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Google Placement Papers With Answers Download Previous Paper PDF Online

Google Placement Papers

Want To Compete Today’s World Competition For Getting Google Jobs, Then Download Now Google Placement Papers Through This Page And Prepare Well In Better Way… Aspirants, who are going to appear in Google placement drive or test, may start their preparation through below stated Google Previous Year Paper with answers. You can also download Google Placement Papers PDF from this page using online mode. In below segment, we’re also providing you some Google Placement Written Test Question to prepare well for Google Recruitment Exam.

Google Company conducts recruitment process yearly to select new candidates for relevant posts and selection process of the company consists of three rounds, these rounds are as follows written test, technical and interview. Candidates who are searching for Google Placement Aptitude / Technical / Interview Question can download through online process. For more information about Google Previous Placement Paper with answers, you may need to scroll down this page which is created by team of

Google Placement Papers

Q. 1. Which of the following is not a type of constructor?

  1. Copy constructor
  2. Friend constructor
  3. Default constructor
  4. Parameterized constructor

Ans. 2

Q. 2. Which of the following approach is adapted by C++?

  1. Top-down
  2. Bottom-up
  3. Right-left
  4. Left-right

Ans. 2

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Q. 3. How “Late binding” is implemented in C++?

  1. Using C++ tables
  2. Using Virtual tables
  3. Using Indexed virtual tables
  4. Using polymorphic tables

Ans. 2

Q. 4. Which of the following are available only in the class hierarchy chain?

  1. Public data members
  2. Private data members
  3. Protected data members
  4. Member functions

Ans. 3

Q. 5. Which of the following is an invalid visibility label while inheriting a class?

  1. public
  2. private
  3. protected
  4. friend

Ans. 4

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Q. 6. A constructor that accepts __________ parameters is called the default constructor.

  1. one
  2. two
  3. no
  4. three

Ans. 3

Q. 7. Which of the following is NOT an Arithmetic operator in C#.NET?

  1. **
  2. +
  3. /
  4. %
  5. *

Ans. 1

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Q. 8. Which of the following is NOT a Bitwise operator in C#.NET?

  1. &
  2. |
  3. <<
  4. ^
  5. ~

Ans. 3

Q. 9. Which one of these lists contains only Java programming language keywords?

  1. class, if, void, long, Int, continue
  2. goto, instanceof, native, finally, default, throws
  3. try, virtual, throw, final, volatile, transient
  4. strictfp, constant, super, implements, do
  5. byte, break, assert, switch, include

Ans. 2

Q. 10. Which is a reserved word in the Java programming language?

  1. Method
  2. Native
  3. subclasses
  4. reference
  5. array

Ans. 2

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Q. 11. Creating empty structures is allowed in C#.NET.

  1. True
  2. False

Ans. 2

Q. 12. Which of the following statements is correct about properties used in C#.NET?

  1. A property can simultaneously be read only or write only.
  2. A property can be either read only or write only.
  3. A write only property will have only get accessor.
  4. A write only property will always return a value.

Ans. 2

Q. 13. A property can be declared inside a namespace or a procedure.

  1. True
  2. False

Ans. 2

Q. 14. A derived class can stop virtual inheritance by declaring an override as

  1. inherits
  2. extends
  3. inheritable
  4. not inheritable
  5. sealed

Ans. 5

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Q. 15. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • When used as a modifier, the new keyword explicitly hides a member inherited from a base class.
  • Operator overloading works in different ways for structures and classes.
  • It is not necessary that all operator overloads are static methods of the class.
  • The cast operator can be overloaded.

Ans. 1

Q. 16. Which of the following keyword is used to overload user-defined types by defining static member functions?

  1. op
  2. opoverload
  3. operator
  4. operatoroverload
  5. udoperator

Ans. 3

Q. 17. Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. Static methods can be a virtual method.
  2. Abstract methods can be a virtual method.
  3. It is necessary to override a virtual method.
  4. When overriding a method, the names and type signatures of the override method must be the same as the virtual method that is being overriden.
  5. We can override virtual as well as non-virtual methods.

Ans. 4

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Q. 18. Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. The conditional logical operators cannot be overloaded.
  2. When a binary operator is overloaded the corresponding assignment operator, if any, must be explicitly overloaded.
  3. We can use the default equality operator in an overloaded implementation of the equality operator.
  4. A public or nested public reference type does not overload the equality operator.
  5. The array indexing operator can be overloaded.

Ans. 1

Q. 19. Which of the following statements is valid about generic procedures in C#.NET?

  1. All procedures in a Generic class are generic.
  2. Only those procedures labeled as Generic are generic.
  3. Generic procedures can take at the most one generic parameter.
  4. Generic procedures must take at least one type parameter.
  5. None of the above.

Ans. 4

Q. 20. Which of the following statements is valid about advantages of generics?

  1. Generics shift the burden of type safety to the programmer rather than compiler.
  2. Generics require use of explicit type casting.
  3. Generics provide type safety without the overhead of multiple implementations.
  4. Generics eliminate the possibility of run-time errors.
  5. None of the above.

Ans. 3

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As well know that, Google is the world’s top search engine and it is the multinational company fundamentally includes cloud computing, search, software & online advertising technologies and provides internet related services and products. So those, who have applied for Google Jobs, they need to go through above stated Google Placement Question and score well in recruitment exam.

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