was conducted on 1st October.

Third Interview (On Phone):

In third interview I prepare myself more and this interview was taken by the engineer from the Google traffic team. In this interview, he asked me a simple programming question and I had to do coding on the phone. The best thing in this interview that I had the freedom to select the language and I select the Perl language which is my favorite programming language. It was not possible to explain the syntax of Perl on the phone soon, that’s why I submitted my program on the e-mail.

Now I am waiting for the feedback of engineer and it was positive. Then, I started my preparation for on-site interviews.

Common Interview Mistakes

Fourth Interview (On-Site):

Finally, the fourth interview began at googleplex on 10:00 a.m. here I met with interviewer and he were discussed about the interviews. At the time of discussion, I came to know that I had 2 interviews now.

My first on-site interview was begun at 10:15 a.m. he asked me about my past job experience and I told him everything about it. In last, he asked questions on UNIX file system.

Fifth Interview (On-Site):

At 11:00 a.m. the fifth interview started. Basically, this interview was related with coding session, but it was not a real coding problem. He said that implement this solution in C and the answer was a mathematical expression and that was a one-line return statement. After that, he told me to write a very famous data structure. At the time of coding I made a mistake and I didn’t get way to initialize part of a data structure and I found my mistake but the engineer is very serious. So, I advised that never make these mistakes.

After my interview I made lunch with engineer and she told me that for the last 2 years she was working with Google. For lunch we went to an Asian food restaurant and I have eaten all types of foods.

Sixth Interview (On-Site):

Sixth interview was related to troubleshooting and networking. On the whiteboard Interviewer drew some network diagram and in this had asked some particular question to solve this problem. At last, he was asked some networking device questions and he was satisfied with my performance.

Seventh Interview (On-Site):

This interview was started at 1:30 p.m. and this interview was related with coding session He told me that you need to apply a simple string manipulation subroutine in either C++ or C. Then I chose C and I made mistakes and this was a most common mistake.

Interview Preparation for Getting a Job

Eighth Interview (On-Site):

Finally, it was last interview, which begun at 2:15pm. This interview was based on data structures and algorithms. The problem was same as I saw in 2nd interview. This problem was large to fit in computer memory but I had to solve it by using some tricks. The interview was very free style and we talked with each other about the problem. Finally, I found the correct answer.

In the end, I want to say that my overall experience was good and I enjoyed my whole journey of an interview with Google. And I advised that at the time of the interview you should be confident and never lose hope. Be truthful at the time of answering, never give a fake answer it will give a negative impression of yourself.

Here we share the Google Interview Experience of Komal Arora and we hope this will definitely help you to crack the Google interview and we wish that you can achieve your goal.

How To Dress For An Interview

Some Tips and Suggestions:

In the below section, we are providing some interview tips and suggestions:

  • Get prepared with details resume.
  • You must have knowledge about the company.
  • Candidates should reach for interview before time.
  • Applicants who are going for interview must be confident and give all answers in proper manner.

Friends this was over all Interview Experience shared by Komal Arora on our website  So, friends should prepare for your Google interview as she was confident during her interview. Hope this will help you to prepare for Google interview experience. Candidates if you have any experience regarding interview than share it with us on our website.

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