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How to Become a Cabin Crew | 10 Easy Steps To Become Cabin Crew In India

How to Become a Cabin Crew

Are you dreaming to become a Cabin Crew? If yes, then, you can find complete details from here about How to Become a Cabin Crew, What Is Cabin Crew Salary, what will be Education Requirements, and other related information To Become Cabin Crew In India.  

Those, who’re serious about this exciting career and willing to grab Cabin Crew Jobs, they must follow below listed 10 Easy Steps which are the perfect answers of your query about How To Become Cabin Crew In India.

How To Become A Cabin Crew In Airlines?

As a cabin crew member, you need to be flexible to people’s needs and customs, and have a well-mannered, but firm approach with customers. Candidates who want to make their career as a Cabin Crew go through this page and make their career glorious.

Below through this page of, you’ll find all the information on How to Become a Cabin Crew Member in India, how to start, develop and advance your career as an air steward….

How to Become a Cabin Crew In India

Basic Requirements To Become Cabin Crew:

This is a list of basic necessities that almost all airlines ask for, for new recruits. These necessities can also vary depending on the country wherever you’ll be primarily based and also the kind of aircraft that they have.

  • Minimum eighteen years old although some airlines can set a minimum of twenty one years old.
  • 4 GCSEs grade c or on above to include English and maths or high school certificate/ diploma
  • Good health and sightedness of 6/9
  • Must be between one.58m and 1.90m tall
  • Weight ought to be in proportion to height
  • You should don’t have any visible tattoos or piercings
  • Must be able to swim 25m
  • Must have an eligible passport
  • Must don’t have any record of criminal offences
  • Customer service expertise of between 6 months or up to 2 years, depending on the airline
  • Good standard of spoken English

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10 Easy Steps to Become a Cabin Crew

As we said earlier, the following steps are the best answers about How to Become a Cabin Crew, must go through it:

1. Fulfill All The Requirements–

Your outstanding work experience and having a satisfied personality is not enough to give you the desired job. To become a Cabin Crew, you must fulfill the below stated requirements:

  • Must have a very good Fluency In English.
  • Height must be above requirement or reach the requirement.
  • Weight must be according to your height.

2. Wait Until You Are 21

Many domestic may accept 18 years of candidates, but international airlines will never accept they always require that candidate must be 21 years of age. First reason for this is that you must be asked to serve alcohol; you must not be child to serve that.

Another reason is that at the age of 21 humans are mature enough to take care of themselves. You must be independent. You cannot take care of other’s safety and requirements if you are not able to take care of yourself.

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3. Your High School Diploma Is Mandatory

The thing which is good about is that, this job does not need any special course. You don’t even need any degree from any particular college. Not even this asks you for your school name.

Anybody can apply for this job without thinking of their academic background. But it is necessary that you must have your high school certificate, most of the airlines do not accept the candidate without a high school diploma.

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4. Costumer Service Experience

It will be beneficial for you if you are having any work experience in hotel, cruise ship, dining restaurant or you have worked as an airport ground staff. This shows that you have experience in dealing directly with costumers.

It has been observed that the candidates, who have such experiences are the long lasting employees in this job than the other ones who have some other technical experience.

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5.Take Care Of Your Physical Appearance

If you are thinking to be a cabin crew, you must take care of your physique from the beginning. You must be tall enough that you reach till the luggage compartments and strong enough so that you are able to open an emergency exit.

6. Professional Resume

Before going for an Interview, you must sure that your CV is including all the details about you, which is easy to read and understand. Directly it should tell to the interviewer about who you are. It must be of 1 page but you can extend it till 2 pages not more than that. It must have a professional look and includes few words more detail strategy.

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7. Choose Best Photos

You must have two photographs for your application. One will be full body and another will passport size or 2 x 2. Your photographs must have a professional look. You can go to a professional photographer for your best pictures.

Show confidence in your posture and friendly smile on your face, this may leave a good impact especially when you are applying online. You must wear good professional attire while clicking photos.

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8. Know The Job Description

After getting answers on How to Become a Cabin Crew, you may also have the good knowledge about what you are going in. Before applying for any airlines, you must know everything about it.

Constantly, be updated with their latest news and follow career pages on their website to know about their hiring campaigns worldwide. Not only about that particular airline, you also know about the cabin crew job description and lifestyle.

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9. Start Being Independent

All the airlines have their bases all over the world. You should prepare yourself to relocate from one place to another. If you are really interested in this job then you must adopt yourself with the habit of living without your family, friends or country.

10. Never Lose Hope

Some of the candidates may have good in clearing an interview and they can pass it in first attempt, but some of you may need more practice and preparation or it may take some attempts to clear the interview. You just need faith and Confidence in yourself. Never lose hope and be confident always and you must try again and again.

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Career Development Skills – How to Become a Cabin Crew

Required Skills, Interests and Qualities

To become an air cabin crew member, you will need:

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • An assured And Friendly Manner
  • A Clear Speaking Voice
  • Tact And Discretion
  • A Polite however Firm Approach once addressing With Difficult Customers
  • Good Team-Working Skills
  • Ability to Be Calm harassed And Decisive In Emergencies
  • Sensitivity Towards those who are Anxious Or Upset
  • Good Maths Skills for Handling money, as well as Foreign Currency.

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What Next To Become Cabin Crew?

If you fulfill all requirements, now is the time to create your applications. Before embarking on your cabin crew job search you have to prepare a robust CV. The CV should be clear and short. Include your work expertise along with your most up-to-date job at the highest. Make sure to also attach a photograph of yourself inserted within your CV document.

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How To Become A Cabin Crew Male Member?

There is plenty of competition for an area with an airline; however once you’re a part of the team there’s usually the possibility for promotion with training and skill. You would possibly be able to move to a cabin crew supervisor or senior air cabin crew role.

Otherwise you might decide that you just wish to work in ground-based role like cabin crew training, or accomplishment or traveler services.In larger airlines, you’ll have the possibility to move into different connected roles like selling, sales, training or HR Once experienced as a cabin crew.

You also have to go for Business category, first-class and so VVIP Cabin Crew jobs.You’ll have the expertise necessary to apply to a number of the world’s biggest airlines jobs as senior crew or perhaps executive jet airline or private jet operator as VVIP cabin crew.

How much will I make?

Now, you’ve enough knowledge about How To Become A Cabin Crew and after with success finishing the training course crew, you receives a payment for each flight taken further as sales bonus for aboard sales. You’ll be able to generally expect to earn about £900-£1,100/€1,100-€1,400 per month when tax in your initial year in most bases.

  • As a full time crew you’ll conjointly receive a new Joiners Allowance that is £1,000/€1,200 over your initial 6 months.
  • After twelve Months: an additional £250/€325 annual allowance for uniforms, ID’s and Medicals
  • After 6 months you’ll be eligible for a position directly employed with Ryanair and when twelve months you’ll be eligible for promotion to a client Service Supervisor.

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Essence Of This Page:

We hope that all the steps which we have given for the question How to Become a Cabin Crew will definitely help you in achieving your desired job goal. These 10 steps are the easiest steps to be the same.

Candidates if you want to know more career options then stay tuned with us on our web portal i.e., we will give you all career related information time to time. Thank you for visiting us…

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