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Gujarat Current Affairs 2016 PDF Gujarat State Current Affair Updates

Gujarat Current Affairs

Recruitmentresult.com has updated for its readers the Gujarat Current Affairs 2016 summarizing all the important events of the national and international importance of the past months in bulleted forms that will prove to be very useful for the aspirants of IAS / GPCS, GCET, Bank, SSC, MBA and other exams.

This page has been covered by all essential Gujarat State Current Affair Updates for candidates who wish to get success in any entrance / competitive exam. So, aspirants may acquire latest news to Answers the questions easily related to Gujarat Current Affairs 2016.

Candidates should have complete knowledge of current affairs to clear any state level competitive exam. Contenders may also do the quiz practice by downloading the available PDF files through the online process.

Current Highlights of Gujarat State:

  • Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has decided to open its first branch in India at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Gujarat Government has launched Smart Village program to improve public facilities in the villages.
  • Veteran Gujarati folk singer Diwaliben Bhil passed away in Junagadh, Gujarat. She was 80.
  • The Gujarat Government has accorded minority status to the Jain community in the state.
  • Gujarat Government has decided to provide 10 percent reservation for economically backward classes (EBCs) in general category.
  • Gujarat government has appointed senior IPS officer Geeta Johri as the Director General of Police (DGP) of the state.
  • Gujarat state government has decided to set up India’s first aviation park near Bagodara village in Ahmedabad district to strengthen the aviation sector.
  • Former Deputy Speaker of Gujarat Assembly and Social Activist Nirmala Gajwani passed away in Rajkot, Gujarat. She was 87.
  • Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy have announced that India’s grid-connected solar power generation capacity has crossed the 5,000 Mega Watt (MW) mark.
  • Noted Gujarati writer and poet Labhshankar Thakar passed away after prolonged illness in Ahmedabad. He was 80.
  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) for web-based monitoring of watershed projects.
  • Gujarat has won the 14th season of prestigious Vijay Hazare Cricket Trophy for season 2015–16 for first time in its history of championship.
  • The Union Civil Aviation Ministry has given clearance for four Greenfield airports in two states. Of the total four approved Greenfield airports, three will be in Andhra Pradesh and one at international airport at Dholera in Gujarat.

Latest Current Affairs Updates

Gujarat Current Affairs

Ques. No.1) India’s first disabled-friendly beach will come up in which state?

a)    Maharashtra

b)    Kerala

c)    Gujarat

d)    Tamil Nadu Hide

Answer: C

Ques. No.2) India’s first-ever Aviation Park will come up in which state?

a)    Maharashtra

b)    Gujarat

c)    Goa

d)    Karnataka Hide

Answer: B

Ques. No.3) “Maa Annapurna Yojna” has been launched in which state of India?

a)    Odisha

b)    Tamil Nadu

c)    Gujarat

d)    Kerela Hide

Answer: C

Ques. No.4) Koyali refinery is located in:

a)    Andhra Pradesh

b)    Assam

c)    Gujarat

d)    Tamil Nadu

Answer: C

Ques. No.5) Gujarat formed in:

a)    5 February 1948

b)    1 November 1956

c)    1 May 1960

d)    7 July 197

Answer: C

How To Prepare General Knowledge

Ques. No.6) Which Sea is to the west of Gujarat State?

a)    Arabian

b)    Laptev

c)    Timor

d)    Yellow

Answer: A

Ques. No.7) Which state is on the north side of Gujarat?

a)    Karnataka

b)    Orissa

c)    Rajasthan

d)    Tamil Nadu

Answer: C

Ques. No.8) Which state is on the east side of this Gujarat?

a)    Himachal Pradesh

b)    Kerala

c)    Madhya Pradesh

d)    Punjab

Answer: C

Ques. No.9) Indian Prime Minister ____ was from Gujarat State?

a)    Charan Singh

b)    Inder Kumar Gujral

c)    Lal Bahadur Shastri

d)    Morarji Desai

Answer: B

Ques. No.10) Gujarat’s first sultan is:

a)    Ahmed Shah

b)    Dilawar Khan

c)    Farid Khan

d)    Nadir Shah

Answer: A

Exam Tips for Competitive Exams

Ques. No.11) Capital of Gujarat State is:

a)    Ahmedabad

b)    Baroda

c)    Gandhinagar

d)    Rajkot

Answer: C

Ques. No.12) Gujarat’s chief minister in 2000 is:

a)    Chimanbhai Patel

b)    Keshubhai Patel

c)    Madhavsinh Solanki

d)    Suresh Mehta

Answer: B

Ques. No.13) What is the area of Gujarat State is:

a)    12,306 sq. mi.

b)    24,875 sq. mi.

c)    75,685 sq. mi.

d)    99,124 sq. mi.

Answer: C

Ques. No.14) When was Gujarat formed?

a)    05 February 1948

b)    01 May 19600

c)    7 July 1972

d)    01 November 1956

Answer: B

Ques. No.15) Which sea is to the west of Gujarat?

a)    Yellow

b)    Arabian

c)    Timor

d)    Laptev

Answer: B

GK Questions & Answers

Ques. No.16) Which Indian prime minister was from Gujarat?

a)    Charan Singh

b)    Lal Bahadur Shastri

c)    Inder Kumar Gujral

d)    Morarji Desai

Answer: D

Ques. No.17) Which was The first capital of Gujarat?

a)    Gadhinagar

b)    Ahmadabad

c)    Vadodara

d)    Surat

Answer: B

Ques. No.18) Which of the following towns of Gujarat is not a port town?

a)    Jamnagar

b)    Okha

c)    Porbandar

d)    Veraval


Ques. No.19) What is the range of advanced version of Brah Mos missile, which was recently successfully tested by Indian Air Force (IAF)?

a)    290 km

b)    320 km

c)    450 km

d)    250 km

Answer 290 km

Ques. No.20) The proposed “Ken-Betwa” river linking project is in which state?

a)    Madhya Pradesh

b)    Odisha

c)    Gujarat

d)    Maharashtra


National Current Affairs

Ques. No.21) The book “Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up” has been written by which author?

a)    SK Mishra

b)    Hari More

c)    Amrish Tripathi

d)    Rana Ayyub

Answer: D

Ques. No.22) Who is the brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism?

a)    Aamir Khan

b)    Rahul Gandhi

c)    Amitabh Bachchan

d)    Shahrukh Khan

Answer: C

Ques. No.23) Gujrat is bordered by……state to the north.

a)    Madhya Pradesh

b)    Maharshtra

c)    Rajasthan

d)    Arabian Sea

Answer: C

Ques. No.24) Gujrat is bordered by……….state to the south.

a)    Madhya Pradesh

b)    Maharshtra

c)    Rajasthan

d)    Arabian Sea

Answer: B

Ques. No.25) Who was the General of Sher Shah?

a)    Brahmajit Gaur

b)    Dilir Khan

c)    Shyestha Khan

d)    Jai Singh

Answer: A

Current International News

Ques. No.26) Number of Assembly seats in Gujarat–

a)    216

b)    174

c)    182

d)    201

Answer: C

Ques. No.27) When the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary of Gujrat was Established?

a)    1965

b)    1966

c)    1967

d)    1968

Answer: A

Ques. No.28) How many districts are there in Gujrat?

a)    30

b)    31

c)    32

d)    33

Answer: D

Ques. No.29) Gujarat state flower:

a)    Marigold

b)    Jasmine

c)    Rose

d)    Lilly

Answer: A

Ques. No.30) Which industry is famous with city Surat:

a)    Textile

b)    Tourism

c)    Oil & gas

d)    Coal

Answer: A

Above provided information about Gujarat Current Affairs 2016 are beneficial for you so applicants may prepare themselves accordingly. You may stay in touch with us on our web portal to get latest updates regarding the same.

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